Thanks to 3 very special ladies that have made a huge difference for ASBWorks!

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Thank you Modesto City School District! We enjoyed having you at the conference!

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Thanks to Tracy USD and Manteca USD representing at the conference!

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We are listening! There is a new update coming tonight to our POS System. Check the Welcome Page for more info.

ASBWorks is proud to announce our Annual User Conference on March 26-28, 2014 at The Disney Resort in Anaheim. Check out the conference brochure on our website at Join Us!

Student body accounting

We can't wait to see everyone at the CADA Conference in March! Come by and visit us at Booth 118 and "Spin to Win" exciting prizes!

Deposit History feature is now available. Now you can review all of the receipts that were part of any particular recorded deposit. Check it out a .

ASBWorksis a comprehensive solution for your student body accounting and organizational needs. Our software is a fully web based program designed by accounting and education professionals.

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Here's the complete list of new ASBWorks features and changes – As of June 29, 2012
Item Types:
• The non-inventory product and inventory product types have been combined into a single category called "product". When modifying/creating a product item, there is a checkbox to indicate whether the item will be tracked in inventory.
• A new donation item type has been added, this is similar to working with the “other amount” option in write receipts or POS. This can be assigned t...o fundraisers and programs.
• The other new type is the "kit type" (group). This allows for a grouping of items to be sold where items may be sold at a reduced price. The sales revenue will be distributed accordingly to each sub-item based on price.
• Items which can be sold/paid against (fines) can have the money distributed among multiple accounts based on flat amounts, or percentages of the total sale.
Item Discounts:
• An item may have a discounted price configured so when it is sold, if the "received from" individual matches the correct criteria, they will receive the discounted price. (Note, if an individual qualifies for multiple discounts, the greater discount will be used)
Item Options (great new features for those using a web store):
• Options (modifiers) can be set up on the main "item admin" screen and then applied to each item (for example, size, color, etc.)
• Each applied option can have a price change value associated which can alter the base unit price.
Membership Type:
• The membership type field now has an effective date field. This field is used to determine when the purchase of a membership item will go into effect. For example, if the effective date for a PTA membership is 8/1/2012 and the item is sold today, the individual will be marked as a member for the 12/13 fiscal year instead of the current 11/12 fiscal year which is from the date of the purchase.
Item Sales Report:
• A new "web store" sales filter has been added.

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...some great features coming on June 29th.

Now that this school year is ending, take a breath and look forward to next fall's registration. Hopefully the thought of that doesn't stress you out. If it does, give us a call, we can take some of the stress out - actually, a lot of it.

We meet many school Activity Directors that initially think our product is simply a way to manage ASB funds, and many bookkeepers that initially believe it will just lead to more work for them. Let us show you how we can take your ASB to the next level through efficiency and effectiveness.

ASBWorks is integrating with RevTrak! Now you can get the benefits of a fully online ledger, combined with a versatile point-of-sale, integrated with one of the best online store capabilities in the biz! Q: How did we swing this deal? A: Because we're good. Check us out at

ASBWorks is a comprehensive solution for your student body accounting and organizational needs. Our software is a fully web based program designed by accounting and education professionals.

Does your ASB have an online store? It should! If not, you are missing out on extensive fundraising activities - and efficient ways to provide purchasing options to your students and families. If you're not using ASBWorks to integrate your bookkeeping processes with your stores, you are working way too hard. Let us help you build your capabilities!

Hello Annette and Jennifer, Kofi, Bryan... Welcome aboard! One of our best features is our webinar support. It's convenient, FREE, and it can be accessed from your home or work computer and phone. You can ask questions, or just watch and listen - with no obligation. Go to to check it out!

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One benefit of providing both ASB and PTA software (like we do) is that we can customize and optimize the fundraising potential for a single school, a PTA unit, a school district - or all of the above, simultaneously - with proper accounting. Who else can do that?!