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Mohammed Tajuddin
· October 3, 2017
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Toz Crossaline
· May 6, 2015
I don't know if I should post this. But judging from recent comments on some reviews. I think I will send this message out anyway.

To all Thai people here who unbelievably agree with Koko Narak, stop it already. And do not ask me if I am Thai. Because I am Thai, it is my duty to ask you to stop hurting any more of our reputation.

To some of you friends, especially Filipinos, (please do not judge my grammar yet, lol...) I am truly sorry if you (still) feel bad about Thailand. Whether it is from "Koko Narak" or any other thing. I just want you to know that all of us feel ashamed of his behavior. It's not acceptable for us either but challenging his shamelessly racism with equal ones doesn't seem right... he wanted to slander as many innocents as he could so would you do the same? It even hurts more when some of those bad things you said are true lol...

so we are as proud people as you are, and for that I do respect you.

and about the admins I think they just post informative posts for this page. I believe it is 'us' who shape this community, because we are the community.

Lastly, I give this page 5 stars for its interesting contents and hoping it will be a place for cultural exchange.
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Raine Bunag
· May 4, 2015
ASEAN page? Got here to read Koko Narak's letter of apology, but what I got are handful of bashing. I am not going to hide behind faceless profiles and nameless fb pages. I am a proud Filipino, sure I... don't like it when my fellow Filipinos bash others to defend our culture, but it wouldn't have gotten to that point if the admins promoted unity. To Koko Narak and others who made fun of the dire situations that have happened to our country: poverty, typhoon, hunger, etc., I sincerely hope that none of these will happen to you and your family. The photos you are making fun of depict our strength in trying times. Thanks for all those who defended our country, even some foreigners took our side. To the foreigners who think badly of us, but refrained from writing harsh comments, thanks as well. To the admins, I had good expectations for this page, but as soon as I saw how you tolerate insults, my expectations nose dived. See More
Euwald Bragais
· May 23, 2015
This Page is administered by people who don't know what should be prioritized in the essence of Integration. They are only good in eating and don't even care of how the food is done. They are a bunch ...of Self-Serving individuals who just want to show off and nothing more. See More
وائل نصر
· July 18, 2017
We are more than 1000 poor Egyptian families have been displaced , forced to leave our homes and destroyed our future by the Nile Engineering Company for projects run by a group of thugs and t...errorists who exploited the poor economic situation suffered by Egypt and the need of young people to work . we were employed in a fictitious project from 2008 to 2016 and the corrupt company opened other projects exploited our lack of experience in legal aspects and took advantage our name is taking large loans , import of goods and seized a 400 million Egyptian pounds Japanese Grant to Egypt for the employment of young people . when we asked the company our commissions and profits from this project We were expelled and dismissed without any right, and they gave us summons and sued us under the security receipts that we sent with the appointment papers . and the blank secretariats that we went on . The company used its influence and bribes to issue absentee verdicts to the oppressed youth with the help of important figures and sovereign bodies in the government to force them not to claim their rights and waive their financial dues and compensation in the company.

All this was done in full view of everyone, without anyone moving or helping the oppressed youth.

Please help us and save us from the oppression and injustice of a large economic entity that destroyes young people whom it has trusted and considered to be its guardian and responsible for it. Nile Engineering Projects Company is the biggest agent for Vodafone in Egypt.
We also have all official documents and videos proving our claim .
I hope that the honorable people help us before it is too late .
thank you very much for your time


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وشكرا جزيلا
وائل نصر
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Vino Feliciano
· June 14, 2015
The admin of this page is clearly not doing their job well! It's sad to see racist comment and attack towards filipinos who are just defending ourselves. I remember reading a comment with one article ...(P-noy visit Japan) saying "Ass Kiss Democracy" you know what I saw? I saw ASEAN Community liking that comment. This page is not really friendly especially with all the hate we are getting for being filipino, it is just sad that this year.. ASEAN will be a single community. I settled for the best, so I decided to finally unlike this page... this page is not promoting anything at all. This page encourages it members to hate one another instead of being mutual and giving warnings to the offenders. This is not a good page to promote unity if majority of the members keep bashing each other. See More
Zey Garcia
· May 2, 2015
Well, I like this page, I could get to know more other ASEAN countries, see the differences about everything. And sometimes, while reading comments, bashing each other makes me sad but yeah reality hu...rts, we have a lot of differences ... however, I believe that strength lies in our differences not in similarities, so .... God bless ASEAN! :) Stay humble, stay pretty :) and stay blessed ;) See More
Trinity Delizo
· August 7, 2017
Matthew 6;33 But seek you first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all good things shall be added unto you.
Peter Vinz
· February 21, 2015
I miss the older format of this page, where there is some racism but is minimal but right now we just can't seem to go along, I hope that every ASEANers here change and love each other because that's ...what ASEAN is for... Love and embrace each other ASEAN countries and its culture but the page is very informative and a good one because it showcases other ASEAN countries its achievements and its culture, likewise it is a good page but racism and bashing is still rampant. See More
Tong Sheng Ch'ng
· August 21, 2016
One-Stop-Centre for young people who are interested in ASEAN. It is also a great platform to voice your thoughts on issues that is of importance to the region.
Chharvorn Chhean
· April 13, 2015
Happy New Year 2015!!!
In Cambodia (PITHY BON CHOL CHNAM THMEY) ពិធីបុណ្យចូលឆ្នាំថ្មី ២០១៥
In Cambodia they will celebrate at Angkor Wat temple and around especially the south of Bayon temple from Apr14-2015 to Apr16-2015.

I wish UYFC will do and celebrate this great program every year!!! They are doing the great honorable or famous name Cambodia to the world.

Kingdom of Wonder!!!
Kingdom of temple !!!
Kingdom of Agriculture!!!

Proud to be Cambodian!!!
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Anna Gozon
· April 24, 2015
Though there's still a wide room for improvement. I believe that with its diversity and passion to strive for success, the ASEAN countries will continue to rise above and be globally competitive in as... many good aspects could there be.
If we can all direct all those strong emotions into achieving greatness and stop justifying our actions by doing wrong; A wrongdoing can never be corrected by another wrongdoing.
I am ASEAN, You are ASEAN, We are ASEAN, and to the world, this is ASEAN. :)
#keeptheHOPE #DreamON
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Gabriel Valeriano Flores
· May 5, 2015
And the ratings are going down down down down... Blame that piece of ungrateful shit for all these bad reviews.
Deyae Moe
· June 7, 2015
You will feel real ASEN in this page. You can get enough experience and knowledge about ASEAN in this page. I hope you will make frendship longer and stronger in ASEAN Community....
Senjaya Mulia
· February 14, 2016
The place you can learn about ASEAN. I do believe that oneday, ASEAN Youth Organization become the best platform for Young people to share their idea and help the society around them. Go Go Go
Gregory Laida
· May 22, 2015
This page is one of the best source of cultural, political, social knowledge about ASEAN and serve as mobile guide of ASEAN natural and wondrous tourist spot not only for ASEAN people but also foreign... tourist outside ASEAN. See More
Ampon Indra AI
· February 23, 2015
Asean commmunity for people of asean to knows all about culture and society in asean country for help eachother for economic growth...
Renz Garcia
· June 30, 2016
A very informative page which helps me to be updated on what's happening in ASEAN. Good job!
Emma Bohol Vicilla
· May 6, 2015
I think this page is interesting to know each others culture, traits and behavior..etc... For additional knowledge to everyone....
Sean Baik
· December 30, 2016
Its really good page;) i hope to know all about south asia��������
ASEAN's vision by 2015 (One Vision,One Identity,One Community)
Sa Ibang Mundo - Kean Cipriano & Nadine Lustre
Happy Father's Day to all Dads in ASEAN Countries <3<3<3 Let's watch father story from Thai Ads. ( English Sub ) Cr. Generali Thailand
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To the young generations of ASEAN: Be prepared! Because something big will come to ASEAN.

#UnlockingtheYOUthPotential #aseanyouth #ASEANYouthOrganization

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