With robin Shelby in Knoxville!
Ecto bc prep

Come see us and help us document strange occurrences next week at the Georgia Renaissance Festival during the temporal anomaly known as Time Warp Weekend next Saturday April 28! Enjoy the unusual sights and foods from across space and time and perhaps you can even meet "Sprocket", our official Atlanta Ghostbusters K-9 Unit!

With the increase in solar energy and general positive pke flow as we approach Summer, we can expect to see more and more events cropping up so keep your eyes here for all upcoming appearances.

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We are happy to see that Tara Strong, voice of fan-favorite Kylie Griffin in Extreme Ghostbusters, will be attending Dragon Con this year!

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Dragon Con

Magical pony. Super tiny super happy superhero. Owner of a really weird watch. Middle school detective. Cute baby boy. Deranged evil villainess. What CAN’T Tara Strong voice?! Let’s ask her at #DragonCon2018!