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The latest from A Better Man, Inc (@menbeingbetter). a non profit organization whose mission is to increase mental health awareness among men of color. Atlanta, GA

"Why do good girls, like bad boys?"

Join us this Thursday at 8pm est and find out!

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We're baaaack! Check us out this Thursday at 8pm est!…/why-do-good-girls-like-bad-g…

Join us this Thursday SEptember 19th for our next episode of HOUSECALLS as we talk about relationships again. This time we're asking why do people choose partners that are bad for them? Do nice guys finish last? Do people really enjoy a littlle drama in their relatioships? So call in so we can get s...

Tomorrow night we are back with our next topic "Do Nice Guys Finish Last" Why does it seem that good girls prefer the bad boys? We want to hear from you! Call in 646-915-9032 Thursday night at 8 PM EST! #Housecalls

Last Day to register for the free Women's Wellness Workshop.
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A free workshop designed to help women overcome adversity through the joys of listening, learning, and laughing. This workshop will focus on developing healthier relationships, communicating more effectively, and identifying your keys to success. Facilitated by Sarah Hightower, LAPC This is a free…

Have you heard: Toniight's show is CANCELED! We will resume Sept 19 @7pm. Thanks for your support!

Listeners, thank you for all of your support! Today's show will be canceled BUT we will resume Thursday September 19 @7pm. We look forward to hearing from you then. Have a great weekend!

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Looking for the fastest way to advance in your career? Start by getting rid of these counterproductive habits.

We had a great show last week. If you missed it, check the link AND as promised, here are our tips for dealing with Occupational Stress:

1. Recognize the source of stress. Is it what your doing or how it’s supposed to be done? Is it your boss, a coworker or do you simply just hate your job altogether? The first step towards taking action is dependent upon you becoming aware of the specific thing(s) that is causing stress at the workplace.
2.... Take responsibility. Once you have located the source of the stress, figure out the best way to address it. Do you need to take care of yourself? Take some time off. Ask for assistance. Find ways to consolidate work in areas where you can.
3. Get support. Talk with your supervisor about the issue. See if there is somewhere where you can get support you need to alleviate the stress. Partner with a coworker, but not just one that you can vent to but one who will be encouraging to you as well. Read professional development books or attend seminars. Talk a therapist to help you to relieve your stress and identify a plan for making work work for you
5. Break bad habits. Maybe the source of your stress is you. Try getting to work on time. Show integrity at the workplace. Operate in excellence, not perfection but take pride in what you do and make sure that you are putting your best foot forward. Always think to yourself, “would I hire myself, if were CEO of this company?”

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Call in tomorrow to tell us how you really feel about the J.O.B! If you're ready to call it quits, we're ready to hear from you!

Tired of your workplace? On the brinks of saying "Adios"?!?!? Call into the show tomorrow at 8pm est! 646.915.9032

Call in to (646) 915-9032 for our next episode of Housecalls-Take This Job and Shove It!. Thursday 8/21 at 8pm est

Scene from Office Space
Join us this Thursday August 22nd for our next episode of HOUSECALLS as we talk about job-related stress. Do you dread getting up for work everyday? Do you ever feel like your co-workers are literally out to get you? Do you fantasize about quitting your job? If you answered yes to any of these quest...

In case you missed our last broadcast on building intimacy, feel free to check out the archives at

Also, as promised, we are posting Sex Tips from our guest speaker Dr. Laura Straughn, relationship expert and psychologist with A.T.L. Psychotherapy and Consulting Services:

1. Protect your time for connecting by prioritizing it....
2. There are gender differences when it comes to intimacy. It critical to recognize that. Men are like microwaves and women are like a slow cooker. When we expect are partner to experience pleasure in the same way we are, you set yourself up for disappointment and frustration.
3. It is important to be able to give and receive pleasure.
4. Be attentive. Look at your partners body language to know how they like what you are doing.
5. Individuals who are able to verbally articulate what they find satisfying are more likely to receive it.
6. Be flexible and open- Creating an environment of openness allows your partner to feel comfortable coming to you with their sexual desires. It is important to be cautious not to shame your partner for what they ask for, otherwise this opens the door for others to meet their needs. Nevertheless respect boundaries should be respected.
7. Have fun and be creative. Variety is the spice of life. When you are in a committed relationship, if you are not careful intimacy can become monotonous. (i.e position, time location, attire)

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How much sex is too much sex? Or is that even a question! You tell us tonight at 8pm. 646-915-9032!

Waiting until marriage for sex......Nobel or Crazy? You tell us tonight at 8pm est. Call in! 646-915-9032!

Does bad sex serve as a legitimate reason to call it QUITS?!?!?! Tonight's show at 8pm. 646-915-9032!