#JOBSJOBSJOBS - 40 - 50 NEW JOBS COMING TO THE 10TH DISTRICT! The expansion of Smokin' Dave's BBQ is happening! Listen in for what is happening and "like" their page!
#JOBSJOBSJOBS -- Here in North Sewickley with John and Karen Trozzo for their Open House at Grand Line Commons. Who needs office space?
Dierks is ready... coming out of the tunnel! #WeAre #FiestaBowl


I continue to call out excessive spending at every possible turn. Last weekend, Lt. Dave Kingston, who makes 170,000/year (yes, you read that correctly), “earned” 38 hours of overtime on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

He has set up a system that basically scams taxpayers to ensure that he gets massive amounts of overtime at a huge cost to residents.


I am calling on Ellwood City Borough Council to publicly show this absurd spending by posting the earnings of the the top 5 wage-earners for each month, and also their year-to-date earnings.

Transparency is key, and there is no reason that taxpayers shouldn’t see how their money is spent.

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This was a great day with fantastic presenters who talked about the importance of stopping Municipal Electric Monopolies. Thank to the Ellwood City Hospital executive leadership team and Brian Bush for making the drive to Harrisburg to testify on the importance of this bill.

Ellwood City Borough was contacted on six different occasions by the committee (4 voicemails, 1 email, 1 letter) to ask them to testify. Unfortunately, those that are supportive of maintaining the Electric Monopoly taxation model failed to respond to any of these inquiries.

Representatives consider potential impact bill could have on other counties in state


*UPDATE - quad was located (damaged) in the neighbors field. They threw the key and we had it trailered home thanks to our good neighbor, Rob Yost. Thanks Rob! And let us know if you have seen anything else.

A Suzuki quad was stolen today from Aaron’s farm at 3:05pm, in New Beaver Borough. Additionally, they threw a rock through his house door window and stole property from inside of the house. Cameras were able to capture that this was done by a thin white male in a grey hoodie, who was last seen going North on State Route 168. If you have seen anything suspicious, please send a message.

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We need your help for our 2018 campaign!

- If you live in our district, can we put a sign in your yard? If so, please send us a message and provide your full name, address, and phone number, and we will have one delivered to you.

- Would you be interested in volunteering for our campaign? We are looking for people to help us on election day, stuff envelopes, or make a few phone calls to friends. If so, please send us a message with your contact information and we will be in t...ouch!

*Extra Bonus – We will be having a barbecue at our house this summer for those who help with our campaign. Our volunteers and their families will be invited to join us; detailed invitation to follow.

Email us at or call 724-201-5200

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Aaron Bernstine for State Representative

Thanks to Brian Bush for coming to speak to my class tonight. The 10th District has some AWESOME folks who give back to their community!

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#Results -- This project is moving forward to create 275 #JOBSJOBSJOBS

In about 60 days the Lawrence County Community Action Partnership will own the former Youth Development Center in Shenango Township.

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In about 60 days the Lawrence County Community Action Partnership will own the former Youth Development Center in Shenango Township.

#JOBSJOBSJOBS - Get your applications in to Smokin' Dave's BBQ -- 20-25 people getting hired right away, and another 20-25 people getting hired in April. Total of 40-50 Jobs. Great work by a local business!

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Smokin' Dave's BBQ was live.

Quick update and clarification!!!

*Two teachers earn Bernstine scholarships*

A pair of Lawrence County teachers and their students are benefiting from state Rep. Aaron Bernstine's generosity.

When the state legislature voted itself a pay raise in December 2017, Bernstine devised a unique way to spend it by awarding scholarships to teachers who were being innovative in the classroom.

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A pair of Lawrence County teachers and their students are benefiting from state Rep. Aaron Bernstine's generosity.

Congrats to the WURTEMBURG - PERRY V.F.D. And their auxiliary for 75 years of service to our community. Great night with awesome people who step up every day to keep us safe!

Thank you to the NCPD who found this little guy just in time. I can't wait to have these losers locked up.... if you're willing to treat a defenseless puppy, you are willing to act like this toward other humans. GREAT WORK New Castle Police Department ! -- AB

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New Castle Police Department added 4 new photos.

On 2/2/2018 Patrol officers with the New Castle City Police Department investigated a possible burglary call at an apartment in the Westview Terrace apartment c...omplex.

While officers were checking the vacant residence, officers found a dog locked in the upstairs bedroom. Officers believe the dog was locked in the room for an extended period of time due to the condition of the animal. The dog was severely malnourished and could not walk or even sit up.

NCPD officers did transport the animal to the police department where fluids were introduced to the animal and small servings of food were given to the dog in intervals. After several hours the animal did begin to attempt to walk and did sit up.

Officers will transport the animal to a animal care facility in the morning. Criminal Charges are pending against the previous occupant of the residence for neglect of the animal.

(yes we are posting this hoping to find a good home for the dog).

This morning we were contacted by staff from the Lawrence County Humane Society who advised that they would be coming in early today to care for this puppy. The puppy was turned over to them and is already en route to receive veterinary care. Thanks to all that reached out to the NCPD to offer assistance and care.

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Bernstine for State Rep List Email Forms

Great job by the Beaver Falls PD getting these dealers off the street!

City of Beaver Falls Police Department

On 1-29-2018 The Beaver Falls Police Department responded to a Medical Call to an Apartment in Morado Dwellings Public Housing Complex.
While there, Officers discover Items there that were consistent with the Manufacture of Narcotics. Officers did contact Agents of the Attorney General’s Office to help determine what exactly was in the apt. When a determination was made that the items were waste and by products of the production of Methamphetamine, the Pennsylvania State Police Clandestine Lab team was notified. At that time it was determined with the assistance of the Clandestine Lab Officers that they was no immediate danger to the surrounding apartments do to it not being an “Active Lab”. All other Appropriate Personnel were notified, ie Housing Authority and others.
The PSP Lab team did remove all of the dangerous substances from the apartment. BFPD along with Agents of the Attorney General Office is currently investigating the incident. Several Arrests have been made with possibly more to follow.

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PLEASE SHARE -- Come out and support my man Anthony Tollari #7strong on Feb 3rd. This kid is a true fighter and our entire community has rallied around him... let's keep it up! -- AB

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The 10th District is so fortunate to have leaders in all areas of government. Special thanks to Beaver County Sheriff Tony Guy for taking time out of his busy schedule to come and speak to my business class tonight at Pitt. -- AB

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