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  • Assistant Manager MarketingNovember 5, 2016 to presentKarachi, Pakistan
    - Responsible for corporate communication/planning.
    - Promote Air Control industrial products.
    - Satisfy customers in all respect, behave customers with good manner and respect.
    - Develop promotional planning and get approval from CEO.
    - Resolve nontechnical conflict/dispute with client.
    - Make correspondence with clients & Commercial Dealing.
    - Assist Marketing personnel for Promotional Activities.
    - Non-technical visit to see client’s matter if required and permitted by CEO.
    - Site visit for Air Curtain.
    - Preparation of Quotation only for Air Curtain & Circular Duct Fans.
    - Manage IT Department.
    - Dispatch Activities (Via Coordination Through Finance, Production, Engineering & Client)
    - Acquiring, Retaining and win-back Industrial / Corporate Clients.
    - Any other assignment given by CEO.
  • Industrial Sales & Marketing ExecutiveAugust 17, 2015 to November 5, 2016Karachi, Pakistan
    Corporate Communication.
    Project Management.
    Coordination With CEO.
    Visit Schedule Planing & Approval Process.
    Projects Analysis.
    Industrial / Corporate Dealing.
    Site Visits as per requirement.
    Conflict Resolution.
    Acquiring, Retaining and win-back Industrial / Corporate Clients.
    Manage all I.T. Matters,
    Admin work on request...

    (Company Deals In Air Curtain for saving floor' cooling, save from dust and smell, axial fab for extracting heat, smokes, temperature maintenance for machinery(Generators, Motors), ventilator system(For Floor / Club) and dust controller,
    Ventilation system, jet fans, axial fan, cabinet fan, Inline Centrifugal fan, central station air handling unit, Dust Collector.)
  • CFA on HRSG PayrolDecember 16, 2013 to July 30, 2015Karachi, Pakistan
    > Sales
    > Simm Activation
    > Deal with clients and resolve their queries through following softwares at the same time according to customer's quires:
    - CAReS
    - Hash
    - CS Center
    - McTel
  • Customer Support ExecutiveJune 6, 2013 to December 14, 2013Karachi, Pakistan
    Sales. Simm Activation. Deal With Clients And Resolve Their Queries Through Following Soft wares: - Seibel - CrissXpress - PTA Trackers - DMS - Smart Agent - Magic Screen - CBS - RBT Interface and SLC at the same time according to customer quires.
  • Assistant To Director ManagementFebruary 2013 to April 2013Karachi, Pakistan
    Client Web Accounts updating.
    Dealing With Banks.
    Managing Export Receivables.
    Managing IT Matters
    Tracking Documents And Shipments
  • Assistant Manager CreativeFebruary 2011 to October 2012Karachi, Pakistan
    > Graphics designing
    > Participation in ideas for event marketing
    > Deal with management when needed
    > Event Management

    It Was Really Nice Experience To Work For M.A.J.U. Times...
  • Bowling allrounder2005 to December 2010
  • Computer Lab Assistant - Part timeJuly 1, 2004 to August 1, 2005Karachi, Pakistan
    > Maintain Computer Lab where 25 computers were placed
    > Train 1 batch of computer hardware.
  • Computer Lab Assistant - Part timeJune 1, 2004 to August 1, 2005Karachi, Pakistan
    > Maintain Computer Lab where 20 computers were placed.
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    ██████ بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم █████

    I love to TALK friends, creative/productive minds, professional experienced, and those mind which create knowledge and click ideas for the betterment in different fields/process But don't try to meet with relatives, I really don't care what people says behind me, either wrong or right, just believe on what i see through my eyes OR hear from the valid source, Always Try To Think NEUTRAL.

    I do whatever i truly believe is right, no matter what the result will be, go with the decision once i decide after estimating the result because I love to take risk, as i am a bull fighter, Risk Involve In Every Successive Work... ;) :)

    We have slightly space to forget personnels And things except ALLAH.

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