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Fireworks over the #malacca straits tonight. #malaysia
Magic Force Field Activate!
#tripofwonders - Kodingareng Keke, Makassar, Indonesia

576 hours in two minutes.

Posted by Artisans Angkor
Artisans Angkor

Man & Stone – a stunning story by Artisans Angkor.
Watch until the end, and be amazed…

Myanmar kyat: travelers' questions about this hard-to-exchange currency, answered!

Answers to your burning questions about Myanmar money - where to change it, how to get it, and more
tripsavvy.com|By TripSavvy

Southeast Asia's cities: big, full of excitement, and surprisingly full of culture, too!

The region's major metropolises have the top airports, the biggest selection of hotels, and choice city-based itineraries.

Toraja in Indonesia's Makassar highlands have a unique culture tied to funerals and death

Toraja's famous funerary culture only scratches the surface of the fascinating region, also renowned for its delicious coffee, and awesome scenery.
tripsavvy.com|By TripSavvy

Travel to Malaysia, check off any of the items on this tidy to-do list!

Thinking of a vacation in Malaysia? Here's a list of things to do (see wildlife, go to an island) and what to eat (milo, claypot chicken rice).

Siem Reap Airport is small, but it's the best gateway to Angkor Wat from the rest of the world

Siem Reap International Airport is located around four miles northwest from Siem Reap's town center - find out more about the busiest airport in...
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The best of #SoutheastAsia lies deep below the earth - try #caving and be surprised by the results! http://ow.ly/MPgj30f5x2v

The wide open spaces of Southeast Asia get plenty of press – but trust us, its mysterious caves are worth writing home about, too!

Which of Myanmar's 2 airports do you fly into: Mandalay or Yangon? We have some tips to help you decide

Flying into Myanmar, formerly Burma? What airport do you fly into? Read about the pros and cons of Yangon and Mandalay airports - and make your choice
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Unmissable travel deals and discounts from Red Savannah Trisara, ripe for the plucking

Resorts in Cambodia, Thailand, Costa Rica and Guatemala are offering packages and lower prices in what is sometimes called the green season.

Davao in the Philippines is a springboard for adventure travel: find out what adrenaline-pumping experiences to expect

When in Davao City, Philippines, travelers can easily reach adventure travel and ecotourism destinations like whitewater rafting and cave exploring.
tripsavvy.com|By TripSavvy

Golfing in Southeast Asia: if the #masters love it here, you sure will too!

For a growing number of travelers to the region, golf has become a significant reason to invest time and money traveling to Southeast Asia

Before going to Angkor Wat, learn the history of the temples by visiting Angkor National Museum, Siem Reap first in Cambodia!

The Angkor National Museum in Siem Reap, Cambodia curates a small but comprehensive collection of relics from the ancient Angkor Empire.
tripsavvy.com|By TripSavvy

These four Southeast Asia beach paradise destinations will soon be overwhelmed with visitors: go before the crowds discover them first!

Avoiding gaggles of tourists at otherwise beautiful locations is becoming increasingly difficult, but it’s not impossible. We’ve picked four of...

Try these intermediate- to expert-level Vietnamese dishes on your next trip there! https://www.reddit.com/r/f…/comments/6yraid/comment/dmq0f3b…

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Nice, whether you plan to go underwater or stay bone-dry! cc Langyaw Media

A secluded Batangas beach resort perfect for that getaway or staycation in one of the Philippine's acclaimed diving destinations, Anilao in Balayan...

These colonial style luxury hotels show the deluxe side of Southeast Asia, with a hefty side serving of history cc TripSavvy

Some of the most distinguished hotels in the world still stand in Southeast Asia's capitals, each bearing long histories of serving the rich and...
tripsavvy.com|By TripSavvy