Boys in the mist 💕

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Retweeted John Lamb (@johnclamb):

I feel like everyone needs an Uncle Jimmy yelling swear-filled affirmations as they go through life. #STown


That's better. Simple is sometimes best 💕 🍞 #sourdoughbread #sourdoughstarter

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This morning, Fred very politely told me that me and my attempts at artistic slashing can go and get stuffed (note the bottom right of the loaf has completely blown out 😄). Love that my sourdough starter has a mind of its own! 🍞 🍞 #sourdoughbaking #sourdoughbread

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The @thecolorrun turned Finn into the Hulk! 😂

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This year's wreath pav 💕🎄🍾 #foodie #christmasfeast #pav

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When your chocolate/sugar-loving brother turns 24, he need a ridiculous cake for his birthday - that's just how it goes. Chocolate cake layered with butterscotch caramel, and chocolate and burnt butter buttercream. Yummmm 🎂

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It appears Trevor has developed a taste for royal icing, half of my snow ground cover has magically disappeared overnight. Let's hope it doesn't extend to gingerbread... #ohdear #terribletrevor

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I finished my house this year! Thanks to my fabulous mummy friends getting in on the action too and making this year's decorating session way more fun than it's ever been! 💕🎄🏠 #christmas #gingerbreadhouse

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Little man did not react well to his needles, so we had one of these days. Bouts of crying aside, it was a bit lovely to be snuggled for a good chunk of the day 💕 #cuddlebuddy #babylove #littleman #allthefilters

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That's some seriously good danish right there. @dreamcuisinecanberra have excelled themselves with this incredible strawberry and pistachio danish - worth the trip to @crfarmersmarket on this windy morning just to pick a couple up to demolish with a coffee! #canberra #breakfastsorted #pastry #canberrafood #canberraeats #marketfood #notsponsored

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Finn is unimpressed with the wind but definitely interested in the horses 😊🐴 #babywearing #babywearingmama #ponies

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Trying out our first woven wrap - we're both pretty comfy (and pretty tired lol)! #babywearingmama #babywearingaddict

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Clingy baby wanting to be carried = time to cook (it keeps me on my feet and therefore him happy!). We made sourdough pancakes with the leftover starter from my last bread bake, enough to last us a little while I think 😂🍞 #foodie #sourdough #babywearingmama

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A special cake for a special dad/poppy. Two tiers of raspberry and hazelnut cake finished with dark chocolate ganache, dark chocolate panels and the first of the fabulous spring fruit! 🎂🎂

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Someone is looking a bit suave under his playgym this morning 😄👶

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Loving the consistency I'm getting with the high hydration tutorial posted by @celiafjalc Fred is on fire! 🍞🍞🍞 White/Rye, White/Barley, White/Chickpea #sourdough #foodie

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