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text of email sent to ACC on 29th March

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the (draft) Terms of reference for the two panels which will replace ARG.

I took these to the Acclaim Otago Committee meeting on Tuesday and we would like to provide the following feedback.


The (draft)ToR are very much tools for ACC and MBIE with a significant power imbalance. One of the issues we have had with ARG (2012-2017) and previously COG (2005-2012) was the issue that ACC very much controlled the agenda and process of both groups. This meant that we often felt frustration at the lack of progress or follow through from ACC. (Section removed relating to specific ToR aspects provided in confidence)

As I explained to (ACC STAFF - name removed for privacy) several weeks ago there is a sense of disillusionment with these new panels. Acclaim Otago feels we have been providing very good information and comprehensive feedback throughout the last 13 years to ACC through both COG and ARG, with very little effect. Our concern is that this restructuring of the group is a bit of a slap in the face given that the Martin Jenkins report indicated that ARG had not been timely or productive, and further that ARG had been perceived as a venue for members to push their own agendas. From our perspective that was not through the actions of members but rather the way in which ACC/MBIE engaged with the members. Our aim has always been to work in partnership for the betterment of the scheme and services/support provided to injured people.

Therefore as our time and energy is limited, Acclaim Otago believes this is better invested in other areas of trying to improve the scheme as this is, in reality, where we have had the most impact. For example most of the positive changes that can be pointed to from Acclaim’s perspective actually came about as a result of work we have done outside of COG/ARG. For example:

the review of the fraud unit came about because of the report Acclaim Otago did which then prompted ACC to act
the review of Physiotherapy services came about because of the Goddard enquiry to which Acclaim also provided a report about people’s experiences
the review of the 167 consent form came about after a court case (supported by Acclaim) determined that ACC’s use of the form was not appropriate
Issues relating to access to justice were highlighted by a shadow report undertaken by Acclaim for the UN committee on the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disability.
the 20 recommendations made by Miriam Dean QC relating to dispute resolution processes and the resulting work currently being undertaken came about through a report completed by Acclaim.

As such, Acclaim Otago has determined that we will not be providing an expression of interest for either of the new panels.

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Claimant support group Acclaim Otago is "disappointed and frustrated" with the latest restructuring of ACC’s community liaison committees and will...

Sensory hypersensitivities are a major contributor to fatigue and overload after brain injury. Here are suggestions for coping with sensory hypersensitivities.
#BrainInjury #BIAMonth #TBI #ABI #BrainInjuryAwareness

It’s not your imagination: your sense of touch, taste, smell, hearing, or vision can be extra sensitive after a brain injury.
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Paralympics New Zealand is at Forsyth Barr Stadium.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Meet Paralympians Adam J Hall Anna Grimaldi - Athlete Carl Murphy Jessica Hamill and Caitlin Dore on 7 April at the ACC Paralympics New Zealand Op...en Day in Dunedin between 10am and 3pm.

This free event provides the opportunity for all disabled New Zealanders, their families and support people to find out about Para sport in the area and get amongst the action!
More info
#SpiritofGold ParaFed Otago

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Animated videos on court process

Nine new videos that explain aspects of the court processes

Kia ora. Welcome to this video series produced by the University of Otago Legal Issues Centre. This series aims to help you navigate the major steps in a civ...
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This device is giving a new level of freedom to people with disabilities

Disputes with ACC are being handled over the phone, not in person.
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Fibromyalgia on The Mighty

When others don't understand brain fog, show them this.

A leading public servant appears to have ignored State Services Commission guidelines over her chief executive's pay rises.

Sapere is working on an independent paper about payment for carers commissioned by Carers NZ and the Carers Alliance. Jo Esplin has interviewed many carers, gov...ernment officials, legal eagles, and community networks. This survey is for family carers to gather their views about payment to inform the Sapere paper. It only takes a minute to complete. Please share and take the survey if you have time. The paper will be publicly distributed.

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Please take the survey titled "Paying family carers for caring for someone in the home: canvassing your views". Your feedback is important!
Brain Injury Association Otago Inc


Get involved and raise awareness for Brain Injury by teaming up with us to #BlackoutforBraininjury on the 21st March 2018 - it's easy get involved, organize your colleagues, family/friends or even your child's school or kindy to wear black for the day and #Blackout your social media profile for the day in support of #BlackoutforBraininjury. If you have any questions ring the office 03 471 6156

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