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January 18
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Margaretha van Rooyen
· February 1, 2018
I'm so impressed with Accuro. I mailed my Pre-approval forms to them yesterday and received an email from them this morning, to confirm that my surgery has been approved. Thank you so much.
Odette Dawson
· June 26, 2017
I have been with Accuro since February 2012 and not once have I claimed anything from them. They happily took my monthly payment on time every month for more than five years. I got sent by my GP to an... ENT regarding sinus issues. A consultation and a scan totalling just short of $800 which I paid for and then claimed back. Well it was rejected because I didn't indicate on my application form that I had sinus problems back in 2012. The interesting thing is that I had not been diagnosed as having sinus problems back then either by a GP or a specialist yet now I wish to claim for it I get told that this will now be reviewed by the the underwriting team who will add this to the list of pre existing conditions and I will have a stand down period. Well Accuro, you have lost my membership. Funny thing is, this scan revealed my sinuses are perfect and there would be no further costs or claims to Accuro so any previous so called sinus problems would have been a misdiagnosis. That doesn't seem to matter to the claim team or rather the claims administrator who decided my claim was rejected. So as a loyal client for five years, I feel totally aggrieved and let down. I hope nobody else ever has to deal with such incompetence! See More
Max NZ
· January 23, 2018
******* UPDATE *********
I'm changing my rating a bit here because my complaint was handled professionally and it was resolved quick! I was very surprised with how quick it was handled, comparing to s...ome other companies it was lightning fast.

I can say that all the staff I dealt with was very polite and had a good knowledge of the subject. I'm still a little disappointed with the whole situation as my whole family was at risk of not being covered for the period of 6+ months because the information provided to us was not complete, but I'm happy we reached a resolution.

Thanks to all involved for your help, patience and understanding.


It's all good until it's bad!

We have sourced Accuro health plan from LifeDirect (a TradeMe subsidiary) and everything was going fine until recently. A few months back we have moved to Australia and we have consulted with LifeDirect to make sure the policy will cover us while we live in Australia. The response we received from LifeDirect was as follow:

"For your Accuro policy, there is a 'Cover while in Australia' benefit. The wording of this benefit, as stated in the Accuro policy document, is as follows:

This benefit reimburses medical costs for non-acute medical conditions that are incurred and treated in Australia. The amount of reimbursement will be the usual customary and reasonable charges that would be payable in New Zealand for the same procedure and/or medical treatment subject to the excess, maximums and exclusions described elsewhere in this policy. All maximums, excesses and benefit amounts referred to in this policy document are in New Zealand dollars and paid in New Zealand dollars."

We pay our premiums in full every month including since we moved to Australia. We lodged a small claim and to our big surprise, the claim was rejected. Accuro team insists that this benefit only applies to surgical and emergency diagnostics while our claim falls under "Specialist".

So, first of all, I'm disappointed because if whatever Accuro says about this benefit not being valid for this type of claim is true then the advice we were given appears to be incomplete, unprofessional and misleading. Secondly, I do not see anything relating to surgery or serious diagnostics in the wording of the benefit described in the policy which makes the waters even muddier. Thirdly, the advice has resulted in us paying premiums for the obsolete insurance cover since April 2017 and has also put the whole family at risk by giving us a false sense of security.

It is simply unacceptable! The communication channels are very poor, they possess and provide conflicting information. The advice you get is incomplete and unprofessional, so you can't safely rely on it. Now, since Accuro is claiming that the insurance cover is very limited while we live overseas and considering the misleading information we have been given at the time of inquiry (i have attached original LifeDirect response to the email thread with LifeDirect and Accuro teams) we'd like to cancel the cover retrospectively and get a refund of the premiums since April 2017. In addition to that, we'll be forwarding this conversation to The Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman.
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Hok Ko Lam
· January 16, 2018
I would like to lay my complaint based on the misleading email I received and the unprofesional staffs who responded to my enquiry.

The title of the email dated 17 Dec 2017 stated that...


It says that you can GET MORE instead of KNOWING YOUR PLAN

Which prompts me to do all the check up to get MORE FROM MY SMARTCARE PLAN

The first sentence of the email also states that

"Here are two loyalty rewards that you can access NOW if you have been an Accuro member for 3 years or more."

It says that “ I can access NOW” instead of
" I have already got it and you don't need to do anything"

That's why I take the action to ACCESS NOW and did all the check up.

I then made the claim but I was told that

However, we are unable to provide cover as the loyalty benefit is only available every three years. You last claimed for this loyalty benefit on 11/08/2016 so you are unable to claim again until 11/08/2019.

The first email doesn't say when to claim again.
Before the check up, I made the 0800 enquiry, I have been advised that I am on specialist Plan and loyalty rewards are available to me. I was not been told what this email says about the date of the next claim.

So the message of the FIRST email is extremely unclear and misleading. Your staffs answering the phone are unprofessional and ignorant as well.
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Emma Hay
· April 25, 2017
Accuro is a wonderful place to work and the people here are amazing. Pre-approvals and claims are wonderfully fast and thanks to the claims team for approving and sorting my sons grommet op in a of hours. See More
James Sheppard
· November 3, 2015
Well Thanks to the Helpful Admin Management of Accuro in Helping me out with my situation, Cheer's to You all...
Olivia Clements
· May 21, 2014
Thank you for providing my family with great cover and fair terms.
Liz Chandler
· January 14, 2014
Poor customer focus. Not interested in helping members, particularly those who're long standing
Heather Webber-Aitu
November 8, 2012
Can get a phone number other than an 0800 one, need to ring from overseaa.