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Welcome to my channel, my name is Ruben and my mission is to create memories for you with my music.
Acid Paradox is feeling happy.

Currently redesigning all the looks of my social networks.

I have been thinking of going back to the live mashups and also I would like to start doing video game song covers/recreations.


Grab your controllers, calibrate your mouse, blow your cartridges and let's play:

This song was inspired by video game speedruns, these are all available to watch all over the Internet. For those who are unaware, a speedrun consist of finishing a game as fast as you can.You can use

New track coming this saturday, I hope you like keygen music.

What do you enjoy more, music with vocals or instrumental music?

Let the journey begin.

New track every 2 weeks. I want to learn with you so I will read and reply any feedback you post. Thanks a lot for sticking around this whole time.

Hey, It's been a long time since I posted a new track. I will be exploring different styles from now on, let's see how it goes. I used this name for the track because I always imagine this crime organ

I think it's time we change that

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So, my remix from this guy is now free for download:

pew pew pew pew


New song is up and free for download!

Download here: Lyrics: On the street I used to Pass nearby There's a man Holding a cardboard ...

I made a remix for Savant's beatport contest and finally I used my vocals in a track once again.

Go check it out and if you liked it, please support by voting on the page below.


Lyrics: (song description below ) The time is now let's change the world and when it's done I'll take you home I know it's risky but I don't wanna live forever You think I am crazy but that's how I roll That's why I am telling you we can't go home so now let's change the world and show them how we r...

One more track and the EP is done!

So yeah , after thinking about it for a long time, I have decided to go for an EP since it's something I have always wanted to do. I think I can finish it before this month, It's almost done but we'll see.

Also, sorry if I don't post anything else, i am just not the type of person that posts unnecessary personal stuff on his page.


Here's a new track that survived a fried hard drive, a broken laptop and was kept in secret in the dark corners of my basement.

So yeah, I wish you a happy new year and if not, well I don't care.


(Read the description for additional info regarding this track)

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Well, looks like I haven't posted nothing on this month.

Here's a quick update:

I am working on some tracks, 3 tracks with vocals and Nori is helping me out with one of them.I am also working on 2 instrumental tracks just in case and have been working on some collab tracks with Sharon Estee and Rosendale.


I know I am taking a lot of time but it's just that I don't want to sound generic, I don't want to sound like everyone else.

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Can't wait to show you this track I am working on. It's pretty much my best track since monster.


Also , new remix I made for my pal Rocket!