Us playing Live at the Snooty Fox in Wakefield - Song: The Ashen Ground

Acolyte is 9 years old this week. Happy Birthday to us ^__^

So, how many people actually are fans on here? We have a very large proportion of people from Sri Lanka on here and while that is AWESOME - I am not sure if it because they know who we are!


If you like us then check out one of the albums that I consider amoung the best of the past 10 years... An album that has been a significant influence on us. The Black Flux

( ( ( 2008 ) ) ) Tracklist: 1. Stalkers of the Drift 2. As Virulent As You 3. Archives 4. The Black Flux 5. Intermission: Ocean Highway 6. Inward Bound 7. L...

What are some of your favourite thought provoking albums? Give us your recommendations.

Malekh: A rare post I know! But we have something important to share. Acolyte has never been a political band and probably never will be so it's never been particularly relevant to reveal that I am a gay man. However, it recently became possible to become involved in a benefit compilation in aid of homosexuals facing persecution in Chechnya. We are very proud to be part of this and it has been amazing, both personally and as a band to see the incredible support this has received. Please consider having a look and contributing to this great cause by picking up this awesome compilation. Malekh x

Shout out to a fan Vicki Suthers x thanks for listening

Hot tips for metal from 2014 anyone?

You remind me of the babe

We're going to have to work hard to beat the quote we give at the end of this interview!

In their own words, Acolyte are an extreme metal band from Manchester, interested in creating some harsh blackened grooves with a melodic slant. Inspired by bands such as Ved Buens Ende, Enslaved ...

Working hard on new material. We have so much to show you guys soon! Our latest setlist for gigs is looking increasingly filled with new tunes so hopefully we'll catch you at a show soon!

Well holy fuck! We got on the cover of a newspaper's entertainment pullout!! So pleased about this!

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Our amazing best mates in metal Fever Sea have just released their new EP. These guys are seriously something else. If you like us you'll love them. Check it out

3 track album
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May 10, 2014

Just a reminder of this lovely event that we are headlining in Halifax on the 25th of May coming very soon!

Sun 2:15 PM UTC+01Arden Road Social ClubHalifax, United Kingdom
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May 1, 2014

Acolyte comes to Cumbria next Saturday in Barrow in Furness at the Wheatsheaf Inn where we will be playing three songs from our follow up album that is currently in the works!

Sat 12:00 AM UTC+01WheatsheafBarrow in Furness, United Kingdom
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Looking at getting some merch finally sorted out! Interested artists please get in touch. We have a few people we're thinking of aproaching already but we are always interested in talking to artists and creative types.