Dispatch from Congo: Together We Will Leave a Legacy of Integrity
Action Kivu: An Introduction
Our founder Amani shares his football (soccer) skills with the kids at there Mumosho Community Center playground. These kids come almost daily to run, swing, play football, roll tires in races – basically be kids with endless energy. It's a safe space to play, with a clean water tap just a few meters away to quench the thirst they work up. #actionkivu #congo #kidplay
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What's that they say about eyes? Windows to the soul, indeed.
A sewing student at her work, Mumosho Community Center, Congo. See more photos and read stories from our community in Congo on our blog -

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Construction of the boys boarding house for the Congo Peace School is looking good. Thanks to the generous partnership of Dillon Henry Foundation and finishing funds from PLFDreams, construction of the school is on schedule to be completed before fall!

There is much to do in creating a safe space for kids to learn peace and nonviolence practices as well as the Congo curriculum, to live with a sense of agency that they can be the change - agents for peace! Learn how you can be a part of this peace movement in Congo at

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What makes Mapendo smile her stunning smile? Find out on our blog — stories to fill you with hope abound.

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Happy Valentine's Day to you, our family - may we continue to be love to everyone we encounter. Spread love! #happyvalentinesday #lovefromcongo #drc #lovewins

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Action Kivu's Nurse Jeanine administers HIV tests to kids, breaking the cultural taboo around being tested and educated about HIV/AIDS.

Learn more about the impact of your partnership with Action Kivu in HIV / AIDS education, prevention, and treatment:

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One can only ever imagine what a child is dreaming each moment! With your partnership, Action Kivu is working to create safe spaces for children in Congo to play, create, and receive an education. According to UNICEF, about 40,000 children work in mines across southern DRC. Help us change that! Learn more on our site —

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Amani's rapport with the kids in Congo is a thing of beauty. He works tirelessly to create a more peaceful, just world for them. Learn more about the Peace School we're building -

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Did you know? "Over the last three years, more refugees have come [to the U.S.] from the Democratic Republic of Congo than any other country on earth."

The ongoing conflict in Congo often goes unreported, and the impact of this trauma on families, on women and children, the most vulnerable survivors, is immense. Action Kivu partners with a local, Congolese-led organization that plants peace and hope in these communities in Congo through education, job-training, nonviolence and peace work, and health and trauma services. Be part of the movement - partner with us for the people of DRC!

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Andre and Lisette are married Congolese refugees. He made it to America. She's stuck in a refugee camp. Here's how changes to U.S. policy are keeping them apart.

The sound of women's voices in Action Kivu's Literacy Program is the sound of equality! Learn how you can partner with us in this movement -
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Art: Lisa Congdon Art + Illustration
Truth: Universe
Learn how you can help break the chains of inequality through investing in education, peace, health services, and job training in #congo. Get on this train!

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“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” —Charles Dickens—

Be on the lookout for how you might lighten someone's burden today, or if you need to ask for a lift, let someone lighten yours.

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Part of the Mumosho Community Center, the bread-baking building is a place of peace and respite: a woman rests just inside the doorway, a boy pumps clean water for a refreshing gulp to energize him to rejoin his friends playing in the front yard. Learn more about our community in Congo on our site —

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#tbt — Life lessons from Congo, and re-framing what it means to "take what is yours." Take courage, take heart, take action!

Read about how Action Kivu's #sewingworkshop transforms lives —
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Women construction workers are not the norm in eastern DRC, but in the Congo Peace School, Amani is laying the foundation that equality is part of the culture we are building. The women work for equal pay on this project. Join the movement:
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Posted by Action Kivu

We're full of hope in embracing the possibilities and challenges of the present moment! Check out what we're working on in Congo on our website –

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