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Senator Blumenthal Press Conference

Senator Blumenthal Press Conference
HARTFORD >> One of the last pieces of legislation Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed this year was a bill that prohibits the state Department of Correction from putting anyone under the age of 18 in

"This system is a model for the nation, and it was put in place after a terrible corruption scandal that put Connecticut on the map for all the wrong reasons,” said Democratic state Sen. Mae Flexer, of Killingly, who co-chairs the government administration and elections committee.

Democratic state lawmakers vowed Tuesday to oppose Republican efforts to strike the Citizens' Election Program from the state budget, warning that dismantling
HARTFORD, CT — Government watchdogs and a group of Democratic legislators made a passionate plea to save the state’s Citizens’ Election Program from the budget chopping block Tuesday.
Colin McEnroe

Last night I found myself talking to some artistic and civic luminaries who live here. All of them came here from somewhere else. All of them have put down root...s. And the subject of the "Connecticut attitude" came up. That was their term for the peculiar, persistent notion that this is not a good place. It's a great place. It's physically beautiful with temperate weather and changes of season. There's music, theater, comedy, outdoor sports. There are interesting people, dammit! Yes, we have problems. I'm not going to name them all because that's what seems to go on, incessantly, in social media and on comment threads. I don't get hating the place where you live. "Make" the place where you live. Make pies or podcasts. Make a thing and add it to other things. That's how an Austin happens. And if the problems of this place dominate your thinking, make strides toward solving one of those problems. But for God's sake, love this place more than you hate it. Notice what it has more than you notice what it lacks. Let's shed a little of that Connecticut attitude.

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🔴🔵Official Event
Take a stand to save Health Care!!!

Mon 6:00 PM EDTAccess Health CT Enrollment CenterNew Britain, CT
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🔴🔵Thanks to libraries, many families have access to to services and programs they may not otherwise have access to. Libraries also offer specialized resources that make access to particular kinds of information easier to obtain for the general public. Right now, like many state services, libraries are looking at a cut in funding to their already underfunded state fiscal resources. Although this current cut is being presented as a temporary move, given the issues with our curr...ent state budget, there is a significant chance that these library cuts will remain. Like schools, libraries are a critical part of any community. Let's all do it we can to keep our libraries fully funded and functioning. CT residents, please sign. Protect our already grossly underfunded library system from further permanent cuts.

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The Connecticut Library Association (CLA) needs your help TODAY to save critical library resources and avert drastic and unwise short-term cuts that would make long-term problems worse for the people who need their libraries the most.

Looking forward to talking with Colin McEnroe on CT's NPR in just 2 minutes:

Listen live Tuesday and 1:00 pm. Colin has been covering politics in Connecticut since... well, since shortly before the development of the steam engine.

Join us on Wednesday June 28th to protest #trumpcare and #protectourcare.

Wed 5:30 PM EDTYale MedicineNew Haven, CT
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Matthew Lesser

Chris Murphy was live.

Hey everyone, going live to talk about the GOP health care bill. (And don't worry - I turned the camera around about a minute in.)


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Action Together CT was both saddened and angered by the Philando Castile Verdict.
This is another clear case of the systemic racial injustice that exists in our country. ...
We will continue in our efforts to be allies with the Black Lives Matter movement, and we will continue our fight for equity and to eliminate the injustices in our system.
We will never be afraid to say #blacklivesmatter

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