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Supply collection in Northern Fairfield to support town severely affected by Hurricane Harvey. (View video in comments)

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Senator Blumenthal Press Conference
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A federal court in Hawaii has issued a nationwide block on President Trump’s Muslim ban.

“One thing that the residents of the 5th State Senate District will always be able to count on from me is standing up for Connecticut’s environment, which is one of the reasons why Connecticut has such a great quality of life in national rankings.” - Senator Beth Bye

Bye Achieves 100 Percent Environmental Voting Record, Named an Environmental Champion
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Chris Murphy

Senate is back in session today. We need to pass federal aid for Puerto Rico NOW.

“This executive order is an end-run around the Affordable Care Act, a law that millions of Americans have come out to defend every time Congress tried to repeal... it. Americans have made it clear that they want to fix the ACA, not end it. The newest repeal incarnation by the Trump administration will threaten healthcare for thousands of residents in Connecticut and make it harder for insurers to do business – exactly the opposite goals we’ve worked toward in our state and in states throughout the country.”

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HARTFORD, CT -- Legislative leaders met Monday for about six hours to try and fashion a bipartisan budget proposal that will end the budget stalemate that’s lingered for more than 100 days.
HARTFORD, CT -- While the landmark Citizens Election Program was saved when Gov. Dannel P. Malloy vetoed the Republican budget that was passed with the help of eight Democratic legislators, proponents know it will continue to be a target for budget cuts.

I’m sick and tired of Republicans trying to take away women’s health care. This provision helped more 750,000 women in Connecticut get affordable birth control. It's 2017 - it's time for us to stop trying to drag women backward.

The new rules let big companies end contraceptive coverage — and take effect immediately.
Chris Murphy

What will it actually take to change our gun laws? It will take Americans speaking out and building a movement that is more powerful than the gun lobby.

Now is the time. Let's come together, get these carnage force multipliers off the streets, and save lives.

I am hopeful that banning bump stocks will be the first of many commonsense steps Congress takes to curb the scourge of gun violence.

The bill would ban accessories that allow for rapid rates of fire, similar to fully automatic weapons, which are illegal.
Posted by Matthew Lesser
Matthew Lesser

This is one of the weirdest things I've ever seen.

Republicans demanded we allow an override vote on their budget. It's a bad budget, a fiscally irresponsible b...udget that hurts a lot of people - and legislators have been hearing a lot from angry members of the public.

But we allowed a vote.

And we all went up to Hartford. And then when the moment came, they blinked. Not a single Republican made a motion to override the Governor's veto of their own budget. Only people who had voted for the Republican budget could make a motion.

Keep calling, keep emailing, keep tweeting -- all of it's helping. We shouldn't be raising taxes on the poor to cut taxes on the rich. We shouldn't dismantle UConn or our community colleges and CSUs. We should fund pensions and avoid the kind of budget gimmicks that created this mess in the first place. And we definitely shouldn't dismantle the Clean Elections reforms we passed after John Rowland went to prison.

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Nice coverage of our townhall with Senator
Paul Doyle (Middletown) re: #CTbudget…/democratic-senator-doyle-holds-…/

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Connecticut’s online voter registration system was among election-related systems in 21 states targeted by Russian agents before the 2016 presidential election, state officials learned Friday, but they said the agents didn't manage to get past the state's network security.
One of the cuts in the Republican budget that passed over the weekend would affect Connecticut’s state universities and community colleges. Democrats said