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Fonzy Marquez
· January 21, 2018
I owe it to Mr. Adams and his staff for taking care of my order on a pair of A- grade night vision goggles. They were able to work around my budget and made a deal with me to get me started. His respo...nse time to all my questions passed all my expectations and I felt confident and secure with my purchase. Before you know it I received my order and couldn't be happier. This may be my first order, but it's definitely not my last. See More
Singh Aneel
· December 15, 2016
I have been drooling over my sentinels . Adam's Industries has surpassed my expectation's as far as what I was expecting . Chris was attentive to returning phone call's and walking me through the process . You have a repeat customer for life , Now its time for the legionnaire ! All of those who are considering NOD"s need to call them and just a pleasant experience all around . See More
Brian Haley
· August 5, 2016
Sentinel CNV goggles work better than I could have imagined, very impressed and happy with them.

Introducing the new California approved KRISS.

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SHOT Show has been closed a little over six hours. Already the number of bearded burly guys has fallen dramatically and the number of skinny guys with man buns has risen alarmingly.


Last hours of SHOT when everybody is over it.

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First Day of SHOT! Stop by booth 7002 for a free shirt.

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Hello Everybody. Thought I'd give you an update on Adams Industries. So, recently we had a bit of a situation where we accepted orders with a 30 day turn around on SENTINEL goggles. Then we got hit with a "Rated" order from the USAF-AFSOC. Problem with a rated order is that you pretty much can't say no and they go to the front of the line. Honestly I would have taken care of them first anyhow. As a result, a great number of medics deployed with night vision that might not hav...e. Between all the cost overages to get things rushed and buying extra parts to make sure we had enough come the due date I'm pretty sure I lost money on the deal, but hey guys deployed with the gear they needed. Most our customers were AWESOME during this time. The order literally sucked up ever tube we had available. We gave a few refunds but nothing nasty. All told I say YAY CUSTOMERS! We are now back on track, making deliveries and are (shyly) accepting 30 day delivery orders again.

So, in case you haven't noticed, tubes are getting more expensive, and in the midst of everything else going on one of our suppliers raised our prices without warning, effective immediately. I have tried to not raise prices but somehow the kids gotta eat. As a compromise I am not raising prices until the end of November, but be aware. If you want something pre-price raise, now is the time.

In new products we have white phosphor EDGE tubes from Photonis. These are basically commercial 4G tubes and have amazing performance. Check out the photo attached. This was taken in my parts closet with the door completely closed through a PVS-14. If you're interested in one of these products let me know. I think you will be VERY pleasantly surprised at pricing.

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So hey, while I've got all you Molon Labe SMEs in one place, we're trying to think of a bumper sticker/patch for SHOT. Current funny sticker idea is "Molon Labe, en la noche!" So, this gonna bring out the humor or the haters?

I love it when I get these. This one from a law enforcement customer and friend who is currently working in Puerto Rico. "Hey, so after 5 days/nights of running dual tubes those things are awesome.". Thank you Sean and God's speed back to your family when your mission is done.

I love getting messages like this one from SENTINEL owners:

Another successful apprehension last night. A partner agency had a pretty good pursuit goin through a few towns on an armed robbery vehicle. Vehicle crashed near golf course.
As we moved in a wedge over the terrain i saw one of the perps from 200+/- yds out. We were able to set up on him while he tried to hide in a gully. Without nvgs and an ir laser he would've been passed over.

Final special coming up. I just got some A grade tubes in and they'll be going into SENTINEL housings. These will be the same quality as last time. Price per unit $5K. Pre-pay with delivery in about 3 weeks. I don't have pictures of the tubes yet but I'll offer a one week return if for any reason you are unhappy with the unit. You can have your choice of black or tan housing.

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So I bought a large run of LEGIONNAIRE housings and this gives me the ability to make some high end clip ons for a reasonable cost. I can do high end green units for $6K each and high end white phosphor units for $7K each. Terms are pre-pay and delivery is 3 weeks ARO. If you have a MX11769 tube you want put in a housing that'll be $2500. You ship us the tube and we put it in for you.

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UPDATE: The unit with tube pictures of the packing (not the ones of my son) has sold.

Thought I'd share some pics of the two SENTINELs I have up for $4K each. They both look like the one in the picture and come with both the ball and plunger (ANVIS) and the dovetail adapters. The pics with my boy in them are of one unit and the other is of the packing material. These were taken in a worst case environment to purposefully show off any problems with the tubes. Worst case meaning daylight with the day caps off. Units come with manual, batteries, mount adapters, lens tissue, manual, and soft case.

Hey Everybody, so the relationship with ACT in Black has not worked out and Adams Industries will no longer be their representative in the United States. If you have a DTNVG housing on order please contact me and I will refund your money or make some other accommodation that is acceptable to you.

Another SHOT show wrapped! Booth torn down. Last dinner with work friends in the history books. I want to thank all of you who support Adams Industries so we can continue to produce the best night vision products in the world. I hope all our friends.have a happy, successful, and safe year.

Booth 7002 folks. Come say hi then we won't just be Facebook friends anymore.

So of all the fucked up things that have ever happened to me at SHOT, this year already takes the cake. Somebody walked off with my booth. The boxes were dropped off last because the carpet wasn't down and went in this morning to set up and our boxes were gone. I don't know if this is some sort of overzealous trash collector who would throw out obviously full boxes or vandalism or theft. I'm offering a thousand dollar reward for the return of the booth boxes and IF it can be shown that this was wrongdoing I'm offering a further thousand dollars for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator.