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Kristin Boyd Arnone
· April 9, 2015
I highly encourage all of my friends and loved ones to join this site, even if you have never been personally affected by the horrendous disease, melanoma!!!
Eva Robert Worthey
· December 2, 2014
To emotional to really talk about , I have lost a lot of love one to different cancers. It is a silent killer. God bless all who are going through this . Mom, dads all the little children. I pray t...hat god heal u all! Amen! See More
Jennifer M Danko
· May 8, 2014
Great job!!! Keep up the good work and get the word out. God bless these babies and their families. Hugs and kisses to you all.
Jennifer Mathews
August 6, 2013
So rare but people still think it is ok to tan and 'lay out'. This is a case that everyone should know about it!
Mary Gehrer
· March 17, 2015
This is an awesome organization. Many thanks for all you guys do. Miss you Briana and Addison Cox.
Lisa Bradley Ridenour
· December 14, 2014
May God Bless you as you work to make a difference!
Jennifer Brown
· March 3, 2014
Debbie Owens-Spado
· October 10, 2013
Sylvia Micah Caldwell
· August 5, 2013
Lena Schell
· August 5, 2013
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Here we are! Addison's Army stepped up today! Official time was 28 seconds (I think...?) to pull this 28,000 lb fire truck 100 ft! FIRST PLACE!! (To be fair, only 2 other teams showed up...and 1 was a team of kids! I have their video too. Super cute!) We actually ended up having too many people so I stepped back to video. Excuse the screaming...I was excited and then my husband almost fell..Ha! ;) Enjoy! ~Kimberly
I was alerted just minutes before this aired so I grabbed my phone to record it. I apologize for the low volume and low quality. A link was never posted but I felt this needed shared. While this is not 100% accurate, it's great that Wichita's local media is picking up on Briana and Addison's story. However, a few big clarifications: First, Briana was not diagnosed with malignant melanoma 6 years ago, however she was diagnosed with melanoma but went through all the proper steps and procedures and was cleared. She was not diagnosed with metastasized malignant melanoma until AFTER she had Addison. She obviously would not have had 2 children if she was actively battling cancer. Secondly, the money raised from upcoming events goes to educate and bring melanoma awareness in addition to helping other children diagnosed with various stages of melanoma, not towards Addison's treatment. Thanks a bunch for watching :) ~Kimberly
ALS and Addison's Army Ice Challenge! I nominate Adam Womack , Jacob Sargent, Deanna AndRandy Dunkelbarger and Liz Castro for ALS! For Addisons Army to come play golf on September 6th I nominate Javier Soto TV from Channel 3, Dierks Bentley and Larry Fitzgerald! You have 24 hours to do the ice challenge or come out and play golf! #IceBucketChallenge #AAAM #melanomaawareness James

Claire Marie Foundation and Marianne Banister doing fabulous work to beat melanoma!

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Claire Marie Foundation

It’s that time of year! Registration is now open to the 2018 Claire Marie Foundation Free Screenings! Anyone 8-21 years of age are welcome! Six locations April 28th and running through May! Details on locations and how to register at #awarenesssaveslives #livelifelikeclaire!

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Surgeon General Jerome Adams on Wednesday said that his wife, Lacey, who was treated for melanoma years ago, had experienced a recurrence and was undergoing surgery for metastatic melanoma.…/…/surgeon-generals-wife-melanoma/

In a Facebook post, Adams said his wife, Lacey, used to tan frequently and outlined how exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun or tanning beds can increase the likelihood of melanoma.