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Richard Prins
· October 25, 2016
I've worked with Addon Customs for a while now both as a customer and a working partner.
The LED strips and customer service are great and the option to choose different types of LED strips is a big plus.
Al Shuryan
· December 18, 2015
I've known Marcus for years, shared modding and building plus enjoyed his company in many groups. Trust, friendship and brotherhood is where I buy my parts from.
Joe Gagliano
· October 25, 2016
Legit top tier work. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to aesthetically enhance their build.
Barnaby Collins
· May 8, 2016
Bought a single colour LED strip, works great and has very even light ♥
Adam Faulkner
· May 14, 2016
Fantastic quality and service,highly recommended.
Fast shipping,great prices
Alice and Lauri loved the Haribos
Cheers buddy
Justin Tai
· May 13, 2015
Superb quality products. A lot more LEDs per strip than the other brands such as BitFenix. Super bright and even too!
Chris Jackson
· October 25, 2016
Top grade work, excellent customer service. Looking forward to the new launch �

We are currently not accepting orders due to getting ready to move into a new workshop. We will let you know when we are open again.

- Marcus (Owner)

Awesome news, I am finally moving house. Once i have things sorted in the new house I will be posting some updates here, NO Addon Customs hasn't been abandoned, in fact, I have still been accepting orders and making LEDs, I have just not been posting as much, but that will be changing once I have moved.

In case you didn't know, I also run Custom Acrylics mod shop where I make custom parts such as GPU backplates, SSD/HDD covers, Fan Grills, and replacement case parts.

I hav...e big plans regarding both stores for 2018, and looking forward to sharing it with you all.

- Marcus

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Custom Acrylics

Great news I get the keys to the new house and workshop next week and should be moving in around the 31st March.

So today is the last day to get your orders in..., after today I will be focused on moving, so expect delays in replies to emails and PM's.
Hope to be back up and running by end of April/beginning of May, the reason it's not sooner is that I need to get some upgrades done to the workshop, such as adding more power, adding security and organise stock.

Will post some more updates once I start moving.

- Marcus.

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Custom Acrylics

A quick list of products that are available, including some that will be available in January. All these products can be fully customised, you pick the colours... and design (We can work with you on a design you like).

GPU Backplates (Every graphics card)
Soundcard Backplates
SSD/HDD Covers
Fan/Radiator Grills (Plus a special grill coming soon)
PSU Shrouds (You will likely need to provide measurements)
NZXT H440 Fascia plates (the coloured plate on the PSU cover)
Cable Combs (January)
GPU Brackets (January)

We are also working on custom parts for the NZXT H440 and the Corsair 750D, we will be offering custom parts for many cases, but these 2 are the ones we are starting with.

The big giveaway is still being planned, keep an eye on the page for when we post more info.

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Custom Acrylics

Anyone have a Corsair 750D and looking for custom parts?

We are looking at getting one but just wanted to see how many were interested in custom parts for it.

o.0 Do we see the word giveaway? I think we do Like Custom Acrylics page and get notified when the giveaway goes live. We hear they are going to give away loads of prizes.

Custom Acrylics

Hey everyone a quick update regarding our website, we are still working hard on it, we still have more products to add but we are extremely happy with the progr...ess and will be launching the website soon.

Every product has loads of options to choose from, for example, our predesigned backplates which have over 100 possible combinations to choose from and we are also working on a custom order system, which will allow you to customize existing products even more, as well as create your own products and designs. The possibilities are ENDLESS.

We have also partnered up again with Designs By Richard to create some awesome products.

And lastly, we are working on a HUGE giveaway, more information about this coming soon.

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Expect to start seeing some cool products very soon.

Custom Acrylics

Great News, We have a new laser cutter and will be back open soon.

Not seen this colour combination before. Looks good.

Looking for Custom Cables? Check out To The Wire - Custom Sleeving

To The Wire - Custom Sleeving added 8 new photos.

Love this one, Cool creating new ideas & filling a portfolio of designs.

Guess the theme?

24 Pin, 8 Pin EPS & Pair of PCIe 6+2

Sorry for not posting in a while, we have been busy with Custom Acrylics. We have a few things planned on the Addon Customs side of the business and will be relaunching our store (LEDs, Sleeving, Connectors + More) in January.

We also have a new product in R&D right now, cannot say much right now but what I will say is that its designed for rooms, and not just computer setups.

We are currently not advertising our products but we are still accepting and processing orders via ...PM's and email.
We will start advertising again once our new site is up.

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Custom GPU Backplates by our store Custom Acrylics

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Custom Acrylics

New rails arrived for the laser but unfortunately mean we needed to redesign the brackets, so now waiting on our 3D printer to finish printing a test bracket, (...really need to get some more printers) anyway while waiting I decided to make a couple of Overwatch GPU backplates.
Still new to rendering so these are not the best renders but I like them.

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A set of great custom cables from To The Wire - Custom Sleeving

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To The Wire - Custom Sleeving added 4 new photos.

Some bespoke modular cables for RMi Type 4 Generation 3.

For a very unique build.

Cant wait to see the finnished project.

Custom Acrylics

New gantry parts for the laser arrived recently and have them installed, now need to design and make a few more parts and then install all the electronics and w...ater cooling.

So the laser should hopefully be up and running next week, and our website by next weekend. Due to the laser currently being down, we haven't been able to make any of our products so we currently have minimal photos on the site of the products, so as soon as the laser is up and running we will start getting those photos done.

Not much longer now.

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Today/Tomorrow our website will be going down for a while, as we will be moving hosts and redesigning our site, but don't worry you will still be able to buy all our lighting from our partner Custom Acrylics when their site launches at the end of the month.

As of today, we will be accepting orders via email and Facebook messages, although this will most likely only be available until our website is back up. (No ETA on that yet).

- Marcus.


EDIT: Our website now redirects to our FB page so you don't see any boring errors while we work on it.

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We are CLOSED for Christmas, we are also reorganising everything getting things ready for 2017, allowing us to offer more, work faster, and do better.

Follow our Facebook and keep updated with what we are doing and working on. (I promise to start posting on Instagram and Facebook more in 2017)

- Marcus...
(Company Director)

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Slowly catching up with orders and should be back up and running at 100% by the beginning of next week.

Still, have a medical situation going on with a family member, but it is a lot better than what it was so we can now get back to working on orders.

Appreciate the support, and apologise to all customers that had orders delayed, you will be receiving compensation for the delay, which you will be getting information about it next week.



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Workshop is open again but not running at 100% due to family health reasons.