We've issued a security certificate update for AddonChat Classic (Java) customers. The next time you use AddonChat, you may be prompted to refresh, (or restart your browser and empty your cache in extreme cases) to ensure you're using the latest version. The latest version includes a new SHA2 signed certificate ensuring authenticity to your end-users. This is now a mandatory security requirement for Java applets.

AddonChat Classic users:: Still having problems? We advise you to try loading your chat room again-- a recent update has gone out that should address the issues that some of our customers have had with their image caches which should require no action. Still having problems? Post your account number here or a direct link to your chat and I'll personally respond -- our support system has been completely inundated by a few customers who've asked their users to write in (excess ...of over 10,000 inquiries per day) and we're scrambling to put in a system that requires account authentication so we can prioritize our customers over non-customer support inquiries. Furthermore, we're going to attempt to open up Facebook messages for this Page to provide temporary technical support for those who have yet to receive a response and are still having problems.

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Attention AddonChat Classic Customers! Still using your original link code? A number of our customers have recently written in with what they suspected were server issues on our end, but technicians have discovered that the majority of them are using old "" link codes which were retired back in 2006. If you're still having problems, we strongly advise you to ensure you're using the latest link code available in your control panel.

We're currently in the process of migrating some AddonChat Classic servers to machines with higher available resources in efforts to boost performance and reduce latency. Chat accounts may see a "network split" in which some users are on the old servers and others are on the new. We've done everything in our power to ensure the transition is as easy as possible and the old servers will remain online for another twenty-four hours. Users who you suspect may not be on the newer servers are encouraged to simply restart their browser or computer. Your patience is appreciated during this upgrade.

Many customers have recently written to us about performance issues running AddonChat X. For those of you who may still be awaiting a response from a technician or did not write in, we've isolated and resolved the issue and don't expect it to reoccur. If you are continuing to experience error messages indicating that the server isn't available, or problems related to Emoji, please e-mail with your account number and let us know so we can investigate each incident independently.

We're currently in the process of bringing new software updates to both the AddonChat X client and server software. These software updates will address a couple outstanding bugs and provide our technicians with better tools to assist our customers with AddonChat X-specific related questions.

Connection difficulties are possible for a short duration for AddonChat X customers only.

We've isolated the recent network issues affecting AddonChat Classic. The issues has been resolved for the moment. Investigation into the incident discovered an attempt to breach our database security. At this time we have no reason to believe any data was stolen as the queries being sent were invalid; however it did completely saturate our database with high load queries and may cause some lag on customers assigned to client2 for a brief period while authorities investigate the matter. We do appreciate your patience and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you or your users.

It's official! AddonChat X final release is now online and available to the general public. We've also redesigned our web site and customer control panels for ease of use.

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We are currently in the process of updating our web sites. During this time we do not expect any loss of chat connectivity, however our web sites (including will be briefly unavailable.

It's official! AddonChat X will be available on July 16th to the general public. We will also be unveiling a new web site and an easier to use control panel and shopping cart system.

Work on a dedicated mobile app as well as third party integration modules for vBulletin, ProBoards, IP.Board, XenForo is underway with announcements to follow shortly after launch.

A recent post from an AddonChat X user, "Just to let you guys [know,] I have 95 chatters logged in now, and as they learn the system they are doing fine. They have nice things to say about you... I have had NO!! complaints so far. They are being very patient and waiting for more surprises. Thank you .. for all your hard work. Keith"

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AddonChat X Beta Release 1 is now available free of charge to the general public. Get it now at

AddonChat X is now in Beta, with a public launch scheduled for April 19th. If you haven't yet had an opportunity to try the new software, please drop by and let us know what you think. Your suggestions are always welcome and greatly appreciated!

Issue affecting Chrome users on AddonChat Classic (v9): The most recent update to Chrome (42) has effectively broken the ability for Chrome to use Java applets. Users running into this problem are advised to enter the following URL in their Chrome browser: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi and enable NPAPI. After doing so, relaunch the browser and Java should work. We've noticed that on some operating systems (specifically Win 8.1) this option doesn't seem to be working properly; ...though we expect Chrome will resolve the issue soon.

Chrome is phasing out support for NPAPI (a requirement to launch Java) in favor of a new technology called PPAPI. It would appear as though Java has no plans at all to (perhaps not even the ability to) support this new system. As such, Oracle is now recommending that users avoid Chrome when running Java applets.

Fortunately, AddonChat X is just around the corner. As it's not reliant on third party plugins, problems like this won't plague the next generation of AddonChat software.

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A recent issue affecting security certificates on Windows 8.1 has forced us to roll out a new security certificate for AddonChat v9.0. In the meantime, your users may be receiving a message stating "Security Certificate has been revoked" or similar. The new update (v9.00.30.13) will address this and be online within the next ten minutes. When the update is online, a simple browser refresh should suffice to make the error go away. In some cases, your users may need to empty their Java cache and restart their web browsers.

Thank you for the exceptionally kind shout out, Computer America! We're working feverishly to escape Java and bring you a Beta!


AddonChat X Alpha Release 4 is now up, complete with Facebook integration, Multimedia, integration (including a built-in audio/video viewer), Emoji lists, Audible alerts, user profiles and much more. We're now beginning work on the first Beta release which will soon be available to the general public. Try it now, track daily updates, and learn more at