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Throwback to our trip to the #continentaltire Proving Grounds in Texas!!!!

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Posted by Adirondack Tire
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Jake Carkner
· March 20, 2018
Try to sell me cheap ass Kelly tires for $160 a piece. Complete and total asinine. Those not familiar with Kelly Brand Tires they are complete garbage. Then it look like the owner stepped in and said ...he could go as low as a hundred and thirty a tire I laughed at his face and told him you can buy them for 80 bucks online. Mount and balance at some random shop for 10 bucks a tire. What a joke. Would not recommend to anyone especially if you have no knowledge of tires they will leave you out way more than you should spend. See More
Stephanie Acquario
· January 21, 2018
My experience at the Schenectady Adirondack Tire store was incredible! I needed snow tires put on my car and the friendly staff helped change my tires quickly for an excellent price. I absolutely reco...mmend going here! See More
Cate Leonard Brizzell
· January 14, 2017
We use the Saratoga location and have had 3-4 really great experiences now. Last night we noticed a whining sound in our son's car--he leaves for college in 2 days. They got us in first thing on a S...aturday morning filled with appointments. Replaced a belt for a reasonable price and did inspection. Dropoff to pickup was 2 hours. Now I don't have to stress about my son's car or safety. We'll keep going here! Thank you! See More
Darlene Roseboom
· May 9, 2017
This is not a review about this location but about Curry Rd:
On April 14th I went to Adirondack Tires on curry road to get 2 new tires and have my recently rotated tires from the front put on the back... and the new ones put on the front. We left to N.H. to visit my Dad and realized that the crappy firestone tire was left on. The tires were not rotated and I just paid t have my good tires replaced. I had road handlers from sears which I love. When we contacted Mike the manager at Adirondack tires to tell him what happened he was not surprised as the employee we had working on our car they were trying to get rid of because he doesn't listen or take direction well. At which point they were busy and had to go look for the tires to see if they were even around anymore. Long story short I still do not have my tires or comparable tires. Not looking for new tires but ones similar to what I had. My husband spoke to Ben; supposed person in charge of Adirondack tires. Which he is not. So now I am out my pair of road handlers at 400 dollars and they are refusing to do anything. Please repost. Adirondack tire on curry rd. in Rotterdam h\does not care about their customers or at the very least this customer and I find this to be unacceptable. Being in customer service al my life I could never treat someone so poorly. 1 month and no resolution? See More
Jim Harduby
· April 18, 2016
This is about the Rutland, Vt store. They set me up with decent tires, but the real problem is with the service. A simple bearing and brake job has turned into 4-5 visits and it's still not fixed. Plu...s they expect you to leave the car all day and they get to it when they feel like it. Why make an appointment if you don't have a mechanic to work on it? See More
Allen Potts
· January 24, 2018
I got a great service to day thanks to Nicole on help getting new tires
Donna L Brassard
· October 10, 2017
Have gone to Adirondack for years. Great service, and trustworthy management.
Scott Blood
· March 7, 2015
If you need tires or really any service at all, this is the place to go. The managers Matt and Jimmy are great, honest will tell you exactly what you need without any spin and at a very resonable cos...t.... They will always get the best price on tires and i simply trust them more than walmart or any other tire place...
If you need tires or service, just go here and don't bother with anywhere else.....really.......
See More
Lorretta J Barclay
· April 18, 2016
Worst experience ever! I have sat at the Rutland VT store for a total of 9 hours and four trips just for brake pads and a bearing! Rude unfriendly service and definitely the worst mechanics ever after... all this they still can't get it right! So pissed right now I want my money back See More
Chris Monlea
· December 9, 2016
Dont go to the Rotterdam location that manager Mike Bellinger had all he could do to notice a customer walked, meanwhile having a non work related conversation about some other job to another coworker.... On top of that charged me for labor on brakes when the coupon clearly offered 59.99 for brakes and includes labor. After went back they were all eating lunch and he screamed through the window with his sandwich in hand BRAKES ONLY NOT LABOR. This place is a RIP Off and the Manager is a Rude asshole. Charged me an extra 100 bucks. Crooked ass business See More
Aaron Abady
· June 13, 2016
Just got back from here. My wife got an oil change recently and they lied to my wife about needing new brakes and rotors which they said they'd order. When I went back to pay for the oil change and ge...t an explanation for they're lying about the parts the manager Mike told me he was in the military and because of that he couldn't lie about cars. Then he blatantly called my wife a liar, following that up by saying they showed her the brakes last time, (which they never did) and told me if I was gonna keep lying we'd have to go "out back" to settle it.

I will never be giving this place my business again, and while I appreciate our Veterans, Mike is a lying childish scumbag. You threaten your own customer over a lie you tried to cover up? Worst experience in any kind of store I've ever had.
See More
Sabrina Gibbs
· September 6, 2016
BUYER BEWARE!!!Rutland VT store. Called and got a quote for tires, made an appointment, got the tires put on and got overcharged by $60!!! We were told to call back today to get the difference back an...d they refused to refund us the $60. All I can say is you better double check what you're paying before they do the work!!!!! See More
Chelsea Thomaier Abady
· June 13, 2016
Curry rd location lied about what I needed (breaks and roaters) then made me wait 2 hours and got the wrong parts. Told me to bring it back later. When my husband brought it back they had no clue abo...ut the parts. He took it elsewhere and they showed him the breaks where fine. When we went in to settle for the oil change and asked why they lied about the breaks Mike became aggressive and told my husband I was a liar in front of me. Also lied about showing me the breaks (which he didn't because I had our dog with me). See More
Keith Howell
· May 7, 2017
Great staff superb work first time there new tires patched up hole in my muffler cool experience I recommend you stop in
Tracy Riccio
· March 7, 2016
Larry I was at Rotterdam store.
Junior. 11 years of good gold service
Pumped up my dads Pontiac Grand Prix ...
Tired so we are safer
Had me in n out in a jiffy
So. So. Hear me please
Junior. Deserves a promo or a fat raise
Please I'm begging you you
He has a family to take care of. N his crew in Rotterdam
Thank you
I'll buy u a drink soon
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Bo Crotta
· August 13, 2016
Went to see Frank at Saratoga shop... Was in a jam with a horse trailer tire and it was 100 degrees... He fixed us right up.. I was happy so was my horse.
Maria Bashford
January 7, 2013
Experienced friendly, knowledgeable, top notch service at the Adirondack Tire on Rt 30 in Amsterdam. In addition to how good the tires are and how quick we were in and out for 4 tires and an oil chang...e, the place was so clean for a garage! I'll be back and will recommend Adirondack Tire in Amsterdam to anyone looking for great service! See More
Joyce Cloutier
· May 16, 2014
Would not shop for tires here, find their commercials offensive to women...
Erica Lee
· December 3, 2015
Saw your commercial. Wont buy tires that contain HPV. I'd rethink it.
Tammy Akin
· October 27, 2016
Customer service sucked... Guy was very rude... ND I walked out... He wasn't getting my money....
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