Do not miss this. It will be the best VHS related event of the year.

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PLUS SEVERED'S 8th Annual Shor...t Film Night • Submissions due May 12TH!
AND SEVERED'S 6th Annual HORROR VHS COLLECTORS UNITE • VHS SWAP MEET CONVENTION! Buy, trade and sell at the largest VHS swap in the area.
Not to mention the MUSEUM OF VHS will be back with an all new exhibition AND the HORROR BOOBS GAMESHOW takes the stage for another round!
A day chock-full of awesome! Don't miss the cult horror event of the summer!
Vendor tables: $40 (very limited) Admission: $10.
More info coming to this week, stay tuned!

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Coolest VHS-related thing going on right now. Don't miss out on this if you are anywhere near PA on March 4th. So much rare stuff and AYT is screening.

Check out new photos and show announcements on our website, freshly updated today!


If you like VHS then Saturday is the day. Do not miss this. Stroudsburg, PA!

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Only three smalls left and then AYT shirts are gone for good. Fits kind of medium-ish. Don't miss out. Only $10 shipped if you're interested.

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Shout Factory is killing it yet again with their VHS Vault! Go check out the movies and make sure to check out Adjust Your Tracking if you haven't yet. Happy to be apart of this again.

The best trash deserves a direct-to-video sequel, and that’s exactly what Shout! Factory TV is giving its subscribers. The streaming service that ran five cult classics in from shoddy VHS masters last October is doing it again with VHS Vault 2: Revenge Of The Cassette.Starting today, Shout! Factory

Big shout out to James Rolfe for showing Adjust Your Tracking some love in his new update! Amazing guy and amazing set up/collection. Check it out!

New interview! Go check it out! Awesome podcast!

Check out a new interview I did! Very cool guys and awesome podcast!

We spoke to Dan M. Kinem, director of Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector about the subculture that is the VHS collector, physical media VS digital, Arrow Video, the Video...

Happy holidays! In honor of the season we are having a huge sale in our store. The sale isn't going to last forever so don't miss out. These make great gifts and anyone who orders will get a free sticker, too. We also are offering free shipping to anyone in the US who spends $30 or more! Thanks for the support and please share the link to everyone you know!

Adjust Your Tracking is teaming up with Shout Factory for their retro VHS Vault! We are proud to be involved with one of the best companies out there. Go check it out, watch the movie, and tell your friends. You don't want to miss this!…/shout-factory-tv-to-stream-…/

Shout Factory TV will be streaming VHS version of horror movies such as 'Night of the Demons' and 'Sleepaway Camp'.

Adjust Your Tracking will be screening in France next week for those in the area! It's on the 26th as part of a very cool VHS culture/cult film exhibition. Don't miss this one!

Wed 8:00 PM UTC+02Le Comptoir GénéralParis, France
27 people went

Shout out to James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd) for having a shot of Adjust Your Tracking in his video showing off his video store room (around 18 minute mark).

JonTron (Jon Jafari) visits the Cinemassacre "Video Store". See more JonTron video game reviews here ► Also watch "V...

I thought these were long since sold out but I found about 10 more hidden away. More than half have sold, but in case you missed out now is your chance. These bonus DVDs were only available to people who pre-ordered Adjust Your Tracking and feature over an hour of deleted scenes you can't get anywhere else. Once these are gone they are gone! If you want one you can get one for $5 plus $2 for shipping OR if you order anything at you will get the disc AND a sticker FOR FREE! You cannot beat that! Don't sleep on this! (P.S. everything on the website is still on sale!) Thanks!

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Everything is on sale on the Adjust Your Tracking site! Some of the stuff is half off!

If you like VHS and aren't at Severed's 6th Annual Short Film Night and 4th Annual VHS Swap Meet Convention then please end your life!

Here's all the information you could ever ask for:

SATURDAY MAY 30th At the Sherman Theater, Stroudsburg, PA 12:00 noon - 12:00am

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The university has acquired 2,700 of the obsolete objects, calling them “the cultural id of an era”