Come Jump Into Adrenaline City For Spring Break!
We are offering a great spring break special at Adrenaline city!

Adrenaline City will open from 1PM - 9PM!


Take advantage of our 3 hour all access pass for only $10.00 per person or purchase an All Day Access pass for $20 and receive a FREE pair of Adrenaline City socks!

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Mar 12 - Mar 16Adrenaline CityLubbock, TX
Fitness · 151 people

With schools out for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Adrenaline City is opening early! From 1 PM to 9 PM, three-hour all-access passes are only $10.

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51 Reviews
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Cindy Vela
· November 25, 2017
Took my son & a couple of his friends they had an awesome time. So many things to do. We also went while there was a special going on so the price was great. Will definitely be taking him again.
Eekah Morin
· April 8, 2017
Here for a party everything is disorganized and rushed we waited in line to play laser tag for 10 minutes we were then told we did not have enough time even though we had 40 minutes left of our time.... Customer service is the worst. The kids were very disappointed. See More
Diana Scifres Cowan
· June 20, 2015
If i could give a negative rating it would be -10!! Complete and total waste of money!!! Less than ethical business practices and totally ripped off my family for a birthday party today! Refused to ho...nor agreement made when the reservation was made supposedly because the girl that took the reservation no longer worked there. Will not recommend your company to anyone ever!!!!!!! See More
Tiffany Sanchez
· July 11, 2015
Birthday parties are way too expensive for what little there is to do. Paying extra for drinks was a rip off. And the birthday helpers hover over you and make you feel super rushed. Oh and they failed... to tell me the deposit was non refundable when I tried cancelling. For 200 dollars it's so not worth it. See More
Ressa LaFiette
· February 7, 2017
It was fun, but disappointed. They did not tell us the rules, we left the trampoline after 20 mins to go look around. Went back and they said our hour was over. So we could not jump. Which was a huge ...disappointment to my kids. On the arm bands it says "all access" 4-7pm. See More
Robert J Taylor
· October 26, 2016
This is a cool place would love to be able to afford this place, would be a great place to workout with the family but $$$
Myra Moore Dykes
· August 7, 2017
Don't even try to take your grands without a parental waiver
Rachel Newberry
· November 27, 2016
My grand daughter (Age 11) loves this place! She always wants to stay longer. The laser tag, the trampolines and the ropes course are great! We drive two hours to come. It's great!
Joann Olivo
· February 12, 2017
1st time there and my daughter enjoyed it. The price was affordable and worth it. The lady that helped us out was very helpful and friendly too
Kendrick Davis
· January 23, 2017
Had a blast don't see how people saying its pricey it was very affordable n worth it me n my family will be visiting again thank u for the fun....
Jeanie Velarde
· April 28, 2016
My boys had an amazing time as did I, it gave me an opportunity to become a kid again. I loved seeing how kids from all areas came together to play . It was a great experience
Teirani Garrett
· November 27, 2016
My family and I came up from Amarillo to check it out. The kids range from 3-16. We all had a great time! We'll definitely be back in the future.
Taylor Nicole Jones
· February 26, 2016
Great attractions and the kids had fun. But some employees were extremely rude. I have a feeling that if you don't like children, you shouldn't be working at a place like this.
Dean Junior
· February 28, 2016
My Son's Friend was called a "Retard" for touching a marker By An Employee and the same Man kicked My Son Out Of Laser Tag for touching the Marker and the Manager did not Talk to Me even tho I Ask sev...eral employess and waited an Hour....Well this Place Was OK with exception to One person who their management protected when He Basically Called My Son's Best friend a "Retard" for Touching the Marker that was velcroed to the door to enter the Laser Tag area... The Marker was crooked and He Was Only Gonna Put It Straight Up and Down..... Then later When My Son Who is 12 was going in was gonna do the same just cause that's how they are raised.... If Something is Out of place they naturally out of courtesy just do things like that I mean hello its a marker an erasable one at that... So When The Employee came too Me and said He kicked My Son Out Of Laser Tag for touching the marker I went off!!!! I paid My Money for them to have fun and where the marker is there is no sign saying do not touch and it's right there in every kids face !!!! I tried and talked too at least 8 employees to find out His Name and no One Helped Me Out... He also Said there was nothing I could do and Yes We argued and I got Heated and I Did Say He Was Acting Like a B#&@h and I was Upset.... I asked to speak to the Manager and She walked passed Me and never said Hi or Bye But Never talked to Me !!!!! She talked to Him and Never talked to Me even after Me Asking several employees to tell Her I wanted to talk to Her...... If Anyone thinks that its ok for a Grown Man to call a Kid a Retard well this is what He said " Well don't You Feel like a Retard" when The Kid Was trying to put the Marker back on the door!!! Oh and As He Was Trying to put it back on straight The Man Kept Pushing the door so the kid couldn't reach..... Again He came to Me and When He Told Me He Kicked My Son Out !!! " I Said Seriously Dude for a Marker" He got closer to My Face and Said " Yes I'm In Charge and its Common Sense".... That's when I Stood Up and The aurguement started..... I don't understand what happened !!!! Before I Went to War for Our Country The Customer Was Always Right and Now Us Veterans Are Spat On and Our Word Means Nothing...... This Is A Situation that needs to Be Addressed and My Son Is Still Affected By It and Won't let it Go..... I'm Still bothered on How Anyone in a Child Customer Service Job can treat Children Like that then talk Smack to a Parent and nothing!!!! Why The Manager Wouldn't Talk to Me is Upsetting...... One Lady Took My Number and Everyone Else looked Scared to Give Me His Name even tho every One of them said they Understood My Anger and Thought It was Wrong.... But I do Not blame them for protecting their job over a stranger.... America Has Lost its Value..... I Hope The Owner Sees or reads this and Gets My Number From the Lady Who Took My Number Down and Calls Me!!!! I live 90 miles away I'll drive back up on My Own Dime to Talk face to face with the Owner.... I'm a Disabled Veteran and Suffer from PTSD so I'm Proud Of Me For Not Loosing it.... I think this Is not a Little Matter and Any Use of the word "Retard" to a Child in any Form or Way Should Be Taken to the Most High Degree and I should have Been Heard... Oh and I didn't Find Out about the Retard Comment till Headed Home My Son Knows If I would have Heard that I would Have Lost it.... At the location My Son And His Friend said He Basically Called His Friend Stupid and Said He Had no Common Sense.... My Son Didn't wanna tell Me The Retard Word Because I Help Disabled Kids A lot and that word From an Adult to a Child would Piss Me Off and My Son Knew that..... Anyway its Not Even right for a Man to Say, a Kid Is Stupid and Has No Common sense right????? What the Heck Is Happening to America..... Oh and this is in Lubbock Texas, I thought America Was All About Being Kinder and Doing things Bigger and Being 100% all about America and A Fun Place to Visit.... I didn't think a Place Would Bow Down to A Man who Treats Kids Like that and a Parent with Dog Tags and His Desert Storm hat with medals.... I will be taking this up with the Higher Authorities and Those Who Speak Up against People/businesses Using Words Like Retard against children.... And I wanna know why the Manager refused to talk to Me... I waited an Hour and Nothing.... She talked to that Man and He walked out Laughing with a Smirk..... Again Calling a Kid a "Retard" must be OK there cause They Refused to Talk to the Parent/Guardian and let Us Feel like We Didn't Matter..... Again this is all Over a Child Touching a Marker...... I will call the Media and T.V. Stations As Well Because Of the Kids Heck if the is Happening to Other Kids and is Being Missed That is Sad... But Someone Has to Be the First to stand Up and I will Always Stand Up for a Kid Being Bullied..... Even If I Had no ties to the kid or Anything!!! Anytime I see Bullying I step Up.... So Should Adrenaline City!!! Right????? See More
Sheila Harris
· June 6, 2016
Worst birthday party ever! Rushed us through every activity and kids could only play for less than an hour because they were so disorganized and paperwork took about 40 minutes!
Laura Whaley
· January 9, 2017
Kids had fun, workers were kind! I wish there was more for younger kids to do or maybe somewhere for mothers to take their babies but overall good experience!
Margie Garza
· September 5, 2016
Great activities for kids as well as adults..but the front counter staff is vey rude!!
Nicole Tierney Jones
· September 25, 2015
Good the first few times but the kids are getting bored after 4 visits. Daycare isn't open enough hours. Won't renew our monthly membership. Way overpriced!
Rosa Trujillo-mtz
· November 5, 2016
Rushed every event the kids went to and kind of rude at the end..
Joegenia S Phillips
· April 7, 2017
So much fun. My girls love coming here when we go to Lubbock.
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