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Quiana KiKi Williams
· May 20, 2017
I had my vehicle serviced here. Spent over $900 on repairs. I returned about 2 months later because I noticed fluid leaking. This time the vehicle was inspected by a mechanic who did not complete the ...other repair. I was told that the it was the same leak and that I needed to get the exact same repair completed that I had paid $900 a few months earlier. I was told by the lady at the front desk that the guy who "supposedly" completed my previous repair was no longer there. I still had all of the paperwork stating that it was done. No explanation given or offer to make it right. That's not good business at all. See More
Fritz Kalinowski
· August 19, 2016
I've taken three different cars to them and had two other friends go to them for emergency repairs. Each time was a great visit and it's always great to work with Jena, she is great and doe not push t...hings on you.
I'll not go to another place including the dealership unless I have to, highly suggest using them. I've been going for almost 3 years and not one issue. They have always gone above and beyond to do the little things that even the "Dealership" does not do...
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Jill Ennis Joyner
· October 26, 2017
the guys were really nice and told you the truth i will be bringing my car here from now on.
Spencer Knoch
· April 13, 2015
I would just like to let everyone in the Gainsville area know that Advance Auto Care has just hired one of the most gifted mechanics I have ever known. His name is Joey Wilson. Joey just moved from N...ashville Tn where I live and he has been my mechanic for the last several years. Joey is a rarity in today's automotive technicians. His breadth of knowledge is unsurpassed. In Nashville Joey was the mechanic that countless other shops brought their hard to fix cars. Joey's great gift is diagnosing, something that has been lost to today's technicians. He takes the time to figure out what is truly wrong with a vehicle before he ever starts to replace parts.. People take their cars to him because of two reasons. He is fast and most of all he is honest. Professionally and personally Joey is a person who treats others the way he would want to be treated. His customers always become his friends. Please stop by Advanced Auto Care and welcome him. We were so spoiled with his care, we will all miss him for sure. Congratulations to Advanced Auto Care for making such a fabulous addition to their shop, their best is yet to come!!!
Spencer Knoch
Nashville Tn.
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Jared Winn
· June 16, 2016
I have been to many different places to have my car (and families cars) serviced. This place is by far the worst. Never have I met a place who will nickel and dime you for every SINGLE little thing. ...I called to have something scheduled and they were going to just replace it WITHOUT actually checking to see if that was what the issue was, or if it needed replacing. Instead, they tell me it will be 60 to 90 extra bucks to do a "diagnostic." Nice to your face, and on the phone, but they do not care about their customers and only care about the bottom line. Quickly found another place who not only price matched but will be diagnosing it for free for me. I will never be back here. See More
Melanie Renea
· April 27, 2017
These guys are awesome! I brought my fiat in for oil change and tire rotation. The tire rotation was left off of my order. The gentlemen took my car straight back and completed the tire rotation in ab...out 5 minutes at no cost to me! This is my 3rd time here with a different at and the same great service! Feels amazing to know that customer service still exists! See More
Rebecca U
· April 1, 2016
Do NOT trust this place. I've been lied to multiple times about services and prices to fix a brake squealing issue. First, The desk person assured me that I would get the brake special price (rotors a...nd pads) even though I have brembo brakes. It seemed fishy so I confirmed multiple times over the phone. Then, I take my car in and they said I don't need new pads because they were still more than 50% and that I just needed my rotors resurfaced to fix the squealing issue. I was skeptical so I kept asking to make sure that I didn't need new pads because I didn't want to pay for labor costs again. Next day, I hear more squealing. I bring it back to the place a few days after first servicing and they said I need NEW PADS AND ROTORS and quoted me $700+. My brother was yelled at by the mechanic. Please don't waste your time with this place. Dishonest, rude, and clueless. See More
Valarie Durr-Oliver
· June 9, 2017
I used to love this place. They always told us what should be done now and what could wait for our 2 cars. At our last oil change they would not honor the stamp card (THAT THEY GAVE US) that takes of...f $15 on the 5th oil change. 😒 He just says to me the prices are getting higher and we won't do those discounts anymore.... um ok... didn't make sense to me but I definitely won't be back. That's bad business! See More
Renee Matthews Carson
· November 8, 2014
Last night, I discovered that a flat tire. Here's today's tale:
0700: Called Advanced Auto Care Center to make sure that they could accommodate me today. They could!
0710: Called AAA to make arrange...ments to have my car picked up.
0715: Computa Tune Towing Inc. arrived to take my car in.
0755: Advanced Auto called with the news. New tire needed. Plus they gave me a quote on two other things that needed taken care of that I was already aware of. (Timing belt & burned out turn signal bulb). I gave them the go ahead to take care of everything.
0900: Advanced Auto called to say that my car was ready to go. They sent a shuttle to pick me up.
0930: I was back home with EVERYTHING taken care of!!!
I am so so so BLOWN AWAY with the outstanding customer service I received today. I just don't have words. BRAVO!!!
— feeling ecstatic.
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Kristen Oliff
· September 24, 2015
I dropped my car off on Tuesday to get some preventative work done (replace upper/lower radiator hoses because they were starting to get spongy) before I had to drive to Tampa today but nothing was with my car AT ALL. It ended up not getting worked on until Wednesday, which was fine. I picked it up Wednesday afternoon and when I got in the car my check engine light was on-- first sign that worried me, because my car was 100% fully functioning and free of error lights when I dropped it off. They got back in it and cleared the code, telling me that it just said "random misfire" and it was nothing to worry about. I drove it home after $300+ in repairs.

I'm getting ready to get onto 75 this morning to drive to Tampa and my car starts acting weird- shaking, making weird noises, etc. I pull into an auto parts store to check it out and my coolant is POURING out of the bottom of my car and had completely covered my entire engine in Dexcool. I called the shop, waited 45 minutes for a tow truck, and brought it back to their mechanic. They look at it and tell me their mechanic yesterday DIDN'T KNOW to cut their universal radiator hose so it didn't rub on my AC belt (it had rubbed and ruptured, causing the coolant leak) so I sat there for over an hour while they replaced it and refilled my coolant. I didn't have to pay for the towing or repairs (shouldn't have had to- it was 100% THEIR fault) but I DID have to spend most of my day worrying about the problems that they caused my car because their mechanic didn't know how to properly install my part (no compensation received or anything). I took my car to them fully functioning and had to bring it back on a tow truck. Something isn't right there. Sure, they're nice people, but being nice doesn't help me when I'm stranded at a store (could've been stranded on 75 if I wouldn't have stopped)... I will NEVER go back to them, even for a simple oil change...
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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Irish Blessing:
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