Welcome to Advanced Motion Rehabilitation, LLC. We are a full service physical therapy facility in Red Hill, PA. The key to our facility is it's all 1:1 treatment. The therapist is fully concentrated on you through out your course of treatment. We take pride in the care that we give and are here to guide you to achieve your therapy goals.

**Meet Our Therapist: Dr. Jenna D. Klenieski graduated from Temple University with her doctoral degree in physical therapy. She attended ...the prestigious vestibular rehabilitation program at Emory University and received her certification in treating balance and dizziness. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her patients from a variety of inpatient and outpatient experiences at clinics and hospitals. Jenna specializes in treating individuals with orthopedic, post surgical, neurological, and vestibular ailments.


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Frustrated that physical therapy in the past has not helped you....we do things different! Your condition is assessed every time you come in and all exercises are personalized to you. #NotYourAverageTherapyPlace #WeDoItBetter #RegainYourLifeAgain

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Kate Coleman
· September 14, 2017
Had my first visit with Dr. Jenna today and I am completely "wowed" by her!! I've been having neck pain for over a year and she was able to quickly identify the cause and started treatment immediately...! She has given me hope that I can restore my pain issues and she is super friendly and so easy to connect with, which is so important to me with a practitioner. Highly recommend!!! See More
Donna DeNure Olsen
· July 20, 2017
I can't say enough about Jenna! I am only 5 sessions in on a frozen shoulder and I am seeing such improvement!! She is professional and friendly and dedicates the entire session to just you!!
Christine Welhaf
· March 1, 2017
I was having pain in my lower back for months. Dr. K worked with me and demonstrated exercises to help my back heal. She is wonderful and highly knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her!
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How are we different from other facilities?
1.) Provide 1:1 evaluation and treatments
2.) Treating therapist has a doctor of physical therapy degree
3.) Assess through out evaluation and treatments to provide the best care for your individual injury
4.) Provide a hands on approach and always assessing if manual therapy would help relieve your problem


Every therapist is different based on their education, clinical education, and experience. Our therapist has trained with some of the best PTs in the area. Call today for an appointment.

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A big thank you to all of the people that are spreading the word about Advanced Motion Rehabilitation. Most of our patients have been coming from word of mouth. This is truly an honor!
**If you know someone that needs therapy, please let them know about us. This is how your loved ones will get the best care that they deserve.

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Advanced Motion Rehabilitation, LLC
Physical Therapist

POSTURE CHECK - Moms and Dads don't forget to think of your posture when you are playing with your kids. A lot of people end up straining their backs while lifting their babies/kids up in the air with poor posture. The best way to lift the children is to bend at the knees and hips and keep your back straight when going down to get them. Brace your stomach and keep your child close to you as you stand up.

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AMR loves our community. Started a 4 part balance/dizziness presentation series last night. Thank you St Philip Neri Catholic Parish for allowing us to come into your community to present to your parishes. Met such great people last night!

** If you know a local organization (Pennsburg area) that lets presenters come in and talk about their profession, please let us know.

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Did you see our ad in the February edition of the Community Connections magazine? We are so excited to announce that we have extended our offer for free back screens through the end of the month to make sure everyone has a chance to get in. Dr. Jenna, PT will utilize her years of experience to assess how your back moves and what is the root cause of your pain. From there she will determine if physical therapy would be appropriate to treat your back. This offer is totally free and there is no obligation for continuing physical therapy afterwards. Contact us today if you would like to sign up. Screening is about 20-30 minutes, no prescription is required.

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Don’t let your pain or dizziness get worse. The more chronic the pain is, the longer it takes for our therapist, Dr. Jenna, to get rid of it. Advanced Motion Rehab offers an easy and quick process to get into therapy and get the relief that you need.

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We are always expanding to provide the best treatment for our patients. Just got a treadmill to be able to assess gait and running better.

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POSTURE CHECK!! How are you sitting at your desk?

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Saw this online. What an inspiring picture!!

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Posture check!! Even kids need reminders about their posture.

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We are always available to help if you are having pain, injured, or dizzy. We are just a phone call, message, or e-mail away. All you have to do is ask and we will take care of the rest. That's the beauty of coming to personalized 1:1 physical therapy. You are the priority. You deserve the best!!

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POSTURE CHECK!! How are you sitting right now?

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