Here's a sneaky peaky at one of the new tracks ;)
Ooo sexy time
Aechoes/Bermuda/Coolio guest vocal colab at HighVibe Recordings in SLC.

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My Life As an Ocean - EP by Aechoes

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Shylock lyrics

Welcome to the new face of this revenge
Familiar eyes will see your perversions


What more do you want from me
My soul I'll keep but you can take the rest
Buy into this instant reparation
Bite your tongue until it bleeds

Say no more because no one is listening
You fall on deaf ears and now you fall

Chasing fiction like touching these stars
No matter how far you'll never reach them
Be careful with what you're asking from them
And when you get there your wings will fail you
Chasing fiction like touching these stars

On our own with no dependence
Subservient to our own apparitions
Mutilate your face to spite your mind
Your vanity will no longer harbor` us


Chasing fiction like touching these stars
No matter how far you'll never reach them
Be careful with what you're asking from them
And when you get there your wings will fail you
Chasing fiction like touching these stars

You’ll reach for the stars but you'll only get burned
You’ll reach for the stars and then you will wake up

Bear this burden as you come crawling back
These helping hands won't be there to save you
Bear this burden as you beg for forgiveness
These helping hands will crush you like you crushed us

Crush.... Every last one
Fall to your knees
And feel what it feels to be me

Call upon your last bit of your consciousness
Don't close your eyes because you can't bear to watch
No longer will I be
The voice of the dead dreaming will be loudest

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Think we should post all the lyrics before the iTunes/amazon release...

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Welcome to Aechoes

In a world where intellectual property is expected to be free, how are bands like us suppose to pay to reach our own fans on Facebook? And now YouTube will be trying to charge us now as well. Wonder what's next.

For those who like to download straight to your phone the iTunes release is about 4 weeks away. In the meantime download it for free on bandcamp!

We would like to thank everybody that has downloaded the new album and shared it with others. Special thanks to all those who have donated money as well. It really helps us make up for some of the recording costs and associated expenses to this release. Forever grateful.

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Here's an awesome review of "My Life as an Ocean"

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Since I met Aechoes last winter, I have been enjoying watching their growth. From the first time I heard this band, I knew they had something both epic and unique. They come with a sound that is full of life and a mixture of technique and skill, along with some hardcore mixtures and melodic overtones. They describe themselves on their facebook page as; progressive hardcore. But I would take it a few steps further than that.

Aechoes just released a new album called 'My Life As An Ocean'. This album is really amazing. As I am listening to it I feel like I am being taken on a ride, the fast pace drums followed by great guitar solos and with both clean and core vocals followed by uplifting melodies. The bass has it's own sound but there is a feeling of djent in some rhythms. Very progressive, but it stands out because of their overall unique sound.
When you first listen to the album the first song, "Shylock" pulls you in with it's drawing digital overlay sounds along with some drums, that hit heavy into the first verse. From beginning to end this album takes the listener on a journey of unforgettable music.

YOU can download this album on their Bandcamp! Here is the link:

If you wish, you can help out the band by making a donation or download it for free! Also, there is a link when you download the album that asks if you would like to be on Aechoe's mailing list for even more updates!

--- * Cali

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5 track album

What's everybody's favorite track on the new album so far?! What parts stood out most to you? If you haven't listened yet I'll post the link to the youtube stream and our bandcamp site in the comments.

If we didn't pop up in your news feed yet, go get the album for "pay what you want" on bandcamp! The full album is available for a listen on YouTube as well. Check out this track featuring our friend Corey from Bermuda!




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5 track album

Here is our new album everybody!! Please share, like, and comment this post so everyone can be notified about this! PLEASE follow the link in the description to our BANDCAMP and download our album. It is available for "pay what you want." We would be very appreciative whether you're able to throw us a few bucks or at least take the time to download it. Either way, ENJOY! And let us know what you think!!…

2014 Album "My Life as an Ocean"

Who wants to hear this fucking album already?! Bandcamp and Youtube stream will be live within the hour!! #mylifeasanocean #2014 #paywhatyouwant

The album in it's entirety will be up and streaming on YouTube by this weekend.