Captain's Log, stardate December 6th, 2013:
As many of you know, our long-time friend and ally, Ben Bowers, recently left the band on, realistically, the best terms that someone could. Since then we've been asked a lot what we're going to do, so I'm just going to garble some information into the ether here:

As of writing this, we are working towards being a four piece (an Afore piece, if you like puns, which you do), with relatively new frontman Chris Hawkins taking the mant...le of guitarist and singer both; for that reason, we will be off the show-grid for a couple of months.

We have also been working (vegetatively slowly) on a live footage video from our CD release show at Iron City, and are gearing up to rerecord/reboot two of our older songs ("Unparalleled" and "Make Believe") to both bring them up to date recording quality-wise, and to reflect the changes--some small, and some very big-- we've made to the songs since they're conception.

While we will be withdrawing a little bit, please feel free to post on our page any time if you want to know how the projects are going, or if you just to talk about games--new or old-- at 4 in the morning; we're always down.


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We'll be giving away a FREE POSTER to the first TEN people to buy advance tickets from us ($5 cheaper that way too) for our upcoming show--the Cleans Vs Screams tourstop--at Zydeco on October 6th.

It's not an actual competition (or so we were told by a potential saboteur...), but we'd still like "win" by bringing the most people and generally being the most awesome. Comment or message us, and we'll hook you up.

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We will have a show or two to announce very soon, but in the meantime, anyone playing anything cool (or awful, if that's how you roll) right now?

The entirety of Afore is currently in the beautiful, unrelenting clutches of Final Fantasy XIV, an MMORPG in the vein of Word of Warcraft. I'd like to tear myself away to play Grand Theft Auto V next week, but I don't know if I can do that to my brave lil cat mage; I believe this is what parenthood feels like.


Our new album is now up on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and available physically on If you haven't gotten a chance to check it out yet, now's the time, unless you WANT to keep awkwardly telling us about how you "keep meaning to check it out."

A Story of Skies, a Voyage of Stars, an album by Afore Notation on Spotify

These videos are getting a lot of rapport, and for good reason. Check it out, and go to their website mentioned at the end to vote for who will win in their next episode. I personally voted for the White Ranger, obviously. White Ranger Tiger Power, beetchez.


WATCH BATMAN vs DEADPOOL!!! like us on facebook: vote online for WHITE RANGER ...
Afore Notation is at Corneria Inn.

I remember being 4, maybe 5, and watching my uncle play the original Final Fantasy for NES at my grandmother's house. I loved looking at the instruction booklet and bestiary, and seeing the different characters and monsters. I loved seeing how the characters progressed and got stronger, attained different means of travel, and even evolved into more powerful forms. I never managed to get very far, as the game was pretty challenging to me at that age. But over the years I able to complete it. And it has remained one of my favorite games until this day. It was also how I eventually picked up my copy of FFVII. It is a game that most of us hold in high regard as one of the best RPG's of all time, which has made it my favorite genre, along with most of our band. You can listen to an awesome cover version we did of a track from that game here:

If you can remember, tell us about the time you played your first video game. How old were you? Which game? Where were you? What was happening? Do you still play or own this particular game? Tell us about it!


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The talented Thayer transformed our EP into sweet chiptunes. It's a free download, share it wit yo' frens.
(8-bit) A Story of Skies, a Voyage of Stars (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Afore Notation on SoundCloud

Our new EP, a Story of Skies, a Voyage of Stars, filtered through computer that's trying to convince you it's a Nintendo. Just go along with it.

Stream our EP, A Story of Skies, a Voyage of Stars, and let us know what you think! You can purchase it at

So now that some of you have the album, we're curious to know what you're favorite track is! If you missed picking it up at our show, or just want to hear it in general, head over to where you can purchase a physical copy and stream the EP in its entirety.

Our friend Justin Adams interviewed us a couple of weeks ago for "You Hear This?" an online blog contributing to the local Birmingham music scene. Read it here!…/

Big thanks to Ronnie and Romojii Art-felt Appeal for shooting some live footage for us. Turned out great! Give it a watch and check out their site.

A local band by the name of "Afore Notation" allowed us to come & film one of their high energy shows. We chose their song "Legacy" because of how powerful t...

Take this moment to stop being a follower and instead become a leader, by leading your friends and family to our CD Release show tomorrow. You'll be more well-liked by your peers, make more money at work, and have better luck with your love life.* In addition, we'll have our new CD "A Story of Skies, A Voyage of Stars" for sale as well as other enticing merchandise, so that just seals the deal for you, right?

We've got a few songs up from the CD as well, so be sure to check ...those out as well below.…/…/a-story-of-skies-a-voyage-of

*Afore Notation cannot guarantee and is not liable for fulfillment (or lack thereof) of this claim.

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Tracks off of our forthcoming EP (July 13th)

One more song off our new album, "Flicker of Light"; this one has some added heft for any of ye Afore fans of olde.

Our CD release show is only a few days away now, so please give us a hand by sharing our profile-picture flyer or these songs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or wherever you like--I've heard people still share information verbally, but the Wikipedia page on that is unsourced, so that might not be entirely true. See you Saturday!

Tracks off of our forthcoming EP (July 13th)

We've finally decided to put up our second video game cover we did last year, this one being "Chrono Trigger" from...well, Chrono Trigger. And if you missed it, you can hear our Final Fantasy VII cover below in the comments. Enjoy, and I hope to see everyone at our CD release show on the 13th at Iron City.

This is not our original material, just a bad ass cover. All credit and glory goes to SquareEnix and Yasunori Mitsuda, who own the rights to this s...

If you haven't heard, our CD release show will be on July 13th at Iron City with Sloss Minor and the Fourth Estate. Check out one of our flyers for full details.

Now, I've dimmed the lights a little and uploaded another track off of our forthcoming CD, to help set the mood. If you dig it, please help us out by sharing this post, or just tell your friends the old-fashioned way. Whatever works for you man, it's your life.


Colossal collisions.

We weren't lying. Check out the 3D proof of our CD! I just sent it off to be pressed.


Instantly view a 3D proof and PDF of the art you just uploaded when you order online with Disc Makers Self Service. We call it NowProof™ because you get your proof, well…now!

Believe it or not, we really are going to release this EP sometime soon. It is not, as local musician Thayer Helu puts it, "an urban legend, folklore. And if it's released, it will join the ranks of Chinese Democracy and Duke Nukem Forever."

We are ironing out details for our CD release now, and will hopefully have something to announce there soon.