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Nikos Christakis
· December 17, 2017
Being from Greece I must admit that I am very cautious and rigorous when it comes to greek food and desserts outside of the homeland. Came to your bakery from Monkland Village where I live just to buy... melomakarona and kourabiedes because I had a Christmas diner to attend and wanted to have something from my culture. Everyone loved them including of course myself. Especially melomakarona made me feel that I am home, having the fact that it is my favorite greek Christmas dessert. Συγχαρητήρια σε όλη την ομάδα και σε ότι έχετε φτιάξει εκεί πέρα. See More
Alexandra Agnessi
· December 9, 2017
Exciting to have a greek bakery in the west!!! The service today and generosity was amazing, as were all the items I brought home and even enjoyed in store. Congrats and wishing continued success
Saurabh Macwan
· August 23, 2017
I am new in Montreal when i went afroditi bakery,the lady named Afroditi talked very softly,friendly and advised n guided me all through !!!! Loved the cake and all the persons of area and Montreal......great bakery,great place,great people... See More
Demetra Angelidis
· April 1, 2018
So excited to have authentic Greek pastries and much, much more here in the West Island!
Kat Kouidis
· April 9, 2018
The best Greek Bakery in Montreal! Always delicious and yummy like Yiayia’s!!
Litsa Fotinos Katopodi
· September 17, 2017
Excellency at its outmost best ! As an old St Roch resident for many years, I pass by whenever I have the chance for your delicious pastries !!!
Barry Jasper
· December 9, 2017
Disorganized bakery.Owners lack class.Desserts are not as good as advertised and expensive like hell.If it wasn`t for the churches on St.Roch they would`ve closed years ago.Ask Greek kids aged 25-55 a...nd they all despise Afroditi. See More
Amanda Cerilli
· December 9, 2017
What a gorgeous location! The presentation was superb and the service was warm and welcoming! A definite gem!!!
Irma C Hernandez
· September 15, 2017
I've been going to afroditi since 1980... i love this place and one of the owner still recognizes me...!! Everything is good... there
Irma Bolton
· February 17, 2018
Tiramisu ordered for my birthday was excellent.Would definitely order one again...
Amy Vasiliou
· February 4, 2016
I have been going to this bakery since i was a little girl. The breads and pastries are out of this world. I have never bought anything that i did not like. It is my go to place for any special event.... The customer service is also impeccable See More
Mohamed Ahmed
· October 30, 2016
*** I am a customer for so many years ,,,,
*** My family and friends of course me too, in Canada and USA love their almond cookies ,and I always bring with me those almond cookies withe me when vis...iting.
*** Thursday the 20th I bought 2 boxes of those delicious cookies to my sis and family in California ,,,,
**** Every one was looking forward to have the cookies ,and when the time come what a disappointment for 10 of us , the cookies were stiff and beg sharp chunks of hard almond !!!

Any way I could not believe it ,I brought back with me one cookie , as I am flying 28/ ,the rest in the garbage ,
*** Friday 28tharound 3 , went to Afroditi to get some bread and to inform theme about this unexpected bad cookies . I asked for the manager , he came miserable old face ,,,, i told him,,,,,,, he broke the cookie and had a bit and told me this the way it suppose to be with a rude manners,!!!! as I am and my granddaughter and family ,do not know what we are eating ,,,, I just lift ,,,and I ll not step again in this place as I used to love and told all my Friends and family about, and FedEx those cookies to other cities ,,,, because they were great ones ,,,,, Thanx any way .
See More
Helen Karmiris
· January 29, 2017
Truly my favourite bakery since I was a really girl!
Always fresh! Love the Tiropites & spanakopites!
Pastries are delicious and beautiful!
And their traditional Greek dessert a simply the best!
Ensi Pourshafiey
· January 29, 2017
My favorite go-to Greek bakery! Desserts & cakes are consistently good & their new packaging definitely leaves an impression. The spanakopita & baklava are my absolute favorite!
Ernie Pompa
· April 26, 2016
Thank you Chris and Afroditi bakery for such a beautiful and delicious cake! Kiera was so happy it was made exactly the way she wanted!! It put a big beautiful smile on her face!
Laurence Côté
· May 9, 2016
Montreal's best Baklavas !!! This place is beautiful, the service is excellent and the pastries are so good !!!
Helen Tanyan
· March 27, 2017
Thank you Chris for the excellent service!! The strawberry cheesecake and cupcakes were amazing!
Udani උදකානි පෙරේරා Perera
· November 7, 2016
Best pastries and great selection. Galaktoboureko is the best in town.
Zeina Awedikian
· March 31, 2014
Thank you so much for the great cake! Turned out exactly like i wanted and people loveddd it. Was so light, creamy and chocolate is amazing.
Antonio Laver
· May 3, 2015
best bakery in town, loved the attention and the Greek chat, efharistó gia óla !
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