Phantom Shadow Update: As everyone may or may not know, Jason and I are working on post production. The movie is very ambitious for its budget. It is about 85% green screen. As we are self funded from my personal savings, most of the work cannot be outsourced. Over the last few months I have been learning 3D modelling and how to do CG. (In order to cut down costs.) Enclosed is a short snippet that is the first high end render. This was done using professional software. (The Carrara days are over.) Anyways, enjoy a small sneak peek.
Work in progress. Elevator shaft sequence.
Here is a new visual effect test of the interior of the car. Not final. Car interior is a matte painting, as we do not have a full size car.

Launching the official youtube channel!

This is the 1st teaser trailer for our film, Curse of the Phantom Shadow. It is our homage to Dick Tracy, Batman, The Shadow, The Phantom, Republic movie serials, Spy Smasher, pulp novels, and radio dramas. Shot in a Marvel Universe style with modern sensibilities.

The year is 1948 and the United States has a new enemy, The Phantom Shadow. This dark figure has diabolical plans for captured scientist, Dr. Hammond, and his War Department weapons of mass destruction. Upon the Phantom Shadow launching a treacherous missile attack on key locations in the United States, the government takes action.

There is only one man to call, Agent 236, an elite government agent. Agent 236 has been dispatched to launch a rescue mission. Of course, nothing ever goes as planned. Our hero finds himself on the way to Hammond Castle, Dr. Hammond's research facility on a remote island. The Phantom Shadow's trap has been sprung.

Along the adventure, Agent 236 is befriended by a spunky, sarcastic gas station attendant who just happens to have pinup girl good looks. She also just happens to be looking for action, and excitement. Luckily, Agent 236 is the man of her dreams. Agent 236 puts the station attendant and her tow truck into service in pursuit of the Phantom Shadow.

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Inching towards the finish line.

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Although The Rocketeer did not make money at the box office, it was definitely an inspiration for Curse of the Phantom Shadow.…

Rocketeers exist. There aren’t many of them, but they’re real. A few years ago, at an action movie festival in North Carolina, I met one. His name is Dan Schlund, and he’s a stunt performer who flies a gleaming silver rocket pack that doesn’t look too different from the one in the 1991 movie...

The trailer for my short subject film, Enthusiasm Abounds, has been posted. This film, which is currently being submitted to festivals, is an homage to George Orwell's 1984, Ray Bradbury, and Isaac Asimov. A true dystopian style future. Anthony Burkhalter

First trailer for Enthusiasm Abounds
Curse of the Phantom Shadow is with Anthony Burkhalter.
January 17

Although not related to Curse of the Phantom Shadow, I did get an opportunity to direct another film in 2017. This is the poster for Enthusiasm Abounds. A film that is currently being submitted to festivals. Anthony Burkhalter who played the police officer in Curse of the Phantom Shadow stars in this short subject scifi film.

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1st look at the Phantom Shadow video game! Running on Galaxy Tab. This will be given away FREE to anyone who contributes funds to the film's completion.

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The first prototype of the tie-in video game (to be given away), is almost ready to be deployed to a tablet. In game video coming soon!

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1st look at the official trading cards! 1st pack of card #1 just arrived.

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In order to expedite post production on Curse of the Phantom Shadow. I am investigating crowdfunding. I am looking for any/all advice and insight on this topic. Particular areas of interest: Indiegogo vs. Kickstarter, which movie blogs would be a good venue to promote, and ideas to generate publicity. Money raised would be used for visual fx, color grading, and all costs associated with the film score. (If we were to raise enough cash, I would like to book a symphony orchestra to perform the score.)

Official Curse of the Phantom Shadow trading cards are on the way! Woo hoo!

Quick Update: We are working towards the new trailer, and a fundraising campaign. Please stay tuned for details. Message with any questions.

Hi everyone. Work continues behind the scenes. I am in the process of reaching out to media outlets. Does anyone out there have access to a movie blog, where I could make an inquiry? There are some not-yet-revealed materials I would like to use as the basis of a dialog with movie blogs. If anyone has any leads, information, or ideas, please let us know.

Curse of the Phantom Shadow may be gearing up for a fundraiser in the near future. Although we are in post, visual fx are very expensive. I am happy to report that we have a killer visual fx team that includes assistance from the teams responsible for: Iron Sky, ScyFy's Battlestar Galactica, Robert Rodriguez's Sin City, and so forth. If you wish to participate in the fundraising process (helping to get the word out, or have ideas), please contact us. We are very excited about lifting the veil of the project and showing the world what our visual fx team can do.

is an homage to Dick Tracy, Batman, Radio Drama, Republic Movie Serials, and pulp magazines. Shot primarily in Las Vegas with two soundstage shoots in Las Vegas and one location shoot in Pahrump Nevada, This is a passion project six years in the making for writer/director and producer Mark Ross. The...

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Captain Reynolds -- in the cockpit -- vfx in progress.

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