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Great article by Catherine Louis on DevOps handoffs and using co-creation sessions to accelerate feedback between strategy and implementation:…/…/11/devops-avoiding-death-hand

Implementing continuous feedback loops can cause a revolution.

Great advice for managers and team leaders - and for members of self-organizing agile teams!

Kate Matsudaira’s top downloaded ACM Queue article

Promising news - 90% accuracy! VCOM research finds genetic markers for lung cancer |

Researchers at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine say they’ve found a way to reliably test DNA to determine if someone is at risk of...

Interesting activity in energy storage to offset the 'duck curve' in solar:

The “duck curve” happens when there's more solar power produced in the day, yet demand increases when sun goes down.

Almost nobody saw this coming so fast.

Turning data into solid predictions may require an understanding of more than just the numbers.

Using collected data to predict events shouldn’t blind us to the humans behind it
Agile Teams updated their cover photo.
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Elizabeth Holmes, America's youngest self-made female billionaire, has built a medical services company that's revolutionizing the blood test.

Bluemix Girl’s Nights Creating a Powerful Network of Women Developers!

Enjoying Scott Berkun's Mindfire (ebook): "Wisdom demands two questions: Why do we believe what we believe? How do we know what we know?"

How 3D user interfaces are like the ocean

So what’s 3D navigation really good for? After learning how to fly around the world, I stepped back to think about where the innovations might lie – what the ‘low hanging fruit’ and the ‘holy grail’ might be for making the most of Leap Motion and similar…

More #FirstLeap adventures - flying around (Google) Earth with Leap Motion

My next adventure after Touchless app for Windows was flying through Google Earth with Leap Motion. I quickly got GE configured for 3D control and, like everyone else, promptly had the earth spinning wildly! I also kept seeing the ‘dots’ on the screen…

My #LeapInto Windows 7: first adventures with Touchless app for Leap Motion

Next adventure after Painting by Leaping: the Touchless app for Windows – can I wave at my laptop to scroll and click instead of using a mouse? I found a developer video (based on v0.7.3) illustrating Visualizer and other functions on Windows 8, and…

My #FirstLeap into touch-free painting

Adding my first Airspace app After getting started with my Leap Motion controller, I proceeded to ‘got’ the free Corel® Painter® Freestyle™ app. The prerequisites listed on the page looked OK, although the page warned that it would need 79mb and ‘more…

.@leapmotion Solved my Orientation.exe crash with a driver update - resuming #FirstLeap experiments

Getting Orientation.exe to stop crashing After getting started with my Leap Motion controller, I had stopped at the point where the Orientation.exe app was crashing. A few days later, I was ready to try again. Checking for prerequisites First step:…

First Leap

Some notes from my “first leap” – getting started with my new Leap Motion device: Resources Before jumping in, I read through the FAQs, legal terms, a tutorial on using it on Windows, and some ergonomic hints on the website, as well as the customary…

Leaping forward?

Got a Xbox Kinect, Playstation Move, or similar 3D gaming interface at home? Isn’t it cool to not have to hunt for a remote or wand or controller to be able to participate in a game? And it’s nice to not worry whether our devices have power, or whether…