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A Message to All Writers & Aspiring Writers

Every successful author was once


an unpublished writer who kept writing.

Every. Single. One.

That is the New Year’s resolution I am making and the one I’m suggesting everyone make. To set aside the grand schemes for success that leave us exhausted and discouraged, and simply keep on keeping on. So along with whatever other resolutions you may be making, make sure to include these:

Keep learning.

Keep improving.

Keep getting your work out into the world.

Keep listening and observing.

Keep challenging yourself.

Keep soliciting and accepting supportive criticism.

Keep reading widely and deeply.

And whatever you do, keep writing.

A wonderful 2018 to all of you!


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Akinyi Yimbo


Society trains and domesticates its members. It is done by individual agreement ...of each member. It is done by propagating belief and tradition that once served to unify groups. We have the unique ability to stop a thought and think about it. To behold a thought and evaluate its meaning is the most powerful capability of human beings. To pass thought through the Corpus Callosum to the emotional hemisphere and gather meaning is a virtual miracle. In this age of constant belaboring by the cacophony of meaningless input, it is difficult to focus on what is truly important. We have to use this ability in order to change the path we have created. We have to prioritize our life by accepting what is important to each of us. We have to stop clicking on cultural icons to activate the apps that have been programmed into us.

Blessings, Everyone.

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Author A P von K'Ory


It is the end of the sixth day of creation and God has gathered all his... angels and addresses the throng:

"Dear angels, we have worked wonders in these last six days. We have created the Universe with all its galaxies, stars, and solar systems and set them all in motion. Here on earth, we have created a paradise of wondrous beauty; mountains, oceans, rivers, forests and deserts along with plant and animal life galore. For these creations to be appreciated, I have created Man and appointed him steward of my work. Tomorrow will be a day of rest and, from now on, every seventh day will be a day of rest. (Cheers from the throng)

"There is one last thing I must do before we retire. Man has everything possible for him to enjoy life on the planet but needs motivation to explore and appreciate the beauty of my creation. I have decided to hide the secret of life from him and give him a yearning to find it. I need some suggestions for where I can hide it."

A voice from the rear of the gathering:

"Put it on top of the highest mountain, God."

"Not bad, but I have made Man intelligent and resourceful and he would probably find it before he has come to appreciate much of what I have wrought."

A voice closer in:

"Hide it at the bottom of the deepest ocean!"

"That's much better, but Man will be developing tools and ways of protecting his body when he explores and again find it too soon."

A cherub at God's knee:

"Why not put it where he'll never look?"

"Where would that be, little one?"

"Put it inside him."

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Akinyi Yimbo


It's taken me a long time to figure out what the New World Order is, but Dodie the DoDo bir...d is a LOT brighter than I am. That's why she's extinct.

Source material

"The New World Order is not so much a single plot as a way of reading history. At its most basic level: A cabal, working in secret as well as through official-ground means, seeks to establish an all-powerful, possibly Luciferian, one-world government. Suspicions surrounding a shadow Establishment date back at least to the 1700s, with the birth of the Freemasons and the Illuminati. But it was the past century global wars, political realignments, and media innovations that gave new purchase to this age-old paranoia. In the modern version, the New World Order hides in plain sight, a Mad Lib style metastory about how the free people of the West have begun to willingly, blindly surrender ourselves to our coming totalitarian overlords. What they want to do to us is never exactly clear, the anxiety tends to be more about the NEW part than the ORDER part.

A Timeline of the New World Order Conspiracy Theory

1966: Mary M. Davison publishes The Profound Revolution, a manifesto of sorts positing that the New World Order hides in plain sight and detailing how real-life institutions like the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the U.S. government operate as fronts for the international banker shadow Establishment. The book amplifies themes of communist infiltration advanced in contemporary best sellers like John Stormera's None Dare Call It Treason and William Guy Carra's The Red Fog Over America and Pawns in the Game, one-world-government classics that warn of a very particular political trajectory: First they fluoridate the water, next it's World War III.

1971: Fierce Christian anti-communist paranoia and an interest in organizational cultural come together in the late fifties in the John Birch Society (founded in 1958 by, among others, Fred Koch, father of Charles and David), which sees civil-rights legislation, the rise of the welfare state, and regulations around occupational safety as evidence of a coming one-world government. In 1972, the conservative commentator Gary Allen publishes None Dare Call It Conspiracy prefaced by California congressman John Schmitz's which extends the paranoia to deficit spending and basic banking, offering tales of how organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission carry forth the economic agenda of an invisible, global power elite. It sells 5 million copies.

1978: Fear that the NWO Establishment will act first to confiscate the weapons of those who might resist it drives William Luther Pierce's The Turner Diaries a vivid, racist novel about the 2099 uprising of the downtrodden Organization (a white revolutionary movement) against the all-powerful System (the left-wing Jewish government and its banks). The book which begins with the passage of gun-control legislation will become a holy text of the paranoid, racist right.

1983: Former Air Force officer and academic Texe Marrs and his wife, Wanda, publish A Perfect Name for Your Pet, the first of many books they write to help readers in their careers and personal lives. In the late eighties and early nineties, Marr's authorial persona will take on a more prophetic edge as he begins exposing the nefarious ways in which the political Establishment is beholden to the anti-Christ. Newt Gingrich is a closet Marxist and member of the occultic secret society known as the Bohemian Grove, he tells a reporter in 1996.

March 6, 1991: President George H.W. Bush gives a speech to Congress detailing the possibilities for global cooperation and internationalism in the post Cold War world. It includes a poor choice of words: After decades of division, Bush explains, we can see a new world coming into view. A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order. Bush's words authorize a variety of fears, from a new era of American imperialism in the Middle East to a one-world government overseen by the United Nations. The close of the Cold War introduces a new panic: The new New World Order, announced by globalization and nafta-style borderlessness, comes into focus.

1991: Pat Robertson's The New World Order crams a litany of villains, Freemasons, Wall Street, the Council on Foreign Relations, New Age mystics into a New York Times best seller. And deep underground, Milton William Cooper publishes Behold a Pale Horse.

1992: Anxiety about NAFTA'S effects on national sovereignty courses through Operation Vampire Killer 2000. Its author, a former Arizona police sergeant named Jack McLamb, will found an organization called Police and Military Against the New World Order. McLamb's vampires are metaphorical; the enemy is anyone who seeks to weaken our national borders. They, the globalists, have stated that the date of termination of the American way of life is the year 2000.

November 30, 1993: President Bill Clinton signs the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act. As everyone knows by now (especially after government sieges on Ruby Ridge and Waco), gun control is the first step toward a one-world government.

1993 - 2002: The X-Files gives a generation the gift of extreme skepticism. The creepiest moments aren't the ones involving UFOs or the paranormal; they are the glimpses into the off-limits government storage facilities, the clandestine meetings and cover-ups overseen by the men working in the shadows.

February 28, 1995: The headquarters of the NWO opens (a.k.a. Denver International airport).

April 19, 1995: Two years, to the day, after the end of the Waco siege he had actually gone and watched the standoff shortly before its violent end. Timothy McVeigh and his conspirators detonate a truck bomb outside the Alfred F. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, an innocuous bureaucratic building that McVeigh, weaned on pro-militia literature and shortwave-radio broadcasts, takes to be an expression of tyrannical government overreach. The blast kills 168 people, making it the bloodiest act of homegrown terrorism in U.S. history, but fails to inspire a larger NWO counterrevolution.

November 21, 1995: Illuminati want my mind, soul and my body Secret society trying to keep their eye on me, Prodigy raps on a remix of LL Cool Ja aI Shot Ya. NWO paranoia infects hip-hop throughout the nineties, as artists like KRS-One, Poor Righteous Teachers, Wu-Tang Clan, and 2Pac reimagine the anti-Establishment themes of the late-eighties conscious movement for darker times.

July 7, 1996::A break in the televised feed and then an ominous warning: The following announcement has been paid for by the New World Order. A brotherhood of renegade wrestlers stage a hostile takeover of the ring, and World Championship Wrestling launches New World Order, one of the most successful story lines in the sport's history.

July 25, 2001: Radio host Alex Jones accuses the U.S. government of plotting terrorism and points to Osama bin Laden as the bogeyman they need in this Orwellian, phony system.

February, 2007: The Montana House of Representatives issues a joint resolution standing against the Nafta Superhighway, a series of roads running from Canada through the United States to Mexico that represents the first step in the erosion of our borders and the establishment of a hemispheric "North American Union." No such superhighway exists

October 13, 2008: British prime minister Gordon Brown calls for a "new Bretton Woods" so that the world's dominant economies might craft a vision for the global economy. Interpreting Brown's comments as a confession that the New World Order is real, Fox pundit Sean Hannity later proclaims that those conspiracy people had suggested that for years.

Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper (novelist).
William Cooper offers a lengthy analysis of the state of global events, presenting information, which he claims is secretly held by governments. Cooper argues that numerous secret societies exist, which were organized into a single massive society c. 1953; that a Secret Government, which controls everything, was established shortly after World War II; that the government seeks to eliminate population through various means and that extra-terrestrial intelligent life exists and often visits earth. In addition, Cooper offers auto-biographical information and proffers a plethora of putative facts regarding the massive and systematic disinformation campaign waged upon the public by those in power.

The text is comprised of materials from a variety of source; much of the contents are facsimile reproductions of disparate documents including letters, articles from newspapers and magazines, declassified government documents, legal proceedings, public documents and photographs. In addition, the text contains several, lengthy articles written at various times by Cooper; many of these articles were originally printed elsewhere, and some of them are addresses delivered to various groups.

All of these various materials are presented with additional up-to-date commentary by Cooper. The arrangement of the text is confused, however, and much of the material presented appears largely or wholly irrelevant to the text's principle themes. The bulk of Cooper's textual theses are found in Chapters 2 and 12, while Chapters 5 and 9 supply tangential information. Most of the remaining chapters present documents that are largely unrelated or unimportant. The foreword presents autobiographical information about Cooper and is probably the most lucid segment of the text.

In brief, Cooper's thesis appears to be that shortly after World War II, the United States government established a Secret Government, which persists until the present time. The Secret Government is the actual controlling power of global politics and has the single goal of establishing a global, totalitarian socialist state modified version of Nazi Germany's Fascism. Since time immemorial, various secret societies have existed; they are all based upon the worship of the Biblical Lucifer, and the members of these societies seek personal knowledge or illumination hence they are collectively referred to as the Illuminati. After World War II, all of the disparate secret societies were brought together in a single organizational structure known as the Bilderberg Group.

The exact nature of the relationship between the Bilderberg Group and the Secret Government is difficult and obscure; the fact, however, is that both groups have similar goals and strategies and both groups are heavily infiltrated by members of the other group. In most of the text, Cooper seems to suggest that the two groups are, in fact, the same organization. Finally, the existence of UFOs and alien life forms was established shortly after World War II. Realizing that such knowledge would cause widespread panic the government decided to keep it secret.

Vast networks of bases and entire organizations of personnel were subsequently organized to contain the alien situation, and political treaties were signed with alien nations. Today, the Secret Government seeks to dominate the alien presence and carry out its secret program of world domination.
In brief, the text is incredible, the many allegations undocumented, and the constant vituperation of public officials is offensive. For example, Cooper denigrates Pope John Paul II as a Nazi poison-gas salesman, who helped engineer HIV and deliberately distributed the virus in vaccinations.

All of this is confounded by a confused textual development and seriously hampered by the haphazard compilation of the book. Finally, the total lack of credible supporting documentation or other evidence leads to the inescapable conclusion that the book is a hate-inspired and inflammatory work of ignorable fiction, designed to arouse fear and spread hatred.

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