It was great until a message showed up asking what my cup size is, and that the anonymous person would like to sleep with me. I was FURIOUS. #StopSararahShaming

Now I know how much I mean to her.

I don’t know whether I’m overreacting.|By Mr Anonymous Quotes
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My Kargil Hero

My husband and his wife know nothing about it.

9 months later, I found out.

That Diwali, he told his family about us.

How can someone be forced into a marriage?

They're still living together.

What is it that I didn't live up to?

"That was the day my exploitation began."

Do you really expect me to ever fall in love with anyone else again?

My definition of 'moving on' is not finding a rebound girlfriend.

I'm really tall and I'm visible to practically everyone.

I wrote her a letter.

"When are you coming to visit me?"

We seem to be running away from ourselves.

We were creating a small world.

I am a 21-year-old girl from Delhi.

I had nothing to be afraid of.

I'm in between two very difficult situations.

You could have TOLD me.

We have never had to keep secrets from each other.

I will have to marry someone else.

My heart starts beating in an out-of-control way.

We had great sex that night and felt it was the best birthday we had ever had.