I begged him to at least think about our DAUGHTER.

He would resort to both physical and emotional abuse.

I have already started missing all the good times that we had together.
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My Kargil Hero

I asked uncle if there is a washroom there. He pointed at the way inside.

It was tough but I didn’t have a choice.

This couch had seen a different version of me every time.

Thank you for saving me that day.

I could see tears rolling down on your cheek.

"I’m busy. I’ll talk later"

The grey ticks never turned blue.

He showed me that he loved me and cared a lot.

One fine day they gave me an ultimatum.

They told everyone how much of a ‘s**t’ I was.

The fact that we belonged to different castes ruined our lives.

I was an ugly fat girl who was good for nothing.

I was ridiculed and scorned at.

Why would God punish her with a granddaughter?

But now, everything had changed.

"Listen, I like you; you always make me happy"

I never thought that I would fall for someone so badly and so deeply.

"If I marry you, my mom will leave me."

I consoled her and said that everything will be fine.

I belong to a lower class family and I really never considered having a girl in my life.

No, I do not want to be your wife. Not yet.

Life certainly won’t be easy for both of us.|By Smriti Mahale

It took my mom 2 years and my constant decrease in academic performance to finally take me to a psychiatrist again.

My scars are in places where no one would notice.

I was in depression, I was confused.