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My sweet sister mentioned my name in the FIR too.

Like a fool, I trusted him blindly. Slowly, we began to speak everyday after work, on the phone until I reached home, and on WhatsApp afterwards.


I ONLY want slim and attractive girls.

Sonakshi Sinha, I don’t find you hot.

“Where is he now, and why is he not here with us?”

After a week, we came back to our town.|By Tushar Dang

He only wanted to have a physical relationship when we met.

We used to meet on alternate weekends, either he used to come to my city or I used to go to his. This pattern of his continued.

He would apologize afterwards every time and I would forgive him every single time.

"It was a mistake loving you."

It was midnight and raining outside. Coming closer, he asked, "Can I kiss you?"

Suddenly, I came across a mail which was from OYO rooms. The reservation was for 4th of November, which was our anniversary date. I was shocked to see it as he had definitely not booked it with me.

He told me he’ll be loyal towards me.

I wasn’t ‘fair enough’, my skin was not ‘clean’, I had too many ‘marks’ on my face.

The one you love the most will HURT you the most.

My feelings towards her were not completely unknown to her.

How could I do this to her and to myself?

While we were both drunk, he pushed me to the bed.

He had done this with many other girls before me, and left them whenever his thirst and lust was satisfied.

I was directed to go to the city hospital. There I asked the receptionist to tell me the ward in which Pari was admitted. "Burn Ward", she replied.

I reached; the doors were wide open, I could see her, in so much pain. I sat beside her and caressed her forehead. She was trying to say something.

His logic: he slept with the married woman, because it made things better between us. WHAT?!

I was “10”, when I was subjected to bad touch. #NotAllMen

I was “30”, when I got to know about Physical abuse.

Thank you.
Thank you for breaking our family.
Thank you for ruining our lives.

Thank you for making us pay the price for treating you like a daughter.

One day, he asked me to come to a hotel room with him. I refused.

I was just 18 and this guy was a new addition in my life.