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Kathy Spielman Carter
· September 13, 2016
Great to work with!! Wonderful workmanship, installation was professional. Very patient with my need to pick out the right slab. Thanks so much. We bought Arabescato Venato Marble for the bathroom counter.
Take a look at one of our recent jobs. Customers chose Cambria Torquay quartz for the counter-tops. This kitchen is the perfect definition of "cool neutral" and we love it! Big Thank You to Lisenby Construction, Inc.!
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Our clients and customers always ask "What's the difference between granite and quartz?".

First we should probably explain the products. Granite is natural stone, meaning it is quarried out of the ground and then cut and polished for your countertops. Rarely a slab looks the same. Quartz is a man made stone from quartz, meaning it's typically 95/97% quartz and 3/5% resin and coloring. Since these are man made, each slab color selection looks the same.

Secondly the main diff...erence is granite requires a little more maintenance than quartz. It is recommended that you seal granite once a year to keep it from staining. Quartz never has to be sealed. A granite sealer can be purchased at a home improvement store, or you can call us and we can come out to reseal it for you for a small fee.

And lastly, which to some is the main difference, is the pricing for both. Granite is usually more affordable than quartz depending on which level granite you choose. Quartz also has levels and gets higher in price depending on which color you choose. However, there are tons of colors and some are the very reasonable for the quality you are getting. Some customers would rather pay the difference in price to have that "no maintenance" product.

So what should you choose? That is your preference. Look at your budget, check out our selection of both products, and ask yourself if you want it to be maintenance free. We have hundreds of clients and customers who love granite, and equally the same amount who love quartz. Our sales team can tell you their experiences with both!

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