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Some new marble babies have been born! Updates when they get older!

No new updates as I have not figured out if I want to continue breeding marble bengals specifically or not!


Just added a new male to Alabaster Bengals. His name is Myrddin and is from Metastar Bengals. I am so excited to be working with Helen of Metastar Bengals and appreciate that she trusts me with this beautiful boy!

Nice description of what a Bengal is like. Though, mine are not usually very vocal.

The Bengal cat, a cross between a domestic cat and the little forest-dwelling Asian leopard cat, has become the most registered feline with the International Cat Association. Breeders can barely keep up with demand.

It has been my dream for quite some while to work with marble Bengals as well as spotted. My program is really an extension of my spotted Bengal program, but will eventually be separate- but smaller- part of my cattery business. Hope you enjoy!