Video from the Motel 6 fire in Calera last night. Engine #13 and many other agencies were called in for mutual aid. #AFD #MutualAid #StructureFire
E-13 responding in the snow #E13 #AFD #HereForYou #Snowmageden
I65 in Alabaster is still clear at this time but PLEASE use extreme caution #AFD #HereForYou #Snowmageden
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Heather Lea Turney
· December 11, 2017
During our most recent snow event I had to call 911 because trees caught on fire when they hit the transformer outside our house. The AFD was there in 3 minutes, along with the fire Marshal. Not only ...did they make sure everything was safe, but they also found live wires on the ground at the entrance to our neighborhood! A big thank you for protecting us! See More
John Ellison
· November 5, 2017
I have Lived here about my whole life and watched our firefighters grow to alot more wonderful people ..Would not live No where else :) .Thanks for All you do for this city ♥
Kathy Wiley Perry
· November 7, 2017
We moved here in 1990 and have had to use the fire department a few times and they have always been there for us. Love our fire department.
Stacey McClellan
· December 5, 2017
I can’t thank your team enough. You were here within minutes when my daughter had a seizure tonight. Thank you all for what you do.
Salvatore Rossi
· June 6, 2016
I'm sad to say my health is on the decline.
I've been blessed with a great family and God has been good to me.I've had to call 911 twice when I fell in the house.The responders helped me every way the...y could.They showed compassion and professionalism and showed me our community unlike our country is in good hands.Being an old vet I worry about our way of life and if my grandkids will have a good life with God and country.After seeing these folks in action I am relaxed.God Bless You! See More
Sherrie Upton
· July 23, 2014
I have a great respect for the duties of a fireman; certainly this is true. I was however disheartened by their (and by their I mean one of them) response to my kitty in a tree problem. I didn't just on a whim, it was a last resort. I truly needed help. I did not get any help (nor will you, according to their protocol) After I had a fireman come out and halfheartedly (quarterheartedly) attempt to placate me. I realized I was not going to receive any type of help. Furthermore the fireman while not offering any real help, discouraged my neighbor from helping me (he had a 40ft extension ladder...) but did not mind throwing beanbags at my cat (I had a corn-hole game out in the yard for the kids) to try and knock my 5 month old kitty out of her position 40ft high in a tree. It lead to her being stuck for a 3rd day when the temperature was in the mid to high 90's. I know that cats are capable if "figuring it out" but I had just trimmed her nails and she was chased up in a panic. Coming down was not going to happen due to her young age, trimmed nails (that only go in one direction--- up) and her extreme height. I worried for her getting dehydrated and falling to her death which would support all of the ignorant comments about "I've never seen a cats skeleton in a tree" (dumbest thing I've ever heard... on so many levels) anyways... Do not count on the Alabaster Fire Dept. to assist you with your pet emergencies. I would like to point out however that while I singlehandedly rescued my kitty after 3 days, one of my neighbors who was walking by, happened to be a Tuscaloosa Fireman; who confirmed that the Tuscaloosa Fire Dept. will try to rescue your pet, from a tree, a sewer, an attic, anyway they can!! #wtfalabaster See More
Ashley Riley
· March 7, 2014
I had to call 911 today because my 3 week old baby girl got choked and stopped breathing. I appreciate the urgency and kindness from each one of the firemen and paramedics that came to her rescue. It'...s so good to know that I have such a great team of responders in the community. Thank you for all that you do! See More
Heather Pettit Fagin
· August 23, 2015
I would like to say "Thank You" to each of you for your service and sacrifice for our community! I'm proud to be a citizen of Alabaster and to be protected by such an awesome group of people!
Jennifer Hudson Raney
· July 18, 2014
I have to say I witnessed you all assisting my neighbor through a very difficult time this morning. It brought me to tears, the way you comforted and supported him. God bless you, and I am thankful to... live in a community that has such a supportive and compassionate fire and rescue team. See More
Vickie Poythress
· October 6, 2016
Thank you to all the guys involved in making our home safer by installing new smoke alarms. We appreciate this and all the other times you have been so helpful with our emergencies. We are blessed have your services. See More
LisaLou Shapiro
· December 24, 2015
A huge THANK YOU to everyone at the Alabaster Fire Department for the excellence you provide us as citizens of this great city. You all go above & beyond to ensure we are safe, protected & enjoy a qua...lity off life beyond measure. This takes much sacrifice on you & your families. You are truly appreciated. God bless you abundantly, Lisa See More
Holly Williams
· July 24, 2017
Thank you guys for being so patient,kind,and always having a positive outlook.
Renee Gentle Powers
· December 24, 2016
The Alabaster Firehouse playground has become a part of our Christmas tradition as we wrap up seeing Christmas lights. We appreciate your service and your efforts to make the playground a winter wonde...rland.
God bless all of you!
See More
Leah Bishop
· August 12, 2014
Most are awesome and go out of there way. I am very thankful for all of you that have been helping my family lately. I believe you are all angels and have went out of your way.
Lawrence Whitcomb
· February 6, 2017
You guys are the best!
Thanks again for your service to us all, and especially Vincent and Elijah.
Jamie Parker
· April 6, 2014
A HUGE thank you to the Alabaster Fire Department for their assistance at The Little Warrior Run yesterday! You guys were such a great help and asset to our event! We appreciate everything you do and ...especially appreciate you taking time out of your Saturday morning to assist us in making our event run safe and smoothly! See More
Daniel Poset
· January 13, 2016
I really appreciated being at the meeting on Monday at city hall I like they way you all approach things
Christy Callahan Swann
· May 15, 2015
AFD is always on top of their game. All the guys are super professional and nice. Thank you!!
Linda Beck Lowden
· February 28, 2014
Just wanted to let ya all know you have been in my prayers all day today, after hearing about the tragedy in Alabaster last night/early morning. My thoughts & prayers are with all of you. GOD BLESS YO...U ALL !!!!!! See More
Christi Riley Ross
· January 29, 2014
Very thankful for all of Our Firemen thanks for all you do ! great Group of Guys can't wait till my son Starts his journey ;)
We have located and aquired the original Fire Engine purchased by the City of Alabaster at the time of incorperation in 1953. The Alabaster Fire Department wants to restore and preserve this piece of community history. To make this happen, our firefighters will be performing a lot of the work, an...
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