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The importance of cleaning your gutters
The weather changes and the falling leaves pile up. They remain in the gutters as the days turn colder and winter sets in. The gutters freeze over and then, with spring thaw, melt. If you’ve ignored your gutters over the last, eventually, they’ll pull away from the house. And that’s when the damage will be discovered. The siding, the foundation and even the landscaping can be ruined if you don’t take proper care of your gutters....

Too many people don’t take care of their gutters, believing it to be an unimportant and uninteresting task. However, cleaning your gutters should be penciled in on your maintenance calendar at least once a month.

Protect your home and its value

Gutters allow rainwater to keep from collecting on the roof, along the side of the house and at the home’s foundation. They’re designed to direct the water away, but when they’re clogged by leaves and other debris, the water can’t run through them. This leads to three problems that are costly and can be dangerous for the home’s occupants.

Problem #1: Rot

When the water isn’t able to run cleanly through gutters, it drips down the side. Whether it’s because the gutters have pulled away from the house or because they’re too full of debris to hold more water, the water still has to go somewhere. So it drips down the side of the house. This causes the siding to rot, become stained and create ice dams in the winter. The roof also rots. This can lead to needing expensive repairs and new tiles for the roof.

Problem #2: Foundation issues

As the gutters direct water away from the home’s foundation, they send it to part of the yard or area around your house that can absorb it. However, when the gutters are broken or overflowing, the water drips down, eventually creating cracks and making it’s way into the basement. This can lead to mold and rot indoors, and it can chip away at the foundation. This can make your whole home unsteady and is very expensive to repair.

Problem #3: Pests

Mosquitoes, and other pests, love nothing more than standing water. Debris-filled gutters can still hold enough water to attract flies and mosquitoes. At worst this can end up exposing your family to illnesses like West Nile, and at best it makes time spent outside unpleasant because of the risk of bug bites.

To avoid pests, rot and foundation issues caused by poorly kept gutters, clean them out at least once a month. Don’t just make sure the debris is out, but check for mold and make sure they run clean. If it’s difficult, hire a professional. A small investment can save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

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Good morning everyone I just wanted to let you know that I’m home with some sick kiddos this morning I will be at the office starting at 4 o’clock today and working late if you need anything please call my home number
Until then

Licensed Contractors and Handymen needed. Please call the office and bring by your cards!!!!

We now have a couple of storage units open give us a call on Monday if you need one (541)247-2152

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Rob from coastal supply came in to my office to get my order today he was attacked by my ferocious pit bull 😂😂😂😂

Dear clients and Friends, I have been asked 4 times today if I am going out of business. I am very much till here. I did move my office back in May and Jasmin no longer works here, but I am very much still here. All of our rentals are full at this time so I am not posting as often. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call. J. Michele Alday (541)247-2152

No Rentals available, but we do have a 5 by 10 storage unit available for $45.00 per month

Effective today Fire Chief Krieger has allowed a PARTIAL lifting of fire restrictions consistent with CFPA. Citizens can mow or weedwhack PRIOR to 10AM daily. ... Mowing etc prohibited AFTER 10AM. ALL OTHER FIRE RESTRICTIONS REMAIN IN PLACE.

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Office Hours: Varies: We are usually out showing or inspecting properties. All Rents should be paid on line or put through the drop box located at our office. NO CASH
If you need an appointment please call (541)247-2152 Monday Through Friday and I will call you back within 24 hours.
Michele Alday...
Please first call (541)698-6004 this Is my cell and doesn’t work at my home. If you don’t reach me on the cell please call my home (541)247-0843

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City of Gold Beach

Effective 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, August 29, 2017!
By Order of Fire Chief, Tyson Krieger

There will be NO burning of any kind allowed in...side the City or on our beaches. This includes any and all outdoor cooking stations or devices, any and all fire rings, fire pits or pans—this includes fire rings and fire pits in campgrounds. ZERO burning!

NO motorized power equipment, lawn equipment (motorized or electric) and NO mechanized digging or landscaping equipment except at approved commercial construction sites. Use of mechanical logging or yarding equipment, commercial or otherwise, is prohibited.

Use of welding equipment, gas cutting systems, plasma cutting, air arch, metal sanders and/or grinders will NOT be allowed outside an enclosed shop.

Smoking is prohibited, except in designated smoking areas, or inside a vehicle.
NO smoking in, on, or around our beach front grass lands as well as NO smoking on the beach.

These closures apply to ALL persons and businesses inside the City regardless of being private or commercial. Rules will be strictly enforced to protect our community.

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Chetco Bar Fire Daily Update August 16, 2017 9:30 a.m. Phoenix NIMO, IC Bob HousemanRogue River-Siskiyou National Forest Chetco Bar Fire Information, (541) 247-3680Current Situation: The Chetco Bar.

Anyone who knows of children in need of breakfast and lunch this summer simply need to text “FOOD” to 877877 and receive a message back with a location closest to where they can get free summer meals.
Please copy, paste, and post!
Even if you aren't in need, someone else's kids are. No child deserves to go hungry, ever.

Stop Rent Control!
HB 2004-A Scheduled for Public Hearing This Wednesday, May 3, at 1 pm!
Contact your Legislator so we can stop this bill in the Senate!
On April 4, HB 2004-A passed the House by one-vote! A bipartisan group of legislators in the House recognized the significant harm the bill would cause to the real estate industry in Oregon and voted NO.
Now, the Senate Committee on Human Services has a public hearing scheduled. The Senate is all that stands in the way of bill passing and being signed by Governor Brown.
Here's what the bill does:
• Allows for San Francisco-style rent control, or worse;
• Virtually eliminates Oregon’s no-cause eviction law;
• Requires all fixed-term tenancies to continue indefinitely, solely at the discretion of the tenant;
• Requires landlords to pay for evicted tenants to move; and
• Allows tenants one year to file a complaint for any violation of the bill with 3-months rent + damages due to the tenant.
Economists agree: Rent control hurts the very people it’s supposed to help. Capping profits discourages investments in multi-family units. Existing units will be converted to condos and developments in the pipeline will be changed to owner-occupied units as well.
This is a bad policy at the worst possible time. Our housing supply is already years behind.
Contact your Legislator so we can stop this bill in the Senate! Click here now!
Submit testimony:
Show up to testify: Oregon State Capitol, Hearing Room D, 1PM
This is a critical time for our industry. Together we must make our voices heard!
Contact your state legislator now.

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All of our storage units are full again.