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The Abundant Goddess LIVE podcasts start this Wednesday, 14th March '18 YAY! The first one is about receiving

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Feb 28 - Jul 25Diamond Heart NetworkNewcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
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Thanks to Shakti Tracy for finding this inspirational video

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Slomo: The Man Who Skates Right Off The Grid
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Once he was a doctor. Now he's a rollerblading guru on the San Diego boardwalk.

Abundant Goddess PODCAST
– It is never about the money! –
Magical Goddess is starting a new tele call series called Abundant Goddess. In this series of calls my amazing business partner Colin Ellis and I shall talk about how we can start receiving more of our infinite abundance and the true magic of you. Wed. 14th March at 7pm (UK time)

Wed 9:00 PM UTC+02Global
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Colin says: if you have been on one of my meditation courses, or joined me on a mindfulness drop-in then you are eligible to join my private group:

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Congratulations to Colin Ellis for becoming a Co-Author of a #1 Best Seller

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Colin Ellis is an INFP - what type are you?

Free personality test - take it to find out why our readers say that this personality test is so accurate, “it's a little bit creepy.” No registration required!


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Posted by BBC London
BBC London

Mindfulness according to 6 and 7-year-olds...

(Best enjoyed with the sound on 😇) (Via. BBC Family & Education News)

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Find And Keep A Great Man

Intimacy Tip- create a harmonious life with your man!
❤️Shut out any outside negative influences
❤️Quiet the voice of your inner critic
❤️Develop a general a...ttitude of gratitude
❤️Focus on what you love about your guy!

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The type of people who have NO trouble with PROCRASTINATION are often those who enjoy & get pleasure from...
1. Structure and time management
2. Rules and boundaries or setting the rules...
3. Completing a job well done
4. Produce their best work by planning for every contingency
.... Feel PAIN when...
5. Not knowing where they are going, what's happening, or the plan
6. Feeling they might be late – or you are late
7. Open-ended activities without a deadline or goal so they have a target for completion
8. Rules are broken.
These are Structure Appreciators

The type of person who constantly PROCRASTINATES are those who enjoy & get pleasure from...
1. The freedom of going with the flow and can tolerate lateness and you being late.
2. The journey as much as (if not more than) completing the job.
3. Are happy despite not knowing what the outcome will be.
4. Produce their best work just before the deadline or when winging-it; using their intuition.
.... Feel PAIN when...
5. There is too much structure or too many rules and boundaries.
6. Time management (they cannot keep to it because it doesn't make sense to be so structured).
7. Planning – especially for every contingency.
8. Monitoring progress, etc., and the paperwork that goes with it.
These are Freedom Appreciators

Which are you – Structure Appreciator or Freedom Appreciator?

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Watch as you and others reduce, or stop, your stress during the session. BTW, this technique is NOT meditation or mindfulness.

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If you CANNOT meditate, you probably believe one of the 5 myths - check for yourself on this workshop and if you still cannot meditate by the end, £10 will be given to the charity Anxious MInds

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All One Planet

Discover what the fuss is about mindfulness, how it can help - and experience it for yourself

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NEW DATE - now starts on Thursday 21st September

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