What a set from Slipmatt... TUNES!! BIG UP Totally 'Ardcore
Darren Styles - Official Page LIVE

BIG UP DJC + Carl Storm

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DJC with MC Storm shared Remixed's postfeeling old skool.

TONIGHT TONIGHT! Remixed - Mark Archer from Altern 8, Bizarre Inc, Nexus 21

It's rave day people!! We open at 9pm and bring you non stop old skool vibes! Acid House, Rave, and Hardcore! Midnight set from the legendary Mark Archer ( Altern 8 ) as part of his 30 year anniversary tour!

Line up: ...
Mark Archer (Altern 8, Bizarre Inc, Nexus 21)
DJ Dream & DJ Dance
Stormski & Bobski
DJ Junk
DJ Remixx
Martyn the Hat

Hosted by: Max MC, Clark'E, MC Casper

Top one, nice one, get sorted 😁

Last minute advance tickets:

Location: Bomo Bunker (aka Remix)
24-26 Holdenhurst Road,
BH8 8AD Bournemouth

😎 Remixed 😎

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Sat 9:00 PM UTCBomo BunkerBournemouth, United Kingdom
109 people interested
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Remixed is feeling old skool at Bomo Bunker.


We're down Bomo Bunker a bit early making sure everything is sorted for you crazy f**kers! 😎

Don't miss out on this one!!!!
The legendary Altern 8 in the house!
Grab your tickets before they're all gone!
Serious old skool hardcore vibes!


Top one, nice one, get sorted! 😉

[ Remixed ]

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Sat 9:00 PM UTCBomo BunkerBournemouth, United Kingdom
109 people interested

Will you be there...?

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Make sure you don't miss this one by Adrenaline Stompers

Fri 9:00 PM UTC+01Club Ice WestburyWestbury, United Kingdom
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#Throwback time...

DJ Sy - Slammin Vinyl - Fastrack Arena - August - 2002
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Charley's Beats - Together we are Strong

BIG UP MC Obie for all your contributions and success
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

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MC Obie

So this is a post that I didn’t think I would be writing for a few more years yet, but to anyone who knows me closely knows how much I put into hardcore and not... just as an artist myself but helping a large number of artists with advice and artwork. I also work two jobs during the week and regularly do 60 hour weeks.

But over the last year I have found myself feeling more and more distant from being a hardcore mc as everyone sees me. The way an mc is seen now is not the same as when I started. I made my name at freeform events where we would host all night and be a secondary act to the DJ. My main focus has and always be to make sure people are having a good time and not dropping lyrics constantly everywhere.

I feel my style of mcing is becoming less and less the style that people want to see currently and I am finding myself not enjoying as much as I used to. Now I have always said that when I started to feel that way I would take a step back and make room for the next generation of artists who really want it.

I took the decision a three or so months ago to leave Lethal Theory as again I felt like I had got to the point where it wasn’t right for me anymore.

Hardcore has given me some of the best moments of my life. It’s given me my group of friends I have now nearly exclusively. I have played in Australia, Europe, USA, Canada and am one of only a handful of uk MCs to play in Japan. I’ve held a residency at Ravers Reunited since it’s conception, that’s over a decade!

This year I got to play the biggest stage that’s currently around for hardcore, Westfest with three of my mates who believed in a weird never been tried before act in the shape of The Order. But now I am in the position of I can’t really go anywhere else to elevate higher as an artist. I have reached the top that I can reach myself as an MC in hardcore.

So I have taken the decision to take a step back from doing Live solo sets as an MC. I would still like to do The Order but again it requires so much production to make it work that it’s a big ask for a lot of promoters to get screen set ups etc so we will see how that goes.

I’ve never done one of these posts before, I’ve never threaten to leave when something didn’t go my way. I have always just dug in deeper and came up with something to better myself. I have invested thousands and thousands of pounds and man hours into physical products which no other mc really did. But I wanted to stand out. I created new concepts and set visual guides for a lot of things everyone does these days too and for that i am grateful.

I’m not going to tell you lot it’s all shit, fuck this guy and fuck that guy but there is a lot of things wrong with how it all works. People say they want to work together but in the next breathe are saying “tell him to fuck off”. People talking about their closest friends behind their back. Artists telling people they are lucky to be on a set just before they go on to the biggest stage of their careers and god knows what else.

I’m not going to just up and leave hardcore, I will still produce it when I fancy it and I will probably do some mixes and tracks like Bars Against Humanity etc.

I’m not doing this post to get you to all ask me to stay. I won’t be milking it for a “retirement” tour. I am trying to sort it out that I can do my last set as Obie without The Order at a Ravers Reunited as Keyes & Ortie put a lot of faith in me over the years so seems fitting.

But yeah I just want to say thank you to everyone who has watched me perform, purchased my albums, tracks or artwork pieces over the last 14 years. It’s been a great ride.

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Sun 12:00 PM UTC+01Tranzmission FestivalLondon, United Kingdom
3,912 people interested


LAST CHANCE FOR ADVANCE TICKETS! Pay more on the door or click here now: 😎

Remixed - The Remix Reunion Xmas Party with 2 BAD MICE


🔊 Location: Bomo Bunker (Remix) Bournemouth
🔊 Date: Saturday 23rd December 2017
🔊 Acid House, House Classics, Old Skool Rave/Hardcore
🔊 Tickets:

[ Remixed ]

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Sat 9:00 PM UTCBomo BunkerBournemouth, United Kingdom
192 people interested