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These six films, as good as any of the top nominees, represent the politics and prejudices of Academy voters.

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Some of the ideas to solve gun violence are right out of Hollywood—because in reality, more "good guys with guns" only increase the odds of tragedy.

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US relations with Mexico are chilly these days, but what else is new? The US has abused its neighbor for most of two centuries, including one of the biggest land grabs in history.

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François Villon liked to run with Parisian crooks and low-lifes—but his poetry influenced everyone from Bob Dylan to Bertold Brecht.

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This seems to be the fate of the genre now: It must relate and appeal to 21st century notions of class, race and gender.

Just in time for the championship game tonight -- from Forbes, The Striking Similarities Between Nick Saban and Paul 'Bear' Bryant.

During the research for my book, Saban: The Making of a Coach (Simon & Schuster), I discovered some interesting similarities between these two coaching giants. Some are meaningful. Others are mere coincidences.

Remembering an excellent book that should not be forgotten in the The Wall Street Journal.

In Gabriel García Márquez’s ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ the magical enriches the real.

Tribute to the Village Voice!

A former staff writer at the alternative newsweekly reminisces about the paper’s golden age in the 1980s.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...this just up from Allen's daughter, Maggie.

David Thomson is one of the greatest film historians, and at 191 pages of text, "Warner Bros" is a model of concision and precision.

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The NFL is set to haul in $14bn this year. But the league is beset by racially charged protests, a ratings dip and players brain damaged by the contact sport

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Players such as Jackie Robinson and Willie Mays helped shape baseball, and America. So why has the number of black players halved since the 1980s?

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For a non-contact sport, baseball appears to involve plenty of fights. What is it about the game that produces confrontations?

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The second volume in Sidney Blumenthal’s biography of Abraham Lincoln’s political evolution follows the president during the stormy period between the Mexican War and the Civil War. - 2017/06/02

Happy Birthday to JFK! New up on Thedailybeast

The man with the most famous rendition of "Happy Birthday" would have turned 100 today, and there's no better way to get to know him than with these books.

Film About Boxer Chuck Wepner Spotlights the Coalescence of Sports, Race and Politics. Up on Truthdig

The heavyweight underdog—who almost went the distance against Muhammad Ali—gets his own cinematic treatment after being the inspiration for Sylvester Stallone’s “Rocky” character. - 2017/05/15

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Mustafa Akyol’s book tells Christians, Muslims and Jews exactly what we all have in common and how we got this way. It reaches us not a minute too soon. - 2017/05/12