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Gamin Davis
· October 14, 2017
I love the fact that this group is cat-specific because I'm mainly a cat person. I've known about them since I got onto their snail-mail list several years back, before (I even knew) they had a websi...te; at that time, our financial situation was better, and I was donating periodically to this group and 1-2 other non-cat-specific animal groups. Glad to see them on the ground helping cats in hurricane-ravages areas, and now the areas of wild fires in California--they do good work and are one of the animal groups I know of who haven't had any reputation-damaging events in the last few years (it's to the point that I no longer support a few that I used to support because of their questionable practices). Keep up the good work for our kitties and know that I support you morally and philosophically even though I can't send money right now. See More
Cassandra Elkins
· October 27, 2017
Used to be a 100% promoter and ally of ACA, but their recent campaign is anti-science and refusing to answer to comments showing proof against what they are trying to claim. Really disappointed in thi...s group.
Board walk cats should be put under TNR policy, not just maintained as what seems to be a tourist attraction. I think the money being made off of this program is getting to their heads. When they start to answer to the statements being made, then I might come back. Ashamed. The cat's health and happiness should be promoted over a tourist site.
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Anna Fasoli
· February 17, 2018
I’ve tried very hard to understand how an organization is OK with letting cats persist on the landscape at the expense of the well-being of cats. Cats suffer tremendously when released back onto the s...treets. They suffer from untreated illness (numerous eye problems, feline leukemia) and injuries (due to frost bite, fights amongst themselves, predator attacks, car collisions, and inhumane attacks by humans). This organization turns a blind eye to all of that. The truth is that domestic cats were never a part of the landscape in North America, NEVER! ACA often says that they are, and this is false. They are an introduced species; this is the sole reason why they can never acclimate and live without excessive assistance on the landscape, at their own expense. The best we can do for cats is to re-home the ones that are friendly (and MANY are). I’d like to see more focus on rehab of feral cats versus dumping them back on the streets into harms way. If anyone can show me ANY actual statistics on TNR actually working (colonies disappearing over time), I’d be glad to look at that. But the fact remains that colonies remain as a “facade” of a safe haven for people to dump more cats, constantly adding to feral populations. See More
Duff Smith
· January 23, 2018
Advocating cat homelessness. Lowering the standards of cat care so Big Pet Food can make more money selling processed food that your followers bomb all over the forest floor. Sentencing our wildlife t...o execution by dismemberment in what's left of our fragmented habitats. What percentage of the cat population must be sterilized to halt population growth or reverse it? Where have you achieved it? County commissioners that hand you the keys obviously don't ask. What money have you set aside to benefit the child victims of the toxoplasmosis you spread to their playgrounds? Keep following in the footsteps of Big Tobacco, you're going down. See More
Lisa Lane Lattier Plette
· October 30, 2017
This is possibly the most irresponsible organization I’ve seen. I’m an animal lover. But these yahoos have incredibly ridiculous statistics and are doing more to get cats killed than they are to save ...them. Their message that cats “do not want to be adopted” is harmful to cat rescue. The average life expectancy of an indoor only cat is 15-20 years. The average life expectancy of an outdoor only cat is 3-5 years. Shame on you. See More
Diane Brand
· November 5, 2017
I donate monthly to Alley Cat Allies. It is money well spent for all they do to support feral cats and to encourage communities everywhere to help cat colonies maintain healthy, happy "lifestyles." I cats and believe they're one of the most exciting, fun-loving, interesting, and beneficial animal species living on planet earth. They control rodent and snake populations and other infestations in neighborhoods (one highly beneficial thing they do). I don't want feral cats to suffer in shelters or to be euthanized when they can lead long, happy, productive lives in virtually every circumstance. Please consider supporting this organization, both financially and in spirit. Thank you. See More
Diane Samons
· October 11, 2017
I am 100% behind Alley Cat Allies and the tremendous work they do. I donate as much as I can and am constantly on the look-out for kitties in need of help. There are far too many abandoned, abused, an...d neglected cats/kittens. I have 4 rescues myself and can honestly say they are the very best. Keep up the great work and know that there are many of us out here who have your backs! See More
Ian Anderson
· February 27, 2018
You have turned me from someone who was thought TNR could work to someone who believes it never will, because you as one of it's leaders, spread so propaganda.
This brainwashes your followers into bel...ieving and labeling anyone who exposes your lies a cat hater. Or they come up with deflection/ distraction arguments like "people are the real problem, don't blame the cat" or "habitat loss or window collisions etc are the real problem. Nobody blames the cat and nobody denies that other causes of wildlife deaths are also problems, so why say it? See More
Nanc-e Lewis
· October 23, 2017
I have long been a supporter of ACA for years. Because I have been rescuing cats myself, I haven't donated much, but I have donated and promoted them encouragung others to support them.

However, wit...h this recent campaign saying they do NOT want to be adopted, comparing them to skunks in the wild, I will no longer support or promote ACA. I could write volumes proving otherwise.

Your message is harmful and should be working, instead, on teaching shelters not to kill ferals that many have and will be happy to be socialized. Some just come by it naturally. By getting the word out that they don't want to be adopted is putting these precious cats at risk of shorter life span, killed by coyotes and disease, not to mention fleas and mites. It is very taxing on those of us who have to go out and feed these cats every day. Perhaps if more ferals were adopted Alley Cat Allies would not have such a big job, perhaps you're afraid of losing your money? This smells of PETA.
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Sara Smith
· February 1, 2018
Not impressed. Quick enough to contact when asking for donations but totally unresponsive when I asked (several times) why Hatteras Cats were apparently not helped. When replying to the donation with the same question I got a "non reply" email answer including a separate email address which came back undeliverable. See More
Cheryl Shaffer
· November 8, 2017
Caring for the ferals and educating others has become one of my most fulfilling activities lately. I so enjoy turning the shy and non trusting into lovable happy paw treaders. Thank you Alley Cat Al...lies! I love you! See More
Patti Jo Moore
· October 16, 2017
I love this organization and the work it does. ♥ That's why I've supported it and continue to, as much as I'm able. Thank you to all the volunteers who do so much to help our precious feline friends.
Hilary Turner
· February 15, 2018
Alley Cat Allies promotes dangerous propaganda regarding a non-native and invasive species. The domestic cat is not a wild animal and should never be regarded as such. Please do not support this organ...ization if you value native wildlife. See More
C.m. McCormick
· March 15, 2018
Totally impressed with the scope of work this organization does and am enjoying learning more about all that work. I love how they support work around the country with a blend of advocacy and direct p...rograms like TNR. See More
Rebecca Aims
· January 23, 2018
I’m a cat lady, but not a crazy cat lady!! ACA is a lobbying force for crazy cat people. The group is spreading lies, dumping cats on the street to suffer, and taking your money. Shame on you. God is watching.
Alwyn Moss
· February 10, 2018
As someone who has used TNR methods learned from ACA, I am deeply grateful for your organization. I have seen the success of these methods firsthand in the feral cat colony that I helped care for for... many years and have written a book about. The book, "Never Love a Feral Cat," documents TNR methods, giving full credit to Alley Cat Allies. See More
Diana Sharp
· February 25, 2018
I have known about Alley Cat Allies for years and they are a very good group. We need more people like this to help save unwanted cats. Thank you for a great job.
Colette Bembenek
· November 14, 2017
Long over due what this organization set out to do & is accomplishing! Thru out my life; I was amazed that people had enough jing to buy their smokes & six-packs,
but wouldn't neuter or spay their ca...t.

Thank you Alley Cat Allies for being the staunch defenders of homeless and/or feral cats, along with the tireless educational ways you put out there.
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Mary Nugen
· October 15, 2017
I love Alley Cat Allies! Not only do I love all animals, especially cats - I have six rescue cats, I love the fact that this group donates it's time and money to helping the thousands of cats out ther...e. Cats are pretty much ignored in society it seems...the underdog of the animal world. I hate that. See More
Nina Diamante
· February 14, 2018
Great that Alley Cats Allies takes care of so many cats. I only manage to take care of one (my best friend Chiquita.

A huge thanks to pop star Megan Nicole for giving these sweet kittens a spotlight in her latest music video! Celebrities, take note: We want more music videos exclusively starring cats!

"Take Me Back" is Track 3 off of my new mini album, MY KIND OF PARTY! Listen to it here: https://w...

Catching your cat in a “blep” is like finding a four-leaf clover or witnessing a shooting star. But as with most mysterious phenomena, science has an explanation!

Put that tongue away! Or not.|By Rae Paoletta

This Caturday is extra special. Not only is it St. Gertrude’s Day (the patron saint of cats) it’s also St. Patrick’s Day! Luck is on the side of this precious kitten. Jakob found her while working deep underground in a pitch-black utility tunnel. When Alley Cat Allies heard about her, we jumped to help—making sure she saw a veterinarian right away. Fortunately, she received a clean bill of health and a fitting name: Gertrude. But the good news doesn’t stop there. Once she’s old enough to be spayed, her rescuer, Jakob, plans to adopt her.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and Alley Cat Allies is happy to say one brave little kitten had the Luck of the Irish on her side!

🍀Charles, you're the best lucky charm around!🍀

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And that’s a wrap! Alice Burton, our Associate Director of Animal Shelter & Animal Control Engagement had a great time working with this group of animal control officers and advocates during her presentation on the benefits of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) at the Kentucky Animal Care and Control Association annual conference!

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We’re proud to support Animal Balance. Thank you for everything you’re doing in Hawaii!

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Animal Balance added 3 new photos.

Mahalo to Alley Cat Allies for helping us get these humane cat traps to Kauai to use for our MASH clinics. Our trapping team is scouting out the island and ready to bring us cats to sterilize. We're ready to #FIXKauai's cats!
Alley Cat Allies is an amazing resource for information on community cats and their role in our communities and environment. Check out their website to learn more about the humane work that is being done to control the community cat population and to dispel common myths about targeted trapping and the feral cat community.
#thankyoualleycatallies #communitycats #targetedtrapping #savelives #savingallspecies #cats
Kauai Humane SocietyKauai Community Cat Project Kauai SPCA

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Happy Throwback Thursday! Remember Maui? This orange boy was adopted last year and has adjusted perfectly to life with his human companions. His new mom says, “Maui continues to thrive and is a delight to all of us. We love him dearly. He’s a very interactive and playful cat.” Nothing makes us happier than a happy ending! Thinking about adding to your family? Our adoption page is a great place to start:

Image may contain: cat and indoor

Frank The Feral is having the time of his life with his new friends in Louisville, Kentucky!

Image may contain: dog

Kitten season is fast approaching. But we’ve got you covered. This short video has important tips you need to get started caring for kittens. We’ll drop a link below for more information, including resources on kitten care and our guide to socialization!

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Happy Pi Day! This tuxie is doing his best pie impression. How are you or your feline friends celebrating?

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Declawing isn’t a simple nail trim. It’s a serious surgical procedure that involves amputating a cat’s toes up to the first joint, posing the risk of infection, pain, swelling, and long-term problems with walking and grooming. Alley Cat Allies is working to ban the unnecessary practice of declawing across the country, but we need your help. We hope you’ll sign our pledge as a first step to taking action in your community.

Please sign our pledge and share with your friends and family to strengthen the effort to stop the declawing of cats.

Cindy Weber, a longtime supporter of Alley Cat Allies, began doing Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) in 2013. In November 2017, she joined our Feral Friends Network to expand her reach in and around Kansas City, and she didn’t waste any time before she began making a difference. When a concerned woman contacted her, Weber guided her through the TNR process and educated her on the happy outdoor lives of cats. We hope her story inspires you as much as it inspired us. We love our Feral Friends Network!

“If I could help other people in the community learn how to take care of cats, we can help save lives.”

Dragging a bit after the start of daylight saving time? We can relate. Hopefully some light reading on the nuances of feline affection will cheer you up! Want to learn more about interpreting cat body language? We’ll drop a link in the comments.

Some people describe cats as

Cats have strong opinions about everything from how you pet them, to where they want to sit, and even the texture of their food. It’s no surprise their musical tastes are as equally specific. What do your cats think of their personalized music?

Anyone who loves music knows how therapeutic it can be, and researchers have shown that a good melody may have the same affect on cats. But they think our human-tunes suck.

If you’re looking for your weekend dose of “Aww,” we have you covered! Books? Check. Kids? Check. Cats? Check!

Cat’s out of the bag: Kids can share a story with a few adoptable felines at Gwinnett County Public Library’s Mountain Park Branch.