Amanda Bernés - 4th Ward City Council
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I would like to extend my congratulations to candidates Brian T. Jackson and James M. McClurken in their wins in yesterday's primary election for Lansing 4th Ward City Council. I would also like to congratulate Elvin Caldwell, Kathi Ann Raffone, Larry J.Hutchinson Jr., Jason Durham on a race well run. All candidates, supporters, campaigns, and team leaders definitely deserve congratulations and thanks as well. While each of us certainly would love to be moving on to the election, with a field of seven candidates for one seat, this outcome was an inevitability for six of us.

Last night as members of my team and I sat around the dinner table, and the numbers stated to come in, I was filled with so many emotions. Loss is hard, there's no way around it. I was also filled with gratitude for each of the 431 citizens of our home town who voted for me. I was consumed with thankfulness for the love and support of the members of my team. For the last several months, 24 people put it all on the line and vied for a spot on the Lansing City Council, not out of a desire for power, but for a drive to make our city even better, stronger, smarter, and more welcoming than it is today.

This is a time of great challenges for Lansing, Michigan, and America, and I hope that all of those who move forward today will be successful in guiding our city, state, and nation.

I want to thank my team for their tireless work on behalf of the campaign, and thank their families and loved ones for taking up the slack as they have spent time knocking doors, coming to events, and doing their own special versions of community outreach on my behalf. I have had an incredible and diverse campaign team, each of whom have made an extraordinary effort not just for me, but also for the city that we love. Thank you.

And to all those who collaborated with me in our shared pursuit of change and success for Lansing, the volunteers and the donors, you gave deeply from yourselves and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As you know, this is a time of considerable challenge and trial for Lansing and the world. We as citizens must absolutely rise to the occasion. We look to our teachers, our professors, and our citizen scientists not just to teach, but to inspire the next generation with a passion for critical thinking, learning, and discovery.

I believe in the people of Lansing. I ran for office because I’m concerned about Lansing. This primary may be over, but our principles will endure.

I truly wish that I would have been able to fulfill our shared dream, to help guide Lansing through this difficult time, but the city chose different candidates. I pray that each of you will join me in wishing them the best in their continued fight to bring success to our capital city.

Thank you all so very much!

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