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Graciela Martinez
· December 2, 2017
My mind was opened to the AFSC in the mid-60's, when I was hired by a new non-profit, the Farm labor Program, in Visalia, California. The job was for one purpose: to help put together the necessary ...paperwork to establish a housing program that made it possible for low-income people to own their own homes. Prior to those days, it was uncommon for a farmworker to accumulate enough to buy a home, many times having to live in undesirable conditions, to say the least, and I am reminded of the farm labor camps that abound in this part of California, in the Central Valley, where a large portion of the food we all eat comes from -- fruit, nuts and vegetables of all kinds. The Farm Labor Program, later renamed Proyecto Campesino so people could better associate. I left the program, went out into the world, and came back to AFSC in 1997, in the grips of a devastating freeze that left many people literally out in the cold when it came to accessing resources. The AFSC provided the space and ability for those of us who worked there to further organize and advocate for those farmworkers, who for various had no one to turn to. I ultimately wound up being the first female program coordinator in the program's 50 plus years of existence. I love the AFSC for the work they do around the world, and the work they do during wars and devastations such as floodings, earthquakes, etc. I especially love the fact that some would rather go to prison than pick up a weapon against another human being. I know at least one in my area. I am presently a convinced Quaker and have been clerk of my Meeting the last two years, and often use information provided by AFSC to help inform and mobilize our people. See More
Shan Cretin
· February 26, 2018
AFSC is willing to stand with those whose rights are being trampled by the powerful—like undocumented immigrants and Black Lives Matter youth in the US or Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and Israe...l. “Quaker values in action” means speaking out when others are afraid to take the risk. See More
Martha Cain
· October 28, 2017
When my husband's family left Basel Switzerland, centuries ago ; seeking religious freedom, they settled in Pa. The Quaker's had peace & purpose there and they were proud and faithful members of their... meeting house, worshiping God and working hard. They struck out, for S. W. Pa., considered "frontier lands" compared to the relative , civilization of Philadelphia. Their modest investment in a tannery and a leather crafting business, yielded success & all prospered.General Washington, needed saddles, tack, harness, boots & shoes. The family helped & were given a Revolutionary Land Grant , to build their Church, that still exists w/ the descendants of Ben Fell! Conscience made then Friends, become Methodists, as they remain, today...ever longing for The Society of Friends and their old days of belief. Thanks for the "beacon of sanctuary", amid today's madness and hate for the immigrants... we all are, unless we are indigenous, natives of these nonce, welcoming shores . See More
Sylvester Oundo
· December 3, 2017
I have been in prison for 3 years without on wrong accusation with a neighbor who was against salvation or to be born again (saved) and put me in jail because of envy but God managed to remove me from... jail and am now free and want to work for the Lord or to serve Him. I am in Uganda and as a servant of God and want people i may connect with to serve God. That is why i wrote to you to be your friends in USA and to love me and to work togethere with me. For we have a school under the church and we need people to stand with us please here in Uganda. See More
Francisco Javier Velazquez Estrada
· December 27, 2017
Good evening dear friends of AFSC, I want to congratulate you for all the great work you do to transform the world into a more prosperous planet to improve human dignity, I know it is not an easy job ...because here in my own country we also pass through difficult moments. Undoubtedly the work of building a better world should fall on the hands of the youth of the world. We need to be the change we want to see in the world; That is why the change begins with ourselves.

I had the opportunity in 2014 to make an intership at AFSC in Washington DC as a volunteer teacher in public schools (Dunbar) to conduct workshops on Human Rights, without a doubt that experience transformed my life.

I currently do my own personal initiative heer in my State in Mexico, my venture I call it " PROPAZ por Guerrero ", which is a prevention program for the reconstruction of the social tissue based on Human Rights with a Gender Perspective, to abolish violence in our State.

I know that the task of building a better world is not easy, and the small triumphs I make are thanks to the experience I acquired with you at AFSC.

Mr. Jean-Louis Peta Ikambana has been a great friend, supervisor in my intership and these achievements, are also yours with his advice, motivation and teamwork.

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William Murphy
· February 26, 2018
Consistently ethical and excellent for over 50 years in my experience. Thank you AFSC for being there for me and so many others!
Tiffini Flynn Forslund
· February 27, 2018
This is the first time I am hearing of this organization. The history is impressive and it appears they have been intersectional since inception.
Judith Felker
· January 9, 2018
American Friends Service Committee is making a difference in our world, as members work for peace everywhere, and justice for everyone.
Sabrina Zimmerman
· March 26, 2018
This organization spams emails and sends you emails thanking you for signing petitions you never even signed. There is some level of fraud happening here.
Susan Carpenter
· April 24, 2017
For a long time I've known about AFSC from a distance. For example, my mother's family was helped to come from Northeastern Germany to the USA in 1936-37; I knew a man's name: Wilbur Thomas. And I had... the fact that my younger brother was named Thomas because of Wilbur Thomas. When I was a child my mother began to take me to Friends' Meeting.
I was an adult with children before I learned that Thomas was the man who arranged a fellowship from the Carl Schurz foundation for my grandfather.
Those are fragments of information, but they stand for the family's survival. They also stand for the power of war-resistance.
Now I'm active in a local Quaker meeting and they've given me the opportunity to keep them informed about what AFSC is doing. Do you have a monthly newsletter? Is there another way to keep track?
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Sandra Sanchez Comunica
· May 14, 2018
Really good and factual information, easy to read and understand showing common folks walking the talk as one of the main tenants of Quakers!
Carol Voigts
· February 28, 2018
AFSC is always on the cutting edge of social action
Michael Patrick Murphy
· November 11, 2017
The AFSC has been very important in humanity's search for peace on earth and goodwill towards men. I thoroughly support them in their efforts to stop America's involvement in needless wars, regardles...s of the fact I consider myself a non-religious individual. :-) See More
Anna O'Reilly
· May 17, 2017
I lived in a loving small village in Mexico with other volunteers, funded by the AFSC. I learned there to open my heart--something a Quaker college did not teach me to do.
I'm so ashamed of my coun...try for deporting wonderful, hardworking people from Mexico and all the Americas and elsewhere. I want us to return the hospitality and care I received after college.
Sanctuary everywhere!
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Annapoorne Colangelo
· September 1, 2017
AFSC is a wonderful organization - NOT a corporation. They come from a place of love for everyone - no matter what ethnicity, race, color, creed or beliefs. If we all were this way, we'd live in harmony.
Suud Olat
· March 7, 2017
AFSC is one of the best global peace education initiatives i've ever seen.

Growing up in the world's largest refuge camps dadaab As a child, life in the Dadaab refugee camp was tough and rough I did...n't know much about the great programs AFSc teaches about peace one day I was lucky enough to apply a training work shop for refugees youth conducting by Afsc in collaboration with Filmaid international since that day my whole life has changed and I am global peace Ambassador

Thank you AFSC people Like me are the beneficiaries of great AFSc projects worldwide
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Cinnamon Small
· February 3, 2017
I have been following AFSC for many years and they represent the solidarity that I seek. I appreciate all the work that is being done to reach those who are interested in true grassroots organizing, ...holding those in power accountable, and raising my consciousness about events that are happening right in my backyard related to organizing, education, and action. See More
Evi Numen
· August 18, 2017
I have been really impressed with your efforts in solidarity and support of immigrants and refugees in the face of this political crisis. I wish more religious organizations followed your example (I'm... an atheist). Thank you for all you do! See More
Ute Finckh
· March 17, 2018
Very informative even seen from Germany. Thanks!
Dipendra Thapa
· July 31, 2016
Dear Madam/Sir,

Sunrise Montessori & Pre School (SMS) is a education organization and...
working on the Montessori based education. We also giving scholarship
to dalit Janajati and Poor family. As we are on the primary stage of
establishment, it would help us greatly to have some office equipment
and furniture to establish our school. We would like to request you
to donate the glass file rack, Laptop with meeting room table and
chairs for our institution.

Looking forward to have your kind consideration on this regard!

Yours sincerely,

Sangita Khatri
Sunrise Montessori & Pre-Schoo
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We are witnessing injustice and increased acts of hate every day. Donate today to our 2018 Annual Fund Drive, and help us raise $150,000 crucial dollars towards our peace and human rights work in the year ahead.

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