Although it is widely recognized that many transfers of nursing facility residents are potentially avoidable, determining “avoidability” at time of transfer is complex. #geriatrics

To describe the relationship between nursing facility resident risk conditions and signs and symptoms at time of acute transfer and diagnosis of conditions associated with potentially avoidable acute transfers...

This #NationalCaregiversDay, take the time to assess your personal health and needs. Take our quick, interactive caregiver health quiz that asks, "How are YOU?"... and find more resources for caregivers at

Most importantly - THANK YOU to all of the caregivers for the work that you do for those who need care!

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This questionnaire can help caregivers make decisions that may benefit both the caregiver and the older person
Pursuing a Career in Geriatrics
We’re #FacebookLive for the end of the #AgingDisbilityForum, with AGS’s own Nancy Lundebjerg bringing it all together... #geriatrics #aging #design
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