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Joyce Belcher
· October 24, 2017
I took care of my Husband when he had a stroke at the age 0f 62,so I know what it is like , He only recovered so much & it was so sad to see such an active Man, end up not being able to do what he always done, he was a beautiful Auctioneer,a voice like velvet. I have had at least 2 TIA's. It is a shame that such a disease can can take your quality of life away. See More
Michelle Charlton
· January 16, 2018
I just found this page and am so grateful for it. In June 2017, my mother had a stroke. We later found out she'd had a small one prior to that one. Within a day, she lost her ability to use her side, as well as her ability to speak. In August, 2017 she had yet another one. I feel so helpless as does she. She's currently in a nursing home but I'm believing she'll get better. If there's any info that anyone can share that could be of help, I'd so appreciate it. God bless you all. See More
Diana Latimore
· July 25, 2017
The stroke assessment I took the other day inspired me to quit smoking and I feel hopeful that my score will increase substantially as I make these life changes. My sister-in-law posted the Stroke in...formation on FB and that is when my life changed Keep up the good work. See More
Scott Swisher
· September 30, 2017
I was cured from STROKE by the help of a physic doctor called YEYE OSUN we got her contact in the Internet so we decided to give it a try and then we contacted her through her mail she sent me herbs w...hich i took for a week there after i to the hospital for check up and I was told by the doctor that there is no treat of STROKE in my body, That I was free from the disease. I thank God and doctor yeye, You can also contact her on email at (godseyeosun@yahoo. com) See More
Danielle Bochman
· April 28, 2017
My daughter, who is now 4 months old, had a stroke in utero and the information provided by the American Stroke Association is impeccable. I wasn't very familiar with strokes in general and especially... not in babies but all the information I've read is wonderful. My little one is and has been closely monitored but as of today she has zero symptoms of ever having a massive stroke. See More
Emmanuel Eminex
· June 12, 2017
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Deanne Hopson
· January 18, 2017
I had a stroke in Oct. 2015 at 43 years old, it happen two and a half months before my 44th birthday and up until now I considered this something that happen to "old people", and I didn't consider mys...elf old �. As I sat here reading some stories this morning on this page, I know that many of us have had the same thing happen, many younger then me and many older, but thanks to this page I don't feel as alone as I have felt this past year. It's a slow road to recovery, I hope everyone feels the inspiration from this page that I did. See More
Melissa Farley
· October 27, 2015
My name is Melissa and I'm 39yrs old. One week ago I was in class reading when the left side of my face started to go numb, then my left leg went numb, not thinking too much about it(because I have di...abetic neuropathy). My teacher asked me was I OK, and when I started to answer I realized I was not. I couldn't speak clearly, all my words we're jumbled up. The teachers called 911 and once I got to the hospital and went thru a series of tests my Dr told me I had a stroke, it was a tia stroke (mini stroke) on the right side of my brain. While examining my MRI, they discovered that I had also had 2 strokes on the left side of my brain that I knew nothing about.. My strokes we're caused by diabetes, and smoking. Needless to say my husband and I have not had a cigarette for a week now. I am blessed beyond measures that I didn't have many side effects from it, my speech isn't 100%, but it will get better. Please people it doesn't matter how old you are, if something happens like this to you, don't brush it off like I almost did go get checked out, it can make a huge difference in your recovery. See More
Alona Goforglo Johnson
· May 1, 2017
I love this page and reading everyone stories. My mother had a stroke at the age 46 in 2014 right in front of me and the doctor. The last few years has been hard for me and our family, but we are stil...l standing strong. I'm the one that takes care of her from cleaning her to doctor appointments. Sometimes I feel like my mother has become my child and I don't have any kids. My life has changed a lot because of this but I'll do anything for her. Sometimes I feel alone in all of this because no one really understand what I'm dealing with and how much work it is to take care of a love one. I need a new positive outlet.. any suggestions. See More
Julie Kathryn Hartley
· April 16, 2017
I had my stroke during the night. I went to bed ok and woke up to my changed life age 43 in 2007. I had a 4 month stay on the stroke unit and through dogged determination I have almost fully recovered.... I came home from hospital in a wheelchair and almost 10 years later I'm walking unaided. My advice is never give up, yes I have difficult and frustrating days but I have more good days than bad. My friend Michael survived three strokes and he helps me stay positive.
If someone says I can't do something I say ' ok,well just watch me then!!'
Thank you Michael for your support Hun
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Terri Wetzel
· March 27, 2017
Just found this page and all these stories are giving me hope! My father just had an ischemic stroke 3 days ago at the age of 73. He is the most active man, still works full time, always doing things ...outside, fixing things and eats healthy! No family history at all! Now he's in the hospital and this is not easy to deal with considering he is so active! I am a nurse and know about strokes and have taken care of so many stroke patients, but being on the other side as a family member is so hard! All of the stories I am reading on this page are keeping me positive! I pray every minute I have to have my dad regain as much as possible! Thank you all for sharing your stories! See More
Joyce Oldham Adcock
· June 19, 2017
very informative let you know how it is going to be as you get better after stroke also lets you know how to prevent helped me a lot after my stroke and lets you be aware of what can happen if you sur...vive thanks a lot See More
Katherine Anne
· October 31, 2016
I'm 29 years old and suffered a ischemic stroke on the right side of my brain a little over 2 weeks ago. I got very very lucky since the only symptoms I got were a migraine headache and loss my sight ...for an hour. Physically I am fine, emotionally I'm not. Any tips on how to cope? I cry a lot. Get a lot of headaches still. #survivor See More
Lori Pannetta Agnello
· August 10, 2015
God Bless all of those who have suffered a stroke. I suffered a double stroke on December 22, 2013. I was thankfully at home in bed when it happened. I was alone as my husband was at work. I was taken... to the hospital via ambulance where as soon as I arrived I was taken in for an MRI. I have no memory of what was going on. I had a craniotomy to relieve the blood on my brain. They said if I did not have the surgery ASAP that my chance of survival was not good (to be honest, they did not think I was going to live). Here it is 4 months shy of 2 years and I have made a full recovery. I had just turned 48 when it happened. Everyone was so supportive, except one person who told me he could not believe it didn't happen sooner, that I should be dead and he knew exactly what I was going through. He had no idea as unless you go through it how could you understand. I don't think I had ever been hurt as bad as that. I hope you are all continuing to heal and you are feeling well. See More
Jim Nolan
· October 25, 2016
I'm a 52 year old male whosuffered a major shemorrhagic stroke over this past Labor Day weekend. Never in my life would I have ever quested I'd be in this recoverysituation. I'm currently in out patie...nt therapy trying to gain my independence back by January 2017! Thankfully with the support of family and friends I'm on the road to making my goal. I still await movement back in my left arm and left foot though. I always thought of myself as healthy so this is a living nightmare. See More
Vivian Delaluz
· May 7, 2015
The more information I can read about and hear stories about the more I am understanding what is happening to me and how to react to my problems. Almost six months and I have still lots of fatigue an...d other issues regarding my memory and other mental issues, but at least I do not feel as I am alone and that makes me stronger in trying to fight this and try to better myself even with so many health issues. Thank you. Vivian See More
Jack Fisher
· May 28, 2017
As a victim myself 12 years ago at 45 it was a big wake up and the info and people I have come in contact with from and through the A.S.A. are simply amazing.
Lori Garrett
· April 9, 2016
I am a 37 year old ER nurse. On December 15, 2015 I suffered a right sided parietal infarct. It was the scariest thing to go through as a nurse. To know what was happening to you but to not want to be...lieve it at the same time. I seeked medical treatment immediately and luckily was able to receive TPA. Never ignore the signs when you are having a stroke. And always Fight! #survivor See More
Angela Grieb
· December 19, 2014
I'm 21 After I had open heart surgery on June 27 of this year then my brain started swelling 2 days later they realized my brain was swelling due to 2 strokes I had, a small one on my left side and ma...ssive on my right. I was previously healthy so learning to walk Again, drive my car, writing and just basic day to day things seemed very unfair there have been so many times in the past 6 months I've wanted to just give up and I've gotten very frustrated. Thanks to my amazing support system and reading all these amazing inspirational stories on here has made me realize that if other people can do it so can I! I love reading the tips this site gives and knowing a lot of other people are going threw what I am is really helpful. See More
Rachel Dina Owens
· June 29, 2014
On March 27( of 2014 I had a massive Hemorrhage while 22 weeks pregnant(and at 34 years old . I noticed the left sided paralysis while waking up for an early morning run. Now 36 weeks pregnant and a Scheduled c-section in 1 week. I was discharged from the hospital on May 30th am a NYC dweller and have managed to deal with a third floor walk up apartment and have been able to slowly walk up to two blocks with the aid of a cane. I have minimal arm movement on the left side and the fingers are still useless. I am trying hard to stay positive and have been told because I was an athlete my physical recovery prognosis is optimistic, however I am very scared of being a first time mother and taking care of my little girl while still in a very early stage of recovery. Has anyone witnessed while waiting for their hand to come back subconscious movement / stretching? In the early morning hours my hand stretches while I cannot get it to happen intentionally. See More
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"The earlier and more diligently the blood pressure is managed, the less damage we cause to our arteries through time."

130/80 is the new high blood pressure threshold. What should your personal blood pressure goal be and when should you worry?

When she awoke from six and a half hours of neurosurgery, she had no memory of the prior 34 years of her life. She didn’t recognize her husband, children or parents. “I forgot the first nine years of my marriage,” she said.

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In addition to raising blood pressure, a high-salt diet may also spell trouble for the brain — and for mental performance.

New research on mice finds that a high-salt diet sets off a cascade of effects that starts in the gut, corrodes blood vessels in the brain, and dampens cognitive performance
American Stroke Association added a new photo to the album: Stroke Heroes.

Meet Lilian Tsi Stielstra, this week's #StrokeHero. Lilian had been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure in early 2010, and was in a fairly stressful job situation, and about 15 to 20 pounds overweight and taking oral contraceptives. She felt that she was not given very good care or guidance as the nurse practitioner was not able to tell her more than to take the proper pills while Lilian wished to be more involved in her care and get more direction. About six months after the ...diagnosis, Lilian woke up with numbness in her left leg, and within 30 minutes, her entire left side was numb - leg, arm, and face. That was when she recognized that she was having a stroke and was rushed to the hospital Emergency Room. Fortunately, for Lilian, she had her own paramedic – her husband. She stayed in the hospital for 72 hours and was then discharged. Having gotten to the hospital fast, Lilian had no real deficits as it was a very small clot as well. While she was in the hospital, she received more information about what happened to her and what steps I could take to change the course of her health. Lilian started with walking 30 minutes every day, and now 5 years later, she is running an average of 20 miles a week, and taking up swimming lessons for the first time in her life. She’s also changed her
diet, and is reading labels, and being careful about what she eats.

See More
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Perhaps you have noticed, your blood pressure fluctuates, sometimes by quite a bit, and considering the many warning we have all heart about high blood pressure, those variations may be worrisome. So, are we right to be worried?

Perhaps you have noticed, your blood pressure fluctuates, sometimes by quite a bit, and considering the many warnings we have all heard about high blood pressure, those variations may be worrisome. So, are we right to be worried? Dr. Paul Whelton We took this question to Paul Whelton, clinical profe...

12 years after a stroke changed his life, Billy found freedom on top of a bike. “Not only did my body begin to change physically, but my entire demeanor and mindset transformed.” Read his inspiring story.

In moments of exultation, we often act driven by forces free from thought. It was a benign setting in the parking lot of the Challenged Athletes Foundation, where I threw my leg over the side of the bike I was so gallantly loaned.

Dolly Lang isn't old enough to vote, but she's making her voice heard in Washington and her home state of New Jersey. Her mother is a two-time stroke survivor who has long been an advocate for stroke research, and Dolly is following in her footsteps. Visit to learn how you can make a difference. #YoureTheCure

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As with so many things involving the human brain, memory is complicated. There’s long-term, short-term, skill and language-based memory and more. But the overarching issues of memory are storage and retrieval, and each can be affected by stroke.

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Eating a healthy diet is important for managing your blood pressure and reducing your risk of heart attack and stroke. Learn how to make changes that matter for a longer, healthier life.

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Medical adherence — following doctor’s orders — is a huge issue in medicine. Adherence comprises both lifestyle and medication prescriptions. Neither can work as expected if not used as directed.

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Turning up the heat could help with turning down the salt.

Eating spicy foods can help you cut down on your salt intake.

Our mission is to build healthier lives free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Learn how you can help fight the No.1 and No. 5 killers of Americans at #YoureTheCure

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American Stroke Association added a new photo to the album: Stroke Heroes.

Meet this week's #StrokeHero, Belinda De La Rosa. Belinda has suffered two strokes and her first stroke was in 1998 when she collapsed while working without noticeable reason. Then the same incident occurred five years later. Belinda is a stroke hero because of her constant efforts at staying healthy and remaining happy. She is a wife and a mother of two sons, who she generously supports through her love, affection and finances. Though, Belinda has sad days she is always able to smile. Smiling is her manifestation of her perseverance to live well and pursue happiness.

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Within 24 hours of quitting smoking, some people are irritable, frustrated, anxious and experience a number of other unpleasant effects. That’s the bad news. The good news is, there are ways to blunt those effects.

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