For the month of April we are asking the employees of Amigone Funeral Home, Inc. to join us and get involved with our foundation of choice this month Gerard Place. Gerard Place is dedicated to improving the lives of people striving to break the cycle of poverty in their lives.

If anyone else would like to help in our drive we are collecting any kind of baby item. Collection location is our Central Office: 2600 Sheridan Drive, Tonawanda (side door) between 10AM and 6PM,

Ge...rard Place Item List:
• Diapers (any size)
• Baby wipes
• Baby ointment
• Bibs
• Baby bottles
• Baby formula
• Baby food
• Crib sheets (can be gently used)
• Mattress pads (can be gently used)
• Baby clothing
• Baby gates
• Baby blankets

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Gerard Place Housing for Homeless, Single Parent Families. Community Education and Outreach Services.
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Jittaun Hutchinson
· June 20, 2017
I have nothing but good things to say about Amigone. They treated our family with the utmost respect and care. 7 months later and they are still assisting my family and I with my mother's final affair...s. Everyone I speak with is patient and empathetic to our needs and requests. They go above and beyond for their clients. I will forever appreciate their service. See More
Lisa Lawler Romano
· February 9, 2016
My friend's Dad was buried by this funeral home & the entire thing was a miserable fail!!!! From the unprofessional way they were treated to the incredibly cavalier attitude this awful business took o...nce they were made aware of some horrible mistakes that took place on their part!!!! I would never ever ever recommend this funeral home with so many other good quality funeral homes in the Buffalo area!! I wouldn't even give them one star if there was that option!! See More
Patrick Joseph Dominic Languini
· February 18, 2016
Went the extra mile for us when our father passed away after a lengthy illness. Made sure all the preparations were handled to perfection so that we could focus on celebrating our father's life and r...emember the great man he was. Truly a "family-run" business that so rarely are still around these days. Thank you for your support! See More
Kerry OD
· February 12, 2016
Heinous service. Just abysmal. Buried my friend's father unbeknownst to her and the rest of the family. The AUDACITY! Buried him in the incorrect plot, and even listed the wrong cause of death. T...hey had ONE JOB. To top it off: when my friend took her inconsolable mother back to discuss potential corrective action--especially how upsetting it was that their husband and father was not buried in the family plot--the owner BERATED and continually harangued the widow and my grieving friend.

Take your business elsewhere.
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Gillian Brockell
· February 9, 2016
Buried my friend's father at the wrong time, without any of her family there. The manager refused to apologize when my friend and her mother told them how devastated they were, didn't seem to understa...nd what the "big deal" was, and then accused them of being cheapskates when they asked for a partial refund. A few weeks later, her mom gets a few $25 gift certificates to local restaurants from them. She sent them back. Awful, terrible business. See More
Kathy McConnell
· February 10, 2016
Imagine how best to demonstrate respect for a loved one who has died, and compassion for the deceased's family. Then imagine the opposite and you will have an accurate description of how Amigone works.... Go elsewhere. See More
Julia Lindow
· February 9, 2016
Long story short: as my friend and her family were going through a terrible time, having lost a father and husband, this company made things a whole lot worse.
Jesse Willard
· February 9, 2016
Terrible, terrible service. AVOID these people at all costs.
Ron Golombek
July 10, 2013
Hassle free, they make a very difficult time easier for the family