Hey all! I am not sure why it is down now. But, for now you can go to It is a mirror to I will soon be moving everything off the host that ammo-can is on now to the new host.

UNOFFICIAL DISCLAIMER: Official Disclaimer coming soon. Please be aware that inventory shown on this site may not be the actual inventory in the stores. Accurate inventory can be quite difficult to keep track of. There are many reasons why. Anyone using this site needs to be aware of this and use it...

Site is back up. Hopefully I can move it before they shut it down again.

Sorry all, my hosting company (dreamhost) saw it fit to take down the site. They said it was using too many resources. No warning, no discussion. Now they are trying to get me to upgrade. Needless to say. I am trying to get the site back up as quick as I can AND I will be looking for another hosting company. Anyone have any thoughts on a company that will host django apps?

Hosting service seems to be having issues...

Alright everyone! We are venturing into new territory. We have added a forum. The hope is to create a place for everyone to be able to have beneficial conversation about guns and ammo and anything else related. At the top of the main site, click on forum. Or from here, go to:

Enjoy! And good luck finding ammo!

We have added a new feature. Next to stock status, there are arrows. One up and one down. If the stock displayed is accurate to what is in the store, press up. If it is not accurate, press down.

This is just the first go around. There will be a lot of tweaks as this is not an easy problem to solve. So, keep with it!

If you have trouble getting to the site, it will be temporary. My host is making service changes for me to improve performance.

Found some issues with the force update. I believe they are fixed now. Please let me know if you are running into more issues.

Also, there is a link to the old pages. Most likely I am going to continue to improve the new site. I will try to make it faster and add more features.

Happy Independence Day to you all! On this independence day we have launched a new front end to the site. We think it will be better long term as we believe we will be able to make changes, features and fixes more quickly.

We know there are going to be some quirks to start off with. Let us know what you are seeing and we will see what we can do to get them fixed asap!

OK all! The site is back up. There is an unofficial disclaimer on the site now. But there will be an official one soon written by actual lawyers.

The bottom line: Be kind and courteous. We don't need any negative attention and the anti-gunners would love to hear stories about people being stupid to get ammo. Think!

Have a good day and I hope the site continues to help you!

Good news! I will put the site back up soon. Bottom line is that there are legal teams working together to write a disclaimer. Once I have that, I can put the site back up! Stay tuned!

I am in some discussions with people about the site right now that is putting me in a position to take the site down temporarily. I hope the site will be up later today and I can say more then. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Good News and Bad News... First the bad news.
Bad News: Walmart changed things on me and stock is not showing right.
Good News: I believe I have found a new way to collect the data. However, this means I have to shut off current checks and forces to fully test. I hope it will be back online shortly!

We have been featured on a great website about gun rights and the good guns do. Please check it out and like Guns Saves Lives on facebook as well!…/new-website-tracks-realtime-nat…/

Contrary to popular belief, many retailers are getting ammo shipments on a regular basis right now. It’s just that ammo is selling approximately 30-50 times faster than it was prior to December, so at any given time shelves are likely to be empty. updated their cover photo.
June 6, 2013
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June 5, 2013
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Hopefully we will get a logo soon! If you have an idea for one please let me know!