Run (original song)
Testing out Facebook live with a yuna song because this is quite scary. Hi! **edit** THANKS FOR WATCHING EVERYONE 💕 sorry it's not very long. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea that we are all in the same room even though we're not. I don't say much, and I didn't realise there was a delay in the video so when I shut it off it wasn't over yet for you guys. Sorry!
I’m here! Waiting for sound check... nervous!! See you tomorrow! Musicsynthesis Festival,KLPAC, 20th Dec,7pm #musicsynthesis #光合作用原创音乐节 #nothingbeatslocalbeats #大马也有好音乐 巨木音乐 Jumuro Music pH Music 指数音乐 Amrita Soon

It’s nostalgic to be living in December. Looking back on the year, holding on to the moments that are like fading photographs. Sometimes people change and it’s like you don’t know them anymore. Sometimes you’re the one who has changed, not them; and it’s the face in the mirror you no longer recognise. We’ve become strangers now, catching glances into each other’s eyes and bringing back glimpses into what was, but isn’t anymore.

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Thank you to everyone at pH Music 指数音乐 for taking the songs I’ve written in the corner of my room and turning them into songs for you to listen.
(Playing on a Lindsay Marcus guitar in the recording as well as in the video ☺️)

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Recorded vocals for a song I wrote long ago, about feeling sad and lost. It was a temporary place and I have since moved on from that.
Today I had to bring back all those feelings I pushed away. And I stayed there in that state of confusion, sorrow, and pain until we were done and then I could go back to normal again.
But that’s harder than I thought.

I am now a mess of emotions.

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