We have a full page feature in National Geographic Magazine, and recommended in their 2017 Coolist.

5 years ago I moved to Amsterdam and bought a rusty old bike. I knew nobody else in the city, but this was fine, because I spent all my time cycling around and discovering new places. I started to uncover the intricacy of the place and was astounded at how beautiful a city it is.

I started to photograph the city. I would go out alone. I went out for the sunrise. I went out afte...r dark with a tripod strapped to my back and an iPod loaded up with my favourite tunes. I fell in love with Amsterdam. I went out in the rain, looking for the best place to shoot the reflections. I went out in the snow, the ice and the glorious spring days when the trees burst into green canopies above the canals. It was a beautiful journey of discovery.

I started to post my pictures on Facebook. When I look back now they were not so amazing, but I was learning what the city had to offer. My pictures got better, and people started to take notice.
I would take friends out with me and show them some of the places I had discovered. Some of them were locals who had lived there all their lives. They were blown away too! More and more people wanted to come out with me, and before long I was establishing myself as some kind of authority on the city’s photographic highlights.

I was contacted by an international filming company who wanted tips on where to shoot their footage, and the best time to do it. And I was contacted by newspapers in Amsterdam who wanted to publish my pictures.

Things started to speed up. I needed a new direction. So I set up AMSTERDAM PHOTO SAFARI - A specialist tour for people visiting the city who want to know the best places to take photos.

But I wanted to keep it small, I wanted to give the same experience as I’d given my friends when they visited: a couple of buddies cruising around the city, talking about the crazy things that go on there, and taking cool photographs.

4 years later, that’s exactly what we still do. Only now I’m helped out by my 2 friends Chris and Philippe. And my Dad, Barry who answers the requests from people who are visiting. But it's the same deal - we keep it small and relaxed with no touristy cheesiness. Its like an afternoon or an evening with an old friend.

Over the years we have met people from all corners of the globe. We share stories about our lives and experiences, and speak about the things we find funny, touching or important.

In the past we have been featured in articles and magazines. But I guess the good word spreads, because late last year I was contacted by National Geographic Traveller magazine. They wanted to do a full page feature on us and recommend us in the 2017 hotlist of things to do internationally.

Of course I said yes

The journey continues but it’s amazing to think what happens when you do something you love and believe in.

Love Tim, Chris, Philippe & Barry

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Check out our Amsterdam with its icey canals. Majestic photograph by the our Philippe Bro Photography

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Great capture by James Brookes of the fading light in these late winter days. You can check his Facebook page also: James Brooke’s Photography

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James Brook (James Brook Photography) captured the atmosphere of our February Amsterdam so beautifully here.

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A shot from Yara Michels capturing the winter atmosphere of our central canals. See more of Yara Michels photos here:

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Great panning shot from a recent tour by Chris Page Photography. Check out more of his work via the above link.

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Id like to say a massive thank you to everybody who has taken the time to leave a review on Trip Advisor.

Since we are a small speciality tour it massively help us out, by letting people hear about us. It's also really great to have feedback from you guys about what we are doing right, and also any ways we can improve.

Here is a recent review, taken from Trip Advisor, along with a stunning photo from the tour. If you would like to read all our reviews, here is a link: ...…

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Not only does Conroy Rowley have one of the most regal names we have ever had on our tour, he also took some beautiful images when we shared an evening together

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If you don't manage to make it out with us on a tour, then a good tip is to get yourself in a great position at sunset time.

This is because 20 minutes after sunset all the lights come on on the bridges in Amsterdam! This is the start of the BLUE HOUR.

It's really important for you to be in a location where there is many photo opportunities all very close together, because you will have about 45 minutes of perfect light to shoot in (before it goes totally dark).


If you do decide to come on one of our night tours then you will be perfectly located where there is a high concentration of world class photography locations all in close proximity.

We hand pick every place we stop, and plan our route so it maximises the time we are out. This means that in a short space of time we photograph many many stunning views.

See you by the canals.

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Here's a great image from Tara that she uploaded along with a review to trip advisor.

"A great tour with Philippe - a brilliant tour guide as well as teacher. Not only did we see a whole different side to Amsterdam (we've been times before), we learnt so many new photo techniques, tips and how to tell a story through composition and framing. I went with my partner and we genuinely had an excellent day together - he was a genuine pleasure to be with and the tour was the highlight of our days in Amsterdam."

To see more of our glowing trip advisor testimonies check us out here:…

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One of our stops on the Night Tour. I always love to see how different people capture a different location.

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I amsterdam is with Nardi Hamzai and 5 others.

Equally beautiful, by day and by night

(by Daniele Imperio)

We are loving the new lease of life that has come to our city this Spring time. It seems to look more beautiful than ever.

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I had the pleasure of spending the day with our old buddy Avinash Jain yesterday. He took some magnificent images last time he was out with us (this is one of his from last year).

This time we went to see the windmills and also to explore the tulips fields of North Holland. I'm expecting some great images from him, as usual, and hope to share them on here for people to see.

In the mean time, you can see his photography facebook page here for some of his world travels captur...ed through his lense. Its quite inspiring!

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We are constantly challenging ourselves and also our guests to achieve arresting photographs by experimenting with alternative angles.

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One of our favorite stops on the night photography tour Captured and edited with precision by Michael van de Burg

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AMSTERDAM updated their cover photo.

Singel, Amsterdam.

By Michael van der Burg.

Ok so we didn't have loads of snow, but there was some good moments while it lasted!

Photographed by Philippe Bro Photography during a recent tour.

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A lot of people when they visit Amsterdam miss all the best parts! They get sucked in to the tourist traps and the red light district. Amsterdam has so much more to offer. It is a city that mixes centuries old culture with current cutting edge movements in art, music, and personal spiritual development. And as soon as it goes dark and the lights come on on the bridges it gets quite beautiful.

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