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Day2Day - Let's get started.
Visit the Memoranda discussion group for tips and encouragement in this project to capture you. We will look at why a daily photo journal is valuable, how to take better photos, the art of seeing, and the therapeutic aspects of images.

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Photo A Day

I would like to invite you to create a photo journal of your life. Join me here each week to share an image, a story, a page, or a thought about how... the process is affecting you.

Day2Day provides a place to record little things that may not be featured in family's or children’s albums. It’s where the seemingly insignificant things in life that would otherwise be forgotten are captured and remembered for years to come. How wonderful would it be to have this type of visual diary from our ancestors in our hands to look back on! It may seem that things are mundane in our “Day2Day” life, but it’s the small things that make us who we are.
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I was browsing through a colleague's album of her childhood. When we were young, the family camera was brought out for milestone moments such as birthdays, holidays, and vacations. As I browsed through her album I noticed how similar they were to my own childhood photos--the home furnishings were identical, her clothes and hair style were just like mine, even the composition of the images was eerily familiar. We grew up on opposite sides of the country in very different worlds but one could not surmise this from our photos. This is when it occurred to me--it is the everyday moments that tell our life's story.

My colleague grew up in an aging east coast suburb surrounded by neat rows of identical houses and using public transit to spend her days among tall buildings. Although my childhood began in a new development of winding streets and cul-de-sacs outside of a western city where I enjoyed a short 10-minute walk to my state-of-the-art elementary school, my weekends were spent in the pastures beyond the development; and soon my family moved to the middle of nowhere to a street of houses from which only stands of trees on the horizon indicated other homes and the two-hour bus ride to my four-room schoolhouse was the social highlight of my day. But, the inside of our homes, our fashions, and the milestones we celebrated were so similar as to be indistinguishable.

Today, most people have a camera within reach at every moment. We take photos of the most mundane things because it costs nothing and can easily be deleted. We berate social media posts of food, outfits, and pets, yet these are the things that make our world, the experiences that shape who we become and define who we are.

Creating a daily photographic record of the mundane tells a very crucial part of your story. There are many ways to accomplish this and finding your own style is critical to the nature of the project. You may choose to begin with an image and journal a paragraph or two about your thoughts on the subject or you may wish to let the photo stand alone or perhaps include a small caption. You may choose to keep these daily images in an album in your FOREVER account with the commentary in the meta-data or you may choose to arrange them onto pages in a Artisan project, sharing weekly jpeg pages on social media and finally printing them into a book at the end of the year. You may choose to begin an ongoing practice, every day, every year, for the foreseeable future or you may plan to capture only a milestone year--babies first year, the last year of your 20's, the first year in your new home, a sabbatical, a mission, the year you turn 50.... The project is as individual as you are.

So, let your imagination inspire you and let's get started. For now, be mindful of your daily joys, capture them with a quick click on your phone, upload them to a Day2Day album in your FOREVER account, and see what takes shape. Don't censor at this point, take many photos each day for a week or two until you find your style and your story. Start by taking pictures of the everyday moments. What is the first thing you see when you wake? Notice the way the morning sun makes your favorite mug glow. Your collection of wardrobe and accessories could provide an enlightening glimpse at your personality. The entrance to your workplace and your workstation are a huge part of your story. The frost on your windshield, the first robin of spring, a field of wildflowers, the changing leaves are all worth noting. The places you shop and the price of food are the sort of thing that will amaze your great-grandchildren. Dinnertime binds generations together and the image of the cook preparing and serving the family favorites becomes a legendary icon. Your leisure activities--the book you are reading, your hobby or pastime--reveal who you are and who you want to become. Your bedtime routine, the way you put your day aside and unwind, the people in your most inner circle are the things that make up who we are.

Share your photos here to help everyone become inspired and start seeing their own lives in new ways.

View my Daily Images here…/5c5b657…/b0h7zaaig0bzrhet60h3knzlc

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Andrea Ayers
· October 8, 2017
MEMORANDA offers the best of both digital & traditional memory keeping products and various levels of service vs DIY to suit whatever your project needs. The market is so diverse and there are so many... options available that the prospect of organizing and preserving your family's legacy can be overwhelming. Andi has searched, researched, and analyzed the industry and can recommend the best path to meeting your goals--even if you don't yet know what those goals will be. Have you been ignoring your photos? Are you looking for a great problem solver to listen to your needs and clearly lay out an action plan? MEMORANDA is a COMPLETE memory keeping service offering products that are just right for any situation. See More

Here is a commercial from a few years ago--great timeless message.

FOREVER® Because Every Life Matters™

Finally, the peace of mind that your photos are safe in one place! When it comes to your most precious memories, don’t settle for anything less than Forever....

You've had plenty of time to recuperate from the holiday rush and now it is time to ORGANIZE YOUR PHOTOS while your memory is still fresh and the emotions are still sharp. Join me each weekday (starting at 9am MST) on my group page to see a new photo and discuss the topics covered in the daily video. Share your photos and stories and collaborate with others to preserve your precious moments in their best light.

The group is meant to be interactive so please share your thoughts!

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Let's get together and start this year out right!
Who's up for a crop? Check out the events on the MEMORANDA page for the venue that suits you best. There is something for EVERYONE!

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Check out our GROUP for you to share your creations & Questions!
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Belonging is what we need.
Whether you prefer traditional scrapbooking with quality Creative Memories products or you are ready to venture into the digital age with the FOREVER Storage & organizing, graphic design, and printing possibilities, joining others with similar interests helps spark creativity and develop consistency. Finding the time to document your family's stories is easier when you have a set time and dedicated space at a workshop or club. Join me this year for one of my general workshops or choose a specific focus group. I also have some slots available for you to create your own group.

Do you love saving and sharing memories? So do we! You’ll fit right in with our Creative Memories Advisors. They’re a positive, entrepreneurial group of peop...
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Holiday Message
What better gift than a FOREVER Storage account.
Everybody, especially older people and loved ones who have already past, need to have a FOREVER account. Preserve and share their legacy FOREVER.

FOREVER Founder and CEO, Glen Meakem wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and wonderful New Year! As we head into 2018, we're excite...

What will you be doing this holiday season?

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What an awesome app!
Love, love LOVE making my photos look good. I can't wait until January to start holding classes and workshops to share it with everyone!

Create and print beautiful photo books, calendars and more with our award-winning scrapbooking software.

i am at the Helping Our Heroes Holiday Market at the Davis Conference Center. Come on down and take a look.

My worst display ever. Needs more...samples, meaningful posters, a better “old media” display, a table runner...what else?

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FInd me at this event today and mention you saw this post and you will win a FREE WORKSHOP coupon. Bring a friend to my booth and you both will receive workshop vouchers.

Sat 10:00 AM MSTDavis Conference CenterLayton, UT
Crafts · 517 people

DEALS continue until December 5th -

I stayed up late on December 30th trying to finish one last print project after spending all day reaching out to clients to remind them the best deal of the year was ending at midnight. When I checked the DEALOFTHEDAY the next morning I found that ALL the BLACKFRIDAY deals have been EXTENDED until...

I am starting a NEW tradition!

I want everyone to have a better awareness of their photos and their role in our lives. Do you snap a bit of everything all day long or do you only think to raise your camera for a planned posed shot on special occasions? And, when do you revisit those photos?

I am challenging you to take a moment each week to clean out your camera, delete the bloopers and price comparisons, and save the keepers to your storage. Then, choose one keeper to share......share with your siblings, your parents, your children, the whole world on facebook, whomever you feel inspired to share that image with, and share it HERE among fellow photo preservationists.

Post ONE of your best photos from this week in the comments to this post. The image must be created* this past week**, Friday-Friday, and it must be taken BY or OF the person submitting the photo.

This is a test run for a special incentive I will be launching in January. Start practicing the habit now, iron out all the technical bugs, and get ready to have some real fun with this.

*created = snapped or scanned, something that did not previously exist in digital form.
**this time I will include Thanksgiving Thursday as part of this week

Share this with as many friends as you can...this is one of those things that truly is "The more, the merrier!" And your friends will not want to miss out on the fun coming in January.

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You're Invited! our LIVE presentation Webinar.
Tues, Nov 28, 2017, 8:00 PM -CENTRAL TIME
Please join this presentation from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
You can also dial in using your phone. United States: ...
641-715-3580 Access Code: 843870 #

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Attractive, simple, and safe.

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