Stop me if you think you have heard th....Oh wrong guy!

After rescheduling the first show and canceling a second, Peter Murphy has now canceled what should have been tonight's opening concert in a month-long residency in San Francisco, citing "unforeseen delays in Peter's visa application ...
‘Previously unreleased Prince music is “coming soon,” estate adviser Troy Carter tells Variety, although he declined to specify any further details about the recordings. “He was a guy who practical…
Elspeth Carter reportedly tucked a pair of earplugs into her jacket to protect herself from the harmful sounds of Morrissey talking in between songs.
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Presenting… xPropaganda — Claudia Brücken and Susanne Freytag perform A Secret Wish at The Garage, London on 24 March 2018.

Tickets are now on sale:

For those who heed the call of the machine, we salute you…

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My favorite song of theirs

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Killing Joke - Sanity

1986 isn't generally considered Killing Joke's golden era, but I thought that the records they made at this time were fantastic. 1985's "N...ight Time" had been successful commercially, mainly due to the single "Love Like Blood" giving the band a hit single. The album after this, "Brighter Than A Thousand Suns", sold far less, but the quality of the music was great and a good example of this was the 2nd single from the album, "Sanity".

There were lots of great formats for this single too. The 7" (in a black sleeve) featured a slightly early fading version of the LP mix of "Sanity" (4:35 compared to 4:42) on the A-Side with another song, "Goodbye To The Village" on the B-Side. This track was included as a bonus on cassette and CD pressings of the album.

The 12" pressings is where things get interesting. The first one released in the UK came in a white sleeve and contained The Roman Mix and the Instrumental Mix of "Sanity", both remixed by Zeus B. Held (who produced Dead Or Alive's 1st album among many other things), in fact, all of the remixes on this release were done by him. "Goodbye To The Village" also makes an appearance here.

A second 12", this time in a red sleeve contained another new "Sanity" remix, The Insane Mix. "Goodbye…" is here again, but the final track is a new remix of an earlier "Killing Joke classic, "Wardance". This version is known as The RAF Mix. The UK pressing of this 12" is quite rare because I think it may have been withdrawn. It's easier to get a copy pressed elsewhere, Germany and Canada both had their own versions of it and there's also a French pressing with these tracks but in a white sleeve as opposed to the red.

Another red cover 12" exists and this is the US pressing, but with a different tracklisting. The A-Side features The Roman Mix with the Edited Version (same as the UK 7") on the B-Side. Also included is one of the band's most famous songs, "Eighties" (in its 7"/"Night Time" LP form). There was also a promo 12" pressed here that just featured the LP version of "Sanity" on both sides which came in a picture sleeve with unique artwork.

It was a bit early for a CD single I suppose but another format did appear that contained an exclusive mix. The 4 track cassette single includes the 7" and Instrumental Mixes of "Sanity" and "Goodbye To The Village". The exclusive track on here is another mix of "Wardance". This one is known as The Naval Mix and it's still pretty rare as, besides this cassette single, the only other official release of it was on the 34 disc "Singles Collection" from 2013.

The original release of the "Brighter Than A Thousand Suns" album was mixed, for the most part, by Julian Mendelsohn (known for his work with Pet Shop Boys and Psychedelic Furs among others). When the album was remastered and re-issued in 2008, the original mixes of most of those tracks, done by the album's producer Chris Kimsey, were used instead (at the band's request). This means that you get a whole new sounding version of the album which is bit of a bonus. The version of "Sanity" on here is shorter than on the original LP, 4:15 compared to 4:44. The remastered CD also includes some bonus tracks, one of which is The Insane Mix of "Sanity". This release was also pressed on double vinyl (some colored grey).

Other tracks from the single release have made it onto CD in recent years too. The excellent "RMXD" CD, also foam 2008, collects tracks from the 84-88 era and The RAF Mix of "Wardance" and The Roman Mix of "Sanity" (but sadly not the Instrumental, still unavailable on CD) are included here.

One last release to mention is the "BBC IN Concert" CD from 1995. The first 10 tracks on the disc were recorded at the Reading Festival in 1986 and 4 of the songs are from the "Brighter Than A Thousand Suns" album, of which "Sanity" is one of them. This CD isn't that common now but the good news is that you can now download these tracks and even more of the show from itunes (and probably other places). There's 6 songs from "Brighter…" on this version with the addition of "Adorations" and "Rubicon".

The band did make a video for "Sanity" which plays to an early fading of the original 7"/LP mix. A link to that and ones to the music mentioned here are below

Watch the "Sanity" video (which plays to an early fade of the 7"/LP Version) here:

Listen to the LP Version of "Sanity" here:

Listen to The Roman Mix of "Sanity" here:

Listen to the "Sanity" (Insane Mix) here:

Listen to Wardance (The RAF Mix) here:

Listen to Wardance (The Naval Mix) from the cassette single here:

Listen to the Instrumental Mix of "Sanity" here:

Listen to the original Chris Kimsey mix of "Sanity" here:

Listen to "Goodbye To The Village" here:

Listen to the live version of "Sanity" from the "BBC Live In Concert" CD here:

Listen to "Eighties" here:

Watch the video for "Eighties" here:

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In what will come as a surprise to absolutely no one, Morrissey has canceled his headlining appearance at KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas in Los Angeles on Sunday, the radio station announced this evening, citing illness ...

No real surprises here

For the second time in a year, a U.S. tour by Morrissey has stumbled to a halt amid medical-related cancellations. This afternoon, Boston's Orpheum Theatre announced Moz's tour-ending concert on Thursday is being canceled "due to ...
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Into The Eighties With Blondie

The 4th Blondie album, "Eat To The Beat", came out towards the end of 1979, but some of the single releases from it carried over ...into 1980. In many parts of the world "Union City Blue" was chosen as the 2nd single from the LP (following "Dreaming", which was 1st in most places). North America got a different 2nd single though.

"The Hardest Part" is the 2nd track on the LP and this was only released as an A-Side in the US and Canada, and only on 7". The LP version of the song is backed with another album track, "Sound-A-Sleep' (also written as "Sound Asleep" on some releases). The artwork is the same design as the album cover. There was also a promo 7" in the US that featured the A-Side in Stereo and Mono. The track wasn't a huge hit, only reaching the mid 80s on the Billboard chart in February 1980.

The video for the song features Debbie Harry not looking very blonde due to a very dark wig. Interestingly, considering that promo videos were fairly new at this point (and expensive generally), clips were made for all 12 songs on "Eat To The Beat". These were available to buy on a few video formats throughout the 80s and in 2007, a CD/DVD set of the "Eat To The Beat" album also featured them all. The videos for the 4 singles from the album had already been available on DVD via a rather nice "Greatest Hits" CD/DVD package that came out a couple of years earlier.

Watch the video for "The Hardest Part" here:

Watch the video for "Sound-A-Sleep" here:

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"Morrissey's a vegetarian? Well I eat meat because I hate Morrissey!" - Robert Smith

Stop me if you think... never mind. Morrissey, who had gone nearly a month since canceling a concert, has postponed tonight's performance at The Fillmore in Philadelphia "due to illness in the touring party," the venue ...

UGH! I like his new song.......

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Bed & Breakfast Madness

Madness were a fantastic singles band and every one they released whilst originally together made the UK Top 40 which included 15 top te...ns (only 2 of the 23 missed the top 20).

One song that didn't get a UK single release that absolutely should have in my opinion was "Bed & Breakfast Man". This classic Mike Barson composition can be found on the chaps debut album "One Step Beyond…" where it is actually just titled "Bed & Breakfast" on early editions.

I guess they were considering it for release as they made a promo video for it. Perhaps they thought they'd be milking the album too much as there had already been 4 singles from the record, namely, "The Prince", "One Step Beyond", "My Girl" and (as part of the "Work Rest & Play EP") "Night Boat To Cairo".

There are a couple of places where "Bed & Breakfast Man" did sneak out on a single though but they are quite rare. Firstly, there is a Canadian release that features "Night Boat To Cairo" on the other side. It's not clear which track is really the A-Side though as the labels state 'Side One' and 'Side 1". I guess it's a double A side then! No picture sleeve was issued for this release but you can get commercial and promotional versions (the promo has white labels as opposed to yellow ones on the commercial pressings). The other place to find it is on the B-Side of the South African pressing of "My Girl" where it is joined by another "One Step Beyond…" album track, "Swan Lake".

There were a couple of other tracks from the debut which saw single releases outside of the UK. In the US, "Madness", which was not listed on the LP initially as it was added late, was backed with "Mistakes" (the B-Side of the "One Step Beyond" single in the UK). No picture sleeve was issued for this one but the Dutch release featuring "Tarzan's Nuts" did come with a nice cover, actually the same artwork that was used for the "Work Rest & Play" EP. The lead track from that EP, "Night Boat To Cairo" featured as the B-Side on this release.

When Madness released there 1st compilation, "Complete Madness", in 1982, it featured all 12 of the band's UK singles at that time. There were also 4 other songs included and both "Bed & Breakfast Man" and "Madness" made the cut, the other 2 being "In The City", a single in Japan but the B-Side of "Cardiac Arrest" everywhere else and the album track "Take It Or Leave It" which had, funnily enough, sort of featured as a B-Side as well. "The Business" is an instrumental version of this song and found itself on the other side of "Baggy Trousers". "Take It Or Leave It" was also the name of the band's autobiographical movie so its inclusion on "Complete Madness" probably had a lot to do with that.

In 1986, the Strange Fruit label began releasing 12" singles of various sessions that were recorded for legendary DJ, John Peel. Madness' 1st session from 1979 was one of the first to come out and one of the tracks on here is "Bed & Breakfast Man". It's a great version and quite interesting because guitarist, Chris Foreman (aka Chrissy Boy) performs the lead vocals.

In 1992, a good 5 years since the band split, "Bed & Breakfast Man" appeared once again on a single, this time as the B-Side of the re-issued "It Must Be Love" and it was available on formats of the release (7", cassette and CD). The single was almost as big a hit as the original 1981 release (number 6 verses number 4) and a new compilation album followed a few weeks later. "Divine Madness" contained 22 of the 23 original UK A-Sides (although not all of the tracks were the original 7" mixes) with the "Sweetest Girl" being omitted. The compilation made number 1 and I'm sure all the renewed interest in the band had something to do with their reformation which happened later in the year when they played 2 concerts in London (both "Bed & Breakfast Man and "Madness" were performed). This event was captured on the "Madstock" release in November of the same year.

The "One Step Beyond…" album has been re-issued a few times in recent years. The 2009 2CD edition features all of the tracks from the Peel Session mentioned above along with B-Sides, single mixes and videos. The 35th Anniversary CD/DVD set that came out in 2014 included several tracks from a rehearsal tape including "Bed & Breakfast Man". The WhistleTest live performance of this song is also on the DVD along with videos and the "Young Guns" BBC documentary that was broadcast in 2000.

The band still tour regularly (although there always seems to be one member missing these days!) and "Bed & Breakfast Man" seems to be a fixture in the set. They played it last time I saw them thankfully

Watch the video to "Bed And Breakfast Man" here:

Listen to "Tarzan's Nuts" (with a fan made video) here:

Watch a clip from the "Take It Or Leave It" movie with "Madness" playing in the background here:

Listen to "Bed & Breakfast Man" here:

Listen to "Madness" here:

Listen to "Mistakes" here:

Listen to "Tarzan's Nuts" here:

Watch the video to "Night Boat To Cairo" here:

Listen to the 1979 Peel Session recording of "Bed & Breakfast Man" (with Chrissy Boy on lead vocals) here:

Listen to the "Fab Toones!" rehearsal version of "Bed & Breakfast Man" from the 35th anniversary edition CD/DVD set of "One Step Beyond..." here:

Watch the band performing "Bed & Breakfast Man" on UK TV show, The Old Grey Whistle Test, in 1979 here:
(This is now available on the "One Step Beyond..." 35th anniversary edition CD/DVD set)

Watch "Bed & Breakfast Man" from "Madstock" in 1992 here:

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Come to the US!

The reunited Norwegian pop trio a-ha has begun rolling out summer 2018 tour dates, including a half-dozen shows in the U.K. that will find the group playing football stadiums and cricket grounds with all-star synthpop ...
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Lost 80's Live

Lost 80's Live returns to Southern and Northern California 2018
August 31, September 1 and 2
Artist lineup and venue information coming soon


Artists of the original Wax Trax! roster from FRONT 242, MINISTRY, MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT, and the REVOLTING COCKS disc...uss the independent record store and label and how it fit into the 1980s & 1990s underground. Audience Q&A to follow discussion.
Ticket includes a limited WAX TRAX! poster

In addition, a WAX TRAX! pop-up shop will be set up in the theater for one day only. The shop will open the archives and offer original pressings, rare collectables and memorabilia of posters, vinyl/CD, and apparel.

As a special bonus, FREE admission to a private cast and crew test-screening of INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! Records will be available to each ticket holder.
Documentary will be played immediately BEFORE the artist's panel/ Q&A and will be the only west coast test screening of this film.

A limited number of VIP packages will be available while tickets last.

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Nov 9, 2017 8:00 PM PST · 1615 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028-8802, United States

And so I checked all the registered historical facts
And I was shocked and ashamed to discover....

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Morrissey Official

The Los Angeles City Council declares Friday, November 10th, "Morrissey Day" in Los Angeles, California.

“Morrissey Day celebrates an artist whose music has cap...tivated and inspired generations of people who may not always fit in — because they were born to stand out.” - Mayor Eric Garcetti

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I don't even know what to say.....

If you were wondering how far Morrissey would get into his current U.S. tour before canceling a concert, well, the answer is three dates. Tonight, the mercurial former Smiths frontman pulled the plug on his outdoor ...