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I had a dream last night that I was at RWA Nationals, so sharing this post felt pretty apropos!

Tips for attending the RWA 2017 Conference

If you are a writer, especially if you write romance, then you can’t imagine the type affirmation that comes from being in a single location with hundreds, if

You know you could use more #poetry in your life. Chapbook by the insanely talented Zana Previti available for preorder now! #amreading

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Finishing Line Press with Leah Maines and 2 others.
May 22


Providence by Zana Previti

$14.99, paper



Zana Previti was born and raised in New England. She earned her MFA in fiction from the University of California, Irvine, and her MFA in poetry from the University of Idaho. She lives and works in West Virginia.

Surely every poem desires to be read and read again. Zana Previti’s poems deserve it.

The poems of Zana Previti’s first collection, Providence, possess the rare capacity to make the personal appear universal and the universal appear personal. She blends present and historical time, immediate and distant place, and she applies layer after layer of rich details in lines that vary from a terse, trimeter-like pace to Whitmanic lines that threaten to sweep beyond the margins.
–Ron McFarland, author of Subtle Thieves (Pecan Grove Press, 2012) and Stranger in Town: New and Selected Poems (Confluence Press, 2000), among others. He teaches at the University of Idaho.

In language at once spare and unsparing, Zana Previti’s staggeringly wide-ranging and pitch-perfect “Providence” takes us from the “immense / old age of the Atlantic” through war-time starvation experiments, family, Kung Fu movies, Greek myth, bathtub mystery novel reading, a Galveston hurricane, environmental degradation, and King Lear—reckoning in deeply humane ways with individual and historically-aware questions of the human capacity for suffering and love. “These stones are the generations / upon which we build images of the end of us,” she writes, using her formal and lyrical skills to again and again find these “images of the end” and their complex corollaries in our continuance and living. “Kill us if you will / but kill us in the light,” Ajax is quoted as crying, and this poem—which is like nothing you’ve ever quite seen before—is a new, acute light.
–Alexandra Teague, author of the poetry collections The Wise and Foolish Builders (fPersea Books, 2015) and Mortal Geography (Persea Books, 2010), which which won the 2009 Lexi Rudnitsky First Book Prize in Poetry and the 2010 California Book Award. In 2011 she received a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.

PREORDER PURCHASE SHIPS AUGUST 18, 2017…/providence-by-zana-pr…/


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Grrrr times 1000. A genre written largely by women for women should get all the respect.

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Maya Rodale
May 5, 2015

The reputation of romance novels, according to its readers. Check out more at!

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Philip Pullman Author
May 1

If Will and Lyra can go into the world of the dead, then you can do anything today. #MondayMotivation

My single title romantic suspense, THE HUSTLER, is a finalist in RWA Kiss of Death's Daphne du Maurier contest! Aaaand I'm dead. I've died. So thoroughly thrilled and honored.

Angie Hockman's The Hustler is a finalist for the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in single title romantic mystery/suspense, unpublished division.

Love these #writingtips so much. Crafting a compelling story is hard, yo! #amwriting

How do great authors develop stunning narratives, break from tradition, and advance the form of their fiction?|By Elizabeth Sims

Yep. Because writing romance automatically means you write book porn, amirite? #amwriting #romance

My experience at social gatherings has definitely changed since I've been's often a little hilarious, too

Here’s how it usually goes for me at a social gathering, where the attendees are often distant business associates of my husband’s. For some reason, some people are fascinated by my pro…

Gotta read to write!

"Knowing about the genre you’re writing in starts with reading in your genre. Though it’s not a prerequisite that you be fully educated about the genre you’re e...ntering, reading the best-selling authors who’ve come before you and brushing up on the craft specific to your genre will give you a leg up. I’m astounded by the number of authors who come to me for coaching who admit that they don’t read the genre they’re writing in ..."~ Jane Friedman #industry #writing #tools

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Learn how to determine what genre you're writing in and why it matters—plus the difference between commercial and literary.|By Brooke Warner

I love audiobooks, but I can't imagine narrating one. Hats off to the fabulous narrators who make us blush! #amreading

Sometimes not even WE can say the dirty words we read... what if you did it for a living? From the archives:

Anything He Wants audiobook narrator Clarissa Knightly to talk about some of the more…prickly parts of her job.

What a powerful image.

Loganberry Books added 14 photos and a video.
March 1

Illustrating the Gender Gap in Fiction:
Thanks to staff & volunteers for assisting in our performance art project to demonstrate the lopsided ratio of male to f...emale authors. We shelved all the general fiction works by men backwards, leaving only women's works spine-out (and therefore legible). It's a powerful statement.

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A little story about how I found courage outside my comfort zone. Plus sharks. #amwriting

Everyone loves their comfort zone. Why? Because that’s the point: you’re comfortable. It’s a wearing-your-favorite-sweatpants, sipping-your-favorite-wine, reading-a-book-by-your-favorite-author kind of feeling (aka, my usual Friday night). Familiar. Safe. Boring. Making the most out of life means ta...

Philip Pullman, my first literary love, is writing a companion trilogy to His Dark Materials. Best Valentine's day present EVER!

The British author talked to NPR about The Book of Dust, his return to the world of Lyra Belacqua and armored bears, the first volume of which will be published in October.

“What is it about romance that attracts smart bitches?” Salie laughed.

“Well, part of it is being told by any countless number of books you are important. You matter. Your emotions matter. Your experience matters. And your happiness matters.”


Go romance! CBS Sunday Morning did a great segment on the powerhouse genre that is romance and featured Eloisa James, Beverly Jenkins, Smart B*tches, Trashy Books and The Ripped Bodice. Our Bennett even makes a tiny appearance at the end.

It's a billion-dollar industry selling sex, love, empowerment, and happily-ever-afters, but when it comes to a romance novel, don't judge the book by its cover

Check out my goals for the new year (because resolutions are too wishy-washy).

Every January, the same question is offered up as fodder in daily small-talk: “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” But what if, like me, you don’t do resolutions? Not that I have anything against them. I’ve made resolutions in the past—I’m going to lose 20 pounds this year! And then I do the inevita...

As a writer AND a mom who's about to embark on potty training her own toddler, I completely empathize!

Last week was a very big week at our house. The biggest occasion being the celebration of Spud’s second birthday. It’s crazy to think that he’s a full-blown toddler now. I can no …

How the simple gift of a romance novel confirmed my own happily ever after...and not in the way you might think!

This post is going to feel a bit braggy, but here I go… I married the right guy. How do I know? Because of a thousand tiny things. Ten years’ worth of endearing, everyday idiosyncrasies. Our personalities that are wildly different, but complement each other like two ends of a seat belt snapping toge...

Happy New Year! To my fellow romance writer peeps: may your heroines (or heroes) be bold, may their love interests never make it too easy on them, and lots of happy endings all around.