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Posted by Angie Lee
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How I made $8k in ONE day when I was a Health Coach... using my 3 "S" system! (+ w/NO PAID ADS!)


If you have trouble giving money, you will have trouble receiving money. #MoneyIsEnergy 💵

You know what is f-ing hilarious?

All the Ad/funnel experts telling you how you *must* spend $$ on Ads to be successful online.

I'm over here like: "uhhhh I own 7 figure business & don't spend JACK SHIT on Ads". (I hope to be an example for Organic marketers that anything is possible when you focus on the quality of content and serving your customer not always what email sequence/funnel blah blah you want your customer in).


85 percent organic (non-paid) traffic & conversions. Always has been.

I'm constantly asked if I have paid Ad experts to run Ads, etc to build a business this large. I giggle.

Jen Casey and I had a recent $250k product launch with NO complicated funnels what so ever.

My first $67k launch years back was from 1 email and a few videos to my customer. That's it.

Is it easy being mostly *all organic*? Not always. But I am OBSESSED with organic marketing & it's been the most enjoyable experience of my life.

Will this change in the future? Eh, possibly, sure! Who knows. I am constantly assessing (& open minded to) the changes in marketing for my business.

Bu I do know this. My ROI is higher than most Ads experts I know/my marketing friends who are STUCK in the land of spending 16 hours on fixing "tripwires" all day.

I focus on what feels authentic & what is working.

I speak to my customer & solve problems.


The awesome part?

There is no ONE way to market.

You wanna be a Right Side Brain organic market like me? DO IT.

You wanna invest in Ads and Funnels like a ninja? DO IT.

There is no "right" or "wrong".

Do what feels right for YOU.

You are the boss.

It's your business.

#1 Rule:
There are no fucking rules.


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"Pooped on the floor. Check.
Ate things I shouldn't have. Check.
Bit Angie's fingers & toes. Check.
Hurled up contraband. Check.
Made mischief in the kitchen. Check. ...
Sipped Organic coffee. Check.
Nap on the couch like a boss. Check. "

-Meatball 🐶🐷

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Posted by Angie Lee
Angie Lee was live.

You need to SUCK to make MONEY 🙈😮😮😮😮😮

{You can either be SCARED or RICH.}


That's not easy to swallow. But it's so damn true, ya?


The reality is that we all go through a time where we let our STUPID FEAR take control of our life & our bank account.

$95k + in debt and almost puking when I stared at my bank account. Terrified to share my message and nervous to accept money/charge.

That's how my business began.

Sexy, ya?

I was making ALL business decisions from a place of FEAR. I acted as if I was broke, every single day. Which kept me broke.

Vicious ugly cycle, ya?

I couldn't seem to get out of this messy (addicting) ugly fear cycle. It didn't get me the guy, the money, the home, the happiness. Nothing.

Fear got me absolutely NOTHING. The only thing it brought me was excuses & a crutch.

(Fast forward) This is why I am OBSESSED with my work.

Today, I get to work with hundreds of incredible women who are allowing FEAR stop them from not only making more money but also from: Increased happiness. Feeling fulfilled. Incredible relationships. Using their unique gifts. Reaching clients. Getting their message out there. Freedom of time.

Here's the deal.

You cannot let FEAR run the show if you want to create the life and business of your dreams.

So ask yourself, right now in this moment---are you scared or are your rich?

I feel fear every day, but the difference is that it no longer controls me.

Fear is't the boss. I am.

I know I have a purpose that’s FAR more important than my stupid fear so I take MESSY SCARY ACTION every day, despite the crippling/profusely arm pit sweating fear.

And you can too.

Taking action is how you kick fear out of the driver’s seat & shove it in the back seat. (PEACE OUT FEAR)

There can only be ONE driver.

Decide that today’s the day that you’re going to take messy action, despite the "pee your pants" fear.

Decide you’re not going to let the “what if’s” or the “what if it doesn’t work out's” run your life.

Decide you’re going to flip those around and focus on opportunities, what IS possible, and what can happen if you decide to step up and no longer let fear be the decision-maker.

As for being rich? YOU get to DECIDE that one, love.

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How the freak a leak did I get here? 🙌🏻

Sometimes I have to pinch myself and remember all the shit I had to go through to truly create the career & life I desired.

Oh....and thank my younger self for being stupid (scratch that----SMART) enough for jumping in the mud and making mistakes.


It all began as a late night idea in my freshman dorm room. 👇🏼👇🏼

Butterflies in my stomach, I pressed post on my very first blog.

P.s. This blog was a shit show. #Embarassing #messyBeforePerfect

Skipping chemistry classes & Friday night parties to post blogs and record videos for my blog became my life.

Did I miss out on a lot of college fun? 100 percent.

Do I regret it? Not one bit.

I didn't care about grades or parties, I cared about monetizing my blog and building a massive brand. #EntrepreneurSinceDiapers

What began as a blog that 10 of my personal training clients read for inspiration, quickly grew into 6-10k loyal viewers a month.

**Repeat after me, dude......"SHOW UP FOR YOUR AUDIENCE, EVEN IF IT'S 10 PEEPS"***

I studied social media and marketing until the cows came home. Obsessed was an understatement.

Once I left college, I knew I had to take the plunge. No matter how much debt or confusion I had.

Scared shi*less and $50k in debt, I put every dollar on the line to invest into mentors, coaches and masterminds.

It was the best jump I have ever taken. I knew I had to learn from the best.

I didn't have all the answers. If anything, I "wasn't ready".

But, I wouldn't accept waiting. And I was highly allergic to corporate.

I jumped because the thought of WAITING to live out my purpose literally ached my heart.

My health blog was my true passion child & I knew I had to make it my full time gig.

My mission (& obsession) to serve, teach and inspire massive amounts of women was so deeply engraved that I honestly would NOT accept a Plan B.

So, what did I do?


I hustled to create a community & sacrificed a lot of "fun" to build my blog. I don't regret any minute of it.

I treated my blog like a BUSINESS, invested like crazy and became a SPONGE.

I learned how to monetize my brand, my coaching & how to advertise, quickly.

I showed up, EVERY single day for my audience.

I created content up the wazoo & gave 110% to my followers.

Forever grateful that I listened to my gut and ignored all the nay-say-ers, I'm committed to helping you do the same.

I wouldn't have the multiple 6 figure business or life I have today, if I wouldn't have pressed post on that very first blog.

Go share your story.

It all starts with ONE decision.

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Hope you boss babes love this episode! 💋💰💋💰💋💰💋💰💋💰#RichBitch #JustDropped…/rich-bitch-entrepr…/id1178232410…

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It's funny.
I chat with female entrepreneurs all day & majority of them want to sell me on how much they "know".
They love to ensure me that they will be successful solely because of what they "KNOW"...(or even more hilarious----"who" they know- hahahah that's another post for another day)...
While I love hearing their confidence, because knowledge IS power ------ it's funny how "more knowledge" isn't really the most important ingredient. At all.
I also have to giggle a bit, because...well.. if all it took was "more knowledge" to be a successful entrepreneur, well... everyone would be hella successful!

(know what I'm sayiiiiinnnn??) 😜
I've realized over the years of coaching entrepreneurs what REALLY matters.

And that's 2 things.

Screw how much you "know". That's such a minuscule piece of the puzzle! If anything, it's the last freaking thing I care about.
I care about how resilient you are when someone says "no" or you want to give up.

Grit to jump in the mud & push through the mess when shit doesn't go your way.

Resourcefulness to scrape off your knees & create a solution to get back up.

Commitment to get really really messy without all the answers.
I care how hardworking you are when work isn't always "fun" or "easy".

Decisiveness- How fast can you make a decision? Being wishy washy doesn't cut it in entrepreneurship.
An openess to be really fucking scared, because well.....this route is scary.

I care about what you're willing to sacrifice to make your dream work (yes, it takes a sacrifice of SOMETHING in your life.)
Radical responsibility for choice and decision.

Your business move forwards or backwards, based on you. No one else.
Resourceful to "make it work", no matter what.

I care about how resourceful you can get when you need to make something happen, quickly.

Finding answers, finding money, finding help, etc. That's a powerful skill in itself.

Passion to share your message and show up- every. single. day.
I care how humble you are & how open you are to continuously learning.

I care about how hungry you are, because---well, the honest truth is, it's not the smartest who win, it's the hungriest.

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You're all on the treadmill.

You don't have to be faster. You just have to run fucking longer.

No one can out work you. #ConsistencyIsTheSecret

A lot of people claim they are "stuck."

Then they waste time contemplating why they are stuck, thus keeping themselves in stuck mode even longer.

When in reality, they're stuck because they never STARTED.


No shit you don't know which direction to go.

No shit you don't know how things will end up turning out.


Take the action. Even if it's messy AF, disorganized, and makes no sense...

You'll learn 10x faster from taking the action than you ever will contemplating your IDEA of taking action.

Throw shit at the wall and see what sticks.

LET GO of whatever falls to the ground, and PURSUE what sticks.

And you're in business, baby!


- my girl Manifestation Babe💚💰

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Posted by Angie Lee
Angie Lee was live.

"Monetize all your passions!"

A bullshit lie that some life coaches teach you.

Do this test first..... 💰💰💰💰

Such a fun 4th! 💋🐬🌴Couldn't have asked for a better beach day with more amazing babes! @samozkural @loriharder @jillfit @bossbabephotography @emilyvavra @melyssa_griffin @dannyjdotcom @mindfulnessmatters @kristen.aldridge @katiecakesbakeshop

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Fresh new kicks! Loves of my life. 💚🙌🏻

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